Summer 2005

poets & artists

untitled by Claudio Parentela

( Catanzaro, Italy )

Featured Poet: Lynne Knight

I: Clenched Fists and Clouded Metaphors
[ Parentela, Gomes, swihart, Terris, Tabios, Losse, Bryan ]

II: Soleil
[ McCullough, Botwick, Manning, Marcus, Elbe, Forester,
Bowen, Reece, Raido, Henning, Estabrook ]

III: Guesting in the House
[ Catlin, Shockley, Fraser, Parentela, Mesler,
Stempleman, Kincaid ]

IV: In the Dusky Hours
[ De Winter, Piercy, Fein, Marcus, Koehn ]

V: Finding Favor with the Muse
[ Lisowski, LeWinter, Grenside, Wright, Potos,
White, Bradshaw, McArthur, Parentela ]

Featured Artist: Leslie Marcus

Current Issue - Summer 2005