Blue Fifth Review

The Sunny Brooding by Vadim Bulitko

( Alberta, Canada )


Volume III. Issue 1
20 February 2003

Winter 2003

Special Place Issue


New works by

Mansour Alajali   William Allegrezza   Tantra Bensko   

Ace Boggess   Vadim Bulitko   Catherine Daly   Cheryl Dodds   Jennifer Dodds

Larry Fontenot  Paula Grenside   Claudia Grinnell   Liz Hall-Downs

Nathalie Handal   Galit Hasan-Rokem   Vicki Hudspith   Coral Hull

Fred Johnston   Lisa Katz   GopiKrishnan Kottoor   Rubén Lamagni

Phaswane Mpe   Christopher Mulrooney   Anfisa Osinnik   Marge Piercy

Anthony Robinson   Rami Saari   Susan Terris   Ikuyo Yoshimura

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