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It's difficult to define Dada at this point in time. Since its beginning during WWI it has "permeated with the insistence of air" into many areas of the arts. Dada has taken on many forms and has coupled with many other ideas and ideals.
Dada is many things at once and exists in many places at once. This site wants to explore all those places.


Babble, Burble...

It's been a long time.
I've been trapped in various law firms, doing my duty, filing, sorting, answering phones, looking important, telling lawyers what they can do with themselves, etc.
Funny that a lover of chaos would become a secretary trying in vain to take control of the very thing she knows should be let to rust in the outdoors. I have been eating well these past four years, though.

I presume that the few people who took interest in this site have since given up on me. I, however, have not given up on them. A Googling of the word Dada brings up much much more these days than it did years ago when I put this site up originally. This is both exciting and saddening. So, here I am, with, once again, just a bit more time on my hands, to get this website back into gear. Oh, the pain.

and back with the old:
This part of the DadaMonster is always changing and growing and mutating. It is finished now, but will never be finished. It is relative: each subject refers to other subjects. It is a non-linear essay of sorts and a two-dimensional sculpture of ideas. It is written from my point of view, but relies on the input of others. Please contribute (burp).


Chaos (the art of...)

Dada? What isn't?
dadawantsto cau se c h an g e . . .
This is what I mean to say...


People to go, places to see...

a lovely list of lickable links
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A Cabaret Voltaire of sorts

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"are you still with me?", said the blind man to the mouse.