...from the editor


Simplicity is the best approach. I’m quite taken by the depth of this issue – a generous blend of force and substance that will, with close scrutiny, open the mind. The male point of view found here represents my notion of a follow-up companion to the Winter issue. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t real. Now it is.

I perceive the world as a great and terrible place, and the works in this issue find a way into an understanding of something larger than the self.

Three poets – J.P. Dancing Bear, Johnson Cheu, and Robert Klein Engler – have included audio files. The art contributions – by Michal Macku, Hiroshi Watanabe, Gerhardt Thompson, Doug Beasley – are staggering in their impact.

I leave you with this poem by Jack Gilbert – from his recent collection, Refusing Heaven:
The Abandoned Valley

Can you understand being alone so long
you would go out in the middle of the night
and put a bucket into the well
so you could feel something down there
tug at the other end of the rope?

Something greater than the self? Yes. Something greater than the self.

With thought,

Sam Rasnake

Current Issue - Spring Supplement 2006