Featured Poet

Melissa Buckheit

( Tucson, Arizona )



quanta surpassed by penumbra
driven mad, the sea

                  its repeated horizon steering straight      

    down the canyon        coral reef   senita who blooms at night

							                        monitor of

ocotillo curvature
			where have you gone

						        my memory is an emission     

				  rapid ball of light her skull lasting

		a yellow glow of sodium means atoms are relaxing

						        the jackrabbit allows a fear of sand

                          in bed time is transferable and small

		could become a tremor

					       a length of cloud with another   

 					the pelvis appears
  							among deep-sea vent 
				 combing the water for 
		our symbolon

conifer and magnolia consumed before desiccation

          					              in a mud bed
                  cousin to the diatom our dimorphic    

       we all live at the river
		                     the moon reduces to tides

	            to which we may attach a quay

         oscillation for boat
			          		or the desert’s kiss

 							       all indivisible energy exists 

				   minimal amount of music cut up

	     to its ecliptic   pleasure

			   as the neutrino flies   constantly through my flesh

	re-arrange surrender

			the honeybee signals danger from

	       a kiss

				    after fight or flight
		     my anabasis

							   kelp-forests and

            olive-green limpets, petrel, pelagic 	

					  atoll, lipstick
				  		pixie, fairy puke—

   water is why
		   the epiphytes or guest plant

	paints chartreuse over stones, cedar, hand-

  rails        I hold on for dear life 

             the rarer just offshore arroyo

					as perilune swallows
 sock-eye-less salmon
	               dead or diverted in sleep

                                                                   what you don’t know,
                           quiet underneath

                                                                              too wet for trees
fungi people / epiphyte
		                  keep my sexless sex safe

                            humans hate darkness

			to inspire people about the deep
  ocean, we had to light it   was a boundary

       				as he shut off the lamp
     						     blurred my flagellum


Demotic: Of ordinary people; demotic language or style (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

driven mad, the sea: Edmond Jabès, The Little Book of Unsuspected Subversion, trans. Rosemarie Waldrop.

quanta: From quantum, 1. the amount required or desired 2. (in physics) a unit of quantity of energy proportional to frequency of radiation (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

penumbra: The partly shaded region around the shadow of an opaque body, especially around the total shadow of the moon or Earth in eclipse (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

senita: A desert flower.

ocotillo: A desert plant.

symbolon: Pieces of bone.

desiccation: From desiccate – to make quite dry, to dry out the moisture from in order to preserve it (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

diatom: A microscopic one-celled alga with a stony cell wall, existing in sea and fresh water and often forming fossil deposits (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

dimorphic: Occurring in two distinct form in the same species, individual, etc. (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.)

all indivisible energy exists: Misprision of the definition of quantum physics, Scientific American, January, 2003.

ecliptic: The sun’s apparent path among stars during the year (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

anabasis: Military advance; ascent, walk-up (ODEE, C.T. Onions, Ed).

minimal amount of music…: From the liner notes of Gorécki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, Symphony No.3, cd recording, Royal Philharmonic, London.

petrel: A kind of seabird that flies far from land (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

lipstick pixie, fairy puke: The names of two varieties of epiphytic moss which grow in thick layers of dense forest indigenous to Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest zones.

epiphyte: A type of parasitic plant, fungi or other which attaches itself to and naturally grows on the exterior body of a host plant or tree.

perilune: The point in an object’s orbit around the moon where it is closest to the moon’s center (OAD, Eugene Ehrlich, Ed.).

water is why the epiphytes or guest plant: From an article on the geographical history of plants indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, National Geographic Magazine, Feb/March, 2003.

humans hate darkness…we had to light it: From an article on underwater photography National Geographic Magazine, Feb/March 2003.

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