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St Joseph's

This is a wonderful home for about 35 destitute boys aged from 5-11. They live in a rented house and are looked after by teachers and nuns who genuinely care for them. They would love to move into more permanent location and expand here numbers. There is a very great problem with the vast number of children who live on the streets of Trivandrum. Anything that can be done to take children of the streets is a valuable work.

The home is the essence of Christian love. The boys are brought up in an atmosphere of care, love and Christian values, though entry to the home is irrespective of faith.

The orphanage desperately needs to expand to widen its web of care. It costs less the .50p a day to provide food, clothes, school uniform, medical care and school expenses for each boy.

Children Helping Children hopes that many people will wish to sponsor this worthy cause either though donations or sponsorship.

Address of Director of the orphanage.

Father Cletus Gomez

St Joseph's Cathedral 

Trivandrum 695033


South India


Donations can be made in the UK through Children Helping Children at any Natwest Bank.

Account Name: St Joseph's Cathedral 

Account No:       50840134

Sort Code:         52-41-42

The Ananda Nilayam Orphanage for Destitute Children.

This is a Hindu project that cares for over 50 children of various ages, all of whom have a true sense of belonging to a real home. The children all share the house work and attend school. Many of the children have special tuition by voluntary teachers to supplement their school work. There present accommodation is very cramped and much help is required to update the accommodation and enable this excellent establishment to expand.

This home cares exclusively for Hindu children and it would be wonderful for the many Hindu worshipers at temples in England to adopt this home.

Address of Secretary of the orphanage.

B . Sasidharan Nair

Ananda Nilayam Orphanage for Destitute Children


Manacaud P.O.




Donations can be made in the UK through Children Helping Children at any Natwest Bank.

Account Name: Trivandrum Hindu Home 

Account No:       50840177

Sort Code:         52-41-42

The Suresh Kumar Millennium Star Cricket Club Kovalam.

It seems strange to be promoting the sponsorship of a cricket club but Suresh, who is our agent in Kovalam had a wonderful idea that would encourage and enable destitute children in his area to attend school. Cricket is the passion of all children in India and we provided Suresh with fabulous cricket equipment to form a club in his area. However to attend this club you have to go to school but many children cannot afford to do this. It is Suresh's aim through this club, not only to tempt children to go to school but to enable children who financially cannot afford to do so by providing the means to enable this dream. This will inevitably mean the establishment of a school and refuge facilities for destitute children. As this is the project of our agent we are very keen to give this maximum support.

This worthy cause aims to:

  1. Encourage children to go to school.
  2. Provide the means by which they can do so.
  3. Provide residential accommodation for those to destitute to go to school without such support.

Address of Director of the orphanage.

Suresh Kumar

Usha Nivas Poovanvila K. S. Road

P. O. Trivandrum 659 527

Karala South India


Donations can be made in the UK through Children Helping Children at any Natwest Bank.

Account Name: Suresh Kumar Millennium

Account No:       50840118

Sort Code:         52-41-42


EGYPT~25.JPG (133273 bytes)  Coptic Boys Orphanage

Upon our return from our summer trip to Luxor, full details of sponsorship for this worthy cause will be published on the web-site. Though this charity was the first to be adopted by Children Helping Children, the nature of our involvement has been through direct contact. Individuals have been taken there as a result of Egyptian tours led by the organization and the orphanage has relied on the continuing friendship of the visitors.

Though we wish to encourage and indeed increase this form of direct contact, it is essential to increase the funds available to the Coptic Christians in Luxor through direct giving. It is this that we hope to establish early in the autumn.



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Last modified: June 26, 2000

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