Eileen Tabios

( St. Helena, California )

from BFR, Summer 2004


A Triangle of Secrets

I. Acceptance

There is conflict, conflictedness
but the drowning
is willed –

the willingness
of eyes stubbornly open
before onslaught of thorns

You want to know
Oh, here is specificity of rose


II. “O, There Will Be”

Yes, there will be

will never stop
But when a certain bird
leaves the pages of a legend

you will see amethyst
wings crack
for non-virtual flight

III. “Swallow Hard”

I am conflicted –
why would I wish
for you my inability

to swim?
Yes, the corals are lovely
and pink and alive and lovely

veins floating amidst the purple deep
But to “swallow hard” (my Love)
engenders aftermaths of gutting

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