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Professional Preachers

The Billy  Graham Evangelistic Organisation (The Grahams) - Website of  "Hour of Decision".
Insight for Living  ("Chuck")-  Homepage of the self-styled "Websight for Living"!  

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Ravi Z) - Website of  "Let My People Think"
A New Beginning (Greg Laurie) -  Popular US Radio broadcast.                    

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- Ace Christian Magazine, used for many of the biographical links & articles on this website.  

Christianity Today, published in Carol Stream, Ill., is a magazine that appears 15 times a year and addresses Protestant evangelical positions in the clergy. Founded in 1956, it has been widely read for its variety of content written by prominent religious journalists, such as Carl F. H. Henry. Its circulation is just under 200,000.  (Copyright © 1999 Grolier Interactive Inc., Danbury, CT.)

Baptists Today (US) - The best online Baptist Magazine.

New Christian Herald (UK) - Online version of  the leading UK Christian Newspaper.


Lion Publishing (UK) - Books Galore!

- Recently merged with Sunrise Software (UK) & Chapter and Verse (UK),  this major Award Winning Christian retailer, sells books, UK & US Contemporary Christian Music CDs, videos and many other religious resources.

AcornDirect - Christian retailer, with probably the cheapest CCM CDs you can buy on the net.  Free Postage as well.

Saints of Virtue - Professional 3D Christian Computer Game.  The founders of [Saints of Virtue] Shine Studios, are experienced product developers, who have worked for companies like LucasArts, Sega, Acclaim, Sierra, and IBM! Available from Sunrise Software (see above).

Zondervan (US) - Christian Resources, & Biggest Publisher of NIV Bibles in the US!

Nest Animation - "Disney-Quality", animated Christian Videos.

McGee & Me - Videos and software based on the colourful Christian cartoon character.


Christianity Today (US) - Christian Resources.

Gospelcom (US) - More Christian Resources.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (US) - E-Texts of Classic Christian Works by Bunyan, Spurgeon, etc.

Kathryn Lindskoog - The late Christian writer and freelance lecturer, who alleged that several of C S Lewis's posthumous works were forged (allegedly!).  Intriguing.

Joni Eareckson Tada  - Joni was just 17 when a diving accident snapped her neck and left her paralysed. Though her faith was under pressure, she turned her life around and became an internationally successful religious radio broadcaster.

Amsterdam 2000 (July 29 - August 6) - Amsterdam 2000 was the largest international conference of evangelists and church leaders with some 10,000 participants from more than 190 countries and territories. Sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the event focused on igniting the mission of the Christian church by equipping, training, and encouraging a new generation of evangelists.  Those who participated at the conference were Billy Graham (via satellite, who delivered a closing address to the conference), his son Franklin Graham, as well as Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham Lotz, Evangelist Ravi Zacharias and the then Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. George Carey.

A 3D animated award winning Christian Cartoon series

Veggie Tales - better than the name suggests (and, no, it's not a vegetarian Christian cartoon!)    

"Smart writing, catchy tunes, characters with a Monty Python sensibility and a self-referential sense of humour that have won over as many adults as children." (Chicago Tribune)

Available to buy on video in the UK, from WesleyOwen (type "veggie" in the Search box)

Free E-Mail address.

Sign up with Baptistsurfer's very own FREE email address!     - Free BaptistSurfer E-Mail address!    Homepage of the ZapZone Network  -    Free E-Mail service for your website!


Free Christian Web Space

- Canadian Christian web space provider, that provides 2 meg of web space FREE!  When I applied for web space, I realised the name for the Christian web space edition of Baptist Surfer, was a single character above the 12 character limit.  I asked them if there was any way around this (short of dropping my intended name!), and they actually increased the limit to 15 characters and thanked me for my suggestion!  Outstanding!  CrossSpot?  More like CoolSpot!!!

Click here to go to Christian web space edition of Baptist Surfer (Christian adverts).  Incidentally, at the time of writing, there are no adverts on their free 2 meg web space pages - they seem confined to the 'uploads' section!  Exceedingly good web hosting!

Search Engines

Cross Search (International) - The Biggest (and Best!) Christian Search Engine on the Net!

