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Who am I?

My name is Brian Badalucco.  I am most definitely not an artist.  I have never had any formal training.  I love abstract art.  A few years ago I realized I could create art I liked.  I occasionally play around with water colors, and I occasionally play around on the computer. 


How Do I Make This Stuff?

I make this stuff with a photo paint tool called painter.  I did not create these works with paint, then scan them in.  I created them on the computer.  The only hard copy versions that exist are those I printed out. 

It is a very interesting tool.  It allows you to paint, mimicking a variety of medium.  It also allows you to dramatically manipulate images to create new images.  Sometimes I import images and then paint over them and manipulate them.  Other times I just paint on the canvas an manipulate that.

It is much more versatile than real media.  If you do something you do not like, you can just undo it.   But I find that I rarely undo anything.  I just forge ahead.  Layering and manipulating images until I create something I like.  It is not necessarily a simple program to use, but it does not mater if you know how to use it or not, just experiment and interesting things will happen.

Painter was formerly owned by Metadesign, now it is owned by Corell.  See the link on the links page.


How Can You Get These Works?

Several ways.  Most free.

Just right click on them and save them.  Use them as wallpaper, use them as CD covers, frame them on your walls, whatever you want.

If you want a higher resolution version, contact me. The versions on this site were saved at a lower quality to allow them to load quicker. If you want a high resolution version, e-mail me with the address of the work you like. I will e-mail a full resolution version to you.

If you want a hard copy version, contact me. Again, e-mail me with the address of the work you like.  we can arrange something. I will likely ask for a small fee to cover printer wear, photo cartridge use, glossy paper, postage, packing. 

If you contact me, expect a pretty slow response.  (Sorry)