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Paula Grenside


( Italy )

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     Veils               Tattoo           Seawoman

    Behind               Life            Womanbird
the Eyes                                                 

Grenside's Comments...

Most of my images display three recurring themes: nature with predominance of water; the woman, her complex nature made of liquid elements symbolizing imagination and creativity as well as a deep sense of reality and its harsh sides; abstract projections of thoughts and intuitions at times dreamy or surrealistic in realization.

Very often, the starting point is a photograph I shoot: a detail, posture, expression inspires the digital manipulation to archive the effect I have in mind and, hopefully, convey the emotion to those who look at the images. Though I work in B&W, too, I privilege colors as I think each color emphasizes a mood, an emotion, and their combination enhances the harmonious state of mind or the inner clash.

Life: Was inspired by a small incident cutting roses. Hence the idea to shoot the knife and the rose together, the two sides of life without letting any of the two prevail. Smoke Woman: I shot incense smoke. Of the many photos, this one was the most inspiring as the smoke shaped an unfinished woman, an evanescence of traits that made me think of women's elusiveness, how hard it is to capture their multi layered personality.

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