KingdomSeek - Formerly 'The River', this professional UK Christian Search Engine, just keeps going from strength to strength.  The fact that you can specify your country of origin as 'Wales', is particularly impressive!

UK Christian Web Links - Great UK Christian Search Engine!  Check it out! - Brand new UK Christian Search Engine!  Looks promising!


CCM Magazine (US) - The hottest CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) news & reviews!

CM Central - Similar to above.

CCM Planet - Yep.  Same again.

FamilyNetRadio - Loads of music programmes to listen to online, including Powerline, hosted by Jon Rivers.

Premier Radio (London & Home Counties) - Broadcasts on 1305kHz, 1332 kHz and 1413 kHz Medium Wave daily!

UCB Radio (UK) - Satellite Radio Broadcaster.  On 549 kHz Medium Wave (audible in N. Ireland & some parts of South Wales), you can hear "Hour of Decision" (11am Sundays) & "20 The Countdown Magazine" (2pm Saturdays),

HCJB (International) - Shortwave Radio Broadcaster, that broadcasts "Let My People Think" to the UK.

TWR (International) - Shortwave & Satellite Radio Broadcaster, that broadcasts "Insight For Living" & "Hour of Decision" to the UK.

ERF (Evangeliums RundFunk) - German & US Gospel Pop Music on 1539kHz Medium Wave.  Strongest Reception in the UK around 10.00pm daily!


NIV -  HQ of the world's best-selling "New International Version" translation (as used by "The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association", "Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Let My People Think)" and "The Gideons". Recommended due to it's International quality (translated by over 100 top scholars from all the major English speaking nations, such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada, avoiding any national linguistic bias. e.g. Americanisms, Anglicisms, etc), and its Trans-Denominational quality (scholars from many different denominations took part in the translation, avoiding any denominational doctrinal bias).

Bible Gateway - View the entire NIV Bible translation online.

NetBible (US) - A free, modern english, Bible translation that you can download, without incurring any copyright restrictions or royalties normally required, to pay for it's translation.

The Salvation Army (UK) - 'Nuff said!

Christian Aid (International) - World famous charitable organisation.

Baptist Union of Great Britain - Homepage of  Baptists in the UK.

-  Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (US)

The Gideons - World famous evangelicals, who give away free (FREE I tell you!) Pocket New Testaments (inc. Psalms) to every comprehensive school in the UK. They also place free Bibles in every hotel in the UK.

Leisure Links/Other Sites of Interest/Reciprocal Links

Press Coverage

"Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips". Proverbs 27:2

The September 2000 issue gave a quick mention to Baptist Surfer,  in "The Gallery" section!!!

(Mind you, who's this "Dan" fella?! And what's he doing running my website?!?!)

Internet Monthly Religion Top 10 - The Print Edition (October 2000, issue 17) of Internet Monthly placed Baptist Surfer at No.3 in their Religion Top 10 (which would mean it was in the Top 3 of the Top 10!!!).

(And congratulations to everybody else who made it into the Religion Top 10!)

Update: Internet Monthly is no longer published, but their website remains active.

Baptist Surfer - The finest UK & US web links, UK radio, famous Christians, and lots more
Baptist Surfer - The finest UK & US Web Links, UK Radio Broadcasts, Pocket Profiles of Famous ... . Articles Quotations Links What's New? Hour of...

UK Edition of Ask Jeeves

Perform a search for either "Famous Baptists" or "Famous Christians, and Baptist Surfer is listed on the 1st page of results!!!

Baptist Surfer - The finest UK & US web links, UK radio, famous Christians, and lots more

Baptist Surfer - The finest UK & US Web Links, UK Radio Broadcasts, Pocket Profiles of Famous ... . Articles Quotations Links What's New? Hour of... 


US Edition of Ask Jeeves

Perform a search for either "Famous Baptists" or "Famous Christians", and Baptist Surfer is listed on the 1st page of results!!!


CrossSearch recently made Baptist Surfer a site indicating:

"This site has been consistently popular with other CrossSearch visitors. "

Describes Baptist Surfer as "Information and programme timings for the religious radio listener."


Particularly love the way you can set Google's preferences to 100 entries per page instead of 10.

