Fall 2008

poets & artists

untitled by Dee Rimbaud

( Scotland )

Featured Poet: Melissa Buckheit

I: Into the Shelter of Dark Caves
[ Riddell, Wang, Ragsdale, F. Mitchell, Ross,
Chaffin, Head, Owens, Barbato ]

II: This Bend of Quiet
[ Soriano, Lehrman, Ballard, Pobo,
Lemmon, Dodge, Snell, Kelley ]

III: Silhouette of a Plume
[ Shea, Terris, Meador, Nelson, Vathcer,
Carrier, Reid, Copeland, Wood, Ho ]

IV: The Loose Connections
[ Grey, R. Mitchell, Faries, Hendryson, McLean,
Piercy, Erickson, Riesener, Willitts, Lighthouse, Taylor ]

Review: Desi Di Nardo

Current Issue - Fall 2008