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Hard-hitting journalism

The ONION - America's finest news source
NYPress - They hate everything. - Your one-stop source for weird news items. - The politics of oooooh, feelin' good
I Love Television
Inconspicuous Consumption - Really!
Snopes - Yes, really!
The Smoking Gun - Att'n, Freedom of Information Act fans!
BCAT, sucka! - All your favorite shows

Goods n' services

Astronomy Pic of the Day - Fresh from outer space to your table
Suicide Girls - Best porn site ever
Word of the day - Quotidian infotainment for you rectitudinous marplots
Brooklyn Kickball - The Commish, Kevin Dailey, presiding. (See also Orphans Kickball. In fact, go there first.)
The Mark - Thank you, i'll be here all week.
On-line Guitar Archvies - Where else are you going to find complete guitar tabs for "Heart of the Sunrise"?
Craig's List - Date someone weird, or meet new weird friends, or get a new weird roommate ...
Homestar Runner - Cah-toonz!!
The Guide Horse Foundation - Of course, if you can read this, you probably don't need one ...
Thing that tells you what kind of guitar chord you are making - And i thought New York was cool ... ("Zurich Guidos?")
Jesse Fuchs' Spooneye! - Lucky action card game of skill
Get ye Pirate Name 'Ere
Official Ninja Homepage (Real Ultimate Power) - This page is cool; and by cool, i mean totally sweet.
All-Music Guide - Learn more ...
Get your "Wu Name" here.
Drink-O-Matic - More fun than a coconut full of "Fiji Fizz"
Baseball - Orsulak, Incaviglia, Morandini, all your favorite stars!
Fortune Telling Sushi - Self-explanatory? - Must get moose and squirrel ... and husband
MAME arcade game emulator and Classic Gaming - Long live Gorf ...
Christian Movie Reviews - Make sure to get the jumbo popcorn for your trip to Hell - In case you don't know some already
Shayne Michael's Humor Index - It just keeps going down...
Gangsta Haiku - Written by white kids?
Black Metal Song Title-O-Matic
Feed the world with a mouse-click - Finally, feel good about looking at advertising

Lively discourse

Friendster - is really slow and annoying. Instead, go to
Am i HOT or NOT? - Chances are, no - Rate the "hoochie mamas" - Confess, sinner
Fat Chicks in Party Hats - The reason the Internet was invented.
Ke-Ri Hanson needs a 'Mystery Man'
Engrish - Lucky good humor language
Gender Test - Apparently, i'm male.
Esteban Orgullo's LiveJournal - Life and times of a guestbook signer extraordinare
Who Would Buy That? - Self-explanatory
Mets By the Numbers - Let's Go Mets!
"Guess the Evil Dictator or Sit-Com Character" game - More proof that computers are already smarter than people.
What kind of animal would you be? - I, apparently, am a penguin or maybe a horse.
Tris McCall - Jersey City in the house
Personality Test - 16 different ones to choose from!
B. Erin Coles' Duck-Shaped Pain - Reporting live from Grand Junction, CO
Jump the Shark - When did your favorite TV show "jump the shark"?
Oh, the Humanity! - Because the world's worst movies are the world's best movies
Survey Central - Become a statistic! - If only i had this much free time...

Rock and/or Roll

PitchForkMedia - Jeff's always sending me links from this, so it must be good.
Sheri Barclay's That's What I Call Hits - Edmonton rock city
Fresh Kills - Fresh Skillz
The Giraffes - Makers of fine EPs
Baby Dayliner - This is a site for those interested in the music of Baby Dayliner, the title under which Ethan Marunas performs and records.
The Break-Up - Rocking you since ... er ... 2004
Black Cat Revolver - Those sassy bitches - Home of the "Daily Douchebag"
Jersey Beat
American Song Poems - F*cking amazing! Get your CD burner ready ...
Mishka Shubaly - "Uuuuhhhh, i love you, but you're an asshole!"
Marty and Elayne - LA's hottest jazz sensations
The Vitamen - Formerly known as The Vitamen
Radon - Subscribe today

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