Also, it has the ability to 'cache' pages (store a copy in it's buffer).  Check out the UK version -

This is the search engine that yields the most number of hits for Baptist Surfer

Update: Perform a search for "Famous Baptists" and Baptist Surfer is on the 2nd page of results (default 10 page setting).

Awaiting new listing...


Major UK Search Engine, with full Meta Tag recognition. One of the 1st Search Engines to accept this site.  Appeared within a few days of submission.  Full Meta Tag recognition.

Christian Web Site Award of Excellence

Britannica - The Best, Most Comprehensive Encyclopaedia on the Net!

Marvel - HQ of Spiderman, The X-Men, etc.  You can also sign up for the free Marvel E-mail newsletter.

The Beano (UK) - Homepage of the long running British comic.  Nostalgia!

Garfield's bustin' loose! Check out the fat cat's wild Web site!

Garfield - Garfield on the web! You can also sign up for a free Garfield E-mail address (G-Mail).

Laurel-and-hardy - Official website to the legendary comedy duo, Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy!

The Laurel & Hardy Magazine Fan Site & alternative URL - Excellent for deciding which PAL Videos & DVDs you want to buy in the future. - Excellent site on the Classic comedy actor, with plenty of links to other Will Hay sites.  Check out the encyclopaedia article below:  

Hay, Will(iam Thomson) (1888-1949), English actor and comedian. Regarded as a master of comic timing, he is remembered for his screen characterisations of grudging and inadequate authority, especially that of the seedy, blustering, and ineffectual schoolmaster. His seventeen films include Oh, Mr Porter! (1937), The Goose Steps Out (1942), and his last, My Learned Friend (1944).  (Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc. All rights reserved.)  

3Stooges - Website to the slapstick comedy trio. Nyuk Nyuk!

Cinemaware - Groundbreaking Software house behind Amiga Classics "Rocket Ranger", "It Came From The Desert", "The Three Stooges", etc.

Studio 3 - Formerly System 3, they were responsible for the groundbreaking "The Last Ninja" series of games.

Ben Dalglish - He created the music to the C64 Classic "The Last Ninja" & the Amiga game "Deflektor".

Factor5 - Ace German Software house behind "Turrican", "X-Out", etc.

Chris Huelsbeck - Website of the musician who composed the outstanding music, to mega games such as "Turrican", "X-Out" and "Apprentice".

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Website to the pizza scoffing "Heroes in a Halfshell".  Like, Totally Radical, Dude!

Blockbuster UK - Top Video Rentals Chain.

BARB - The latest UK terrestrial, cable & satellite audience ratings.

FOX   NBC   CBS   ABC - US Networks behind loads of popular action series & comedies.

Script O Rama - Tons of downloadable E-texts of Movie scripts, TV series transcripts, etc.

Warner Bros   Fox Movies  - Latest Movies.

BritMovie - Database of Classic British movies.

Allmovie - Huge database of movie articles.

Allmusic - Massive database of music articles.

The Radio Authority - Find out about national & local radio in the UK.

The Saint - Website dedicated to the Classic "The Saint " stories.

ALF - Fansite to the popular, wisecracking TV alien.

CNN Tech Europe - The latest technology news.

Holoshop - Shop in the US selling tons of holographic pictures, and other holographic trinkets.

Motown - Soul Music Central!

AOLpress (Free)- A simple, compact (less than 5 meg) web page designer.  Perfect for the novice.

UKPlus - A 'Safe for Families' Search Directory (from the owners of the Daily Mail) also lists Baptist Surfer

CVG - Popular UK video games magazine.

Visimag - Sci-fi/Fantasy/Cult TV news & reviews.

Jaguar   Lotus   Ferrari - Modern Art(!)

RAJAR - The latest  UK radio audience figures.

Dotmusic - The hottest UK & US pop music news.

ITN - Website of  the ITN news team.

The CO-OP asked about the policies of the brands found on their shelves.  They asked the manufacturers of all the toiletry, household and laundry brands they stock to explain their animal testing policies.  

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - Website of the famous village on the island of Anglesey, in the county of Gwynedd, north-west Wales.  It has the the longest single word ".com/" domain name in the world !!!


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