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Since 29/8/00
The games may have entered their Afterlife, but the addons are still coming. (This page is best viewed with IE5 on 1024 X 768 - I don't see how anyone can stand anything smaller!)

Update: Mar 16 2003 - Site Change

This site will be going through big changes over the rest of the month. So big in fact, I'm changing everything about it. Expect a change of address too. More on this in a few days.

Update: Jan 7 2002 - UT Maps

A new map is up in the Unreal Tournament section. DM-Fith, a conversion and slight modification of an Unreal I map. Also, I'll quickly mention that my map, still in rletively early stages, is, I must say, progressing well. I'll put some new shots up soon.

News: Dec 14 2001 - Gothic

I feel that not mentioning this game would be a crime. Gothic, a simple and seemingly harmless RPG on the surface, which really beneath, is as detailed and intricate as a mosquito's digestive system. No, I'm not saying the game is set to divulge in likes of blood, but rather is imposing upon the world a serious revolution. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but after playing demo I've got pretty worked up over it.

Now to all you lucky Americans, the game has already been released, so I suggest, if you haven't heard of it, follow my links and take a look, and to those who may already have heard of it, consider a purchase. Seeing the game's creation took place in Germany and originally was released only there, most fan pages for the game are in German. There is one, however, in English, that is a must visit for some info on the game, and it is RPG Dot's Gothic page. A good source. Also, FilePlanet have the demo available (search for "Gothic Demo") for download, but, if you're like me, you'll need to wait 15 hours to get it 'cause it's a whopping 250 megs. Make sure you've got some sort of downloading program like Download Accelerator.

Update: Dec 13 2001 - Err, a map... But this time I have proof!

I've been mucking around in the UnrealEd and was just intrigued into how much detail I could go into. I have decided to begin making a map that will be as detailed as I can possibly make it. And I have a screenshot. The map is at its very earily stages.

Sept 14 2001 - Terrorist Attacks

My full condolences go out to those affected by this horrific event.

News : Aug 14 2001 - Thought I must inform

Aye, I lied again. And I have no excuse. Yet I will inform of a bright light I have seen in this darkened age. Morrowind. The Elder Scrolls III. Anyone remotely interested in RPG's or adventure games must check this out. If you dont have the time to read about it, just look at the screenies. Wow.

News: May 4 2001 - Aargh! Die Maths die!

Shit. School is taking up more of my time than I originally thought. Especially this bloody IB. And maths...Ooh, that bitch... Anyway, excuse my rambling. Firstly I will report an exceptional (I emphasise EXCEPTIONAL) finding of a Japanese (I think) Flash movie that, if possible, would be Emperor of all other shockwave animations. You MUST look at this, no matter who you are. It may take a little while on 33-56K modems but is defintely worth it. Right here 'tis. Click, now.

News: Apr 15 2001 - Mod Life: Thief 2 - Circle of Stone and Shadow

Thief II's in for a prevalent refurbish with a new mod called The Circle of Stone and Shadow. It is probably a hasty conclusion to call it a mod. It's more of a whole new game. Based on a novel I have unfortunately never heard of, it promises to bring far more than a few add-on maps. Expect a totally new storyline including plenty of new missions, characters and enemies. Check it out here.

I might add also that a new Half-Life mod has popped up and appears to give the game a healthy new look. Take a look here.


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