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By Don Ecker and Christopher Montgomery

Vicki Ecker is my editor at UFO MAGAZINE, a publication out of Los Angeles, California. While getting ordering information for my latest article in the March edition of UFO MAGAZINE, I noted that Don's web site had a post regarding the Soviet Probe otherwise known as Phobos II. I have information regarding this failed satellite as well. PHOBOS II, as you may recall, was to be the beginning of a joint Soviet/US venture to study Mars and its moon, Phobos. Don Ecker wrote the following piece on Phobos and the UFO object depicted in this archived Internet post. Rumor has it that during one of its passes over the planet, the satellite had made some startling discoveries. This information, it is alleged, has been leaked out over the years to people like Don and myself by certain un-named individuals with security clearances. My intelligence sources have alleged that the last image that PHOBOS II had sent back to Earth, was of an unidentified object that had apparently come up from the surface of the planet and crippled the probe. It was around that time that the Soviets had made a startling discovery. One of their scientific packages aboard the ill fated spacecraft was designed to perform specific infra-red type scans of the surface. These scans had been transmitted back to Earth. What they had revealed, according Soviet cosmonaut (*snip*), was that there was a city just beneath the surface of the planet, evident by the heat signatures given off by the crust of the planet. As the story goes, whoever or whatever is living below the surface of the planet did not want the satellite to continue with their project, and according to Don Ecker's article, sent PHOBOS II into a derelict orbit. This information has remained ultra top secret, as both NASA and Russia have kept a tight lid on it. These highly classified documents will probably remain locked up for good. This material is proof that there is life on Mars, and neither NASA, JPL or Russia want you to know about it. If you ask me, they have done an excellent job of keeping it secret, 'til now, that is. NASA continues to withhold information, as does Russia, from the general public. This release of information would let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Their recent release of what they call "channels" below the surface of mars, along with images of heat signatures below the surface, is nothing new. If what they are saying about Phobos is true, NASA has been sitting on this information for over thirty years! They continue to deny any knowledge of this, for reasons unknown. UFORC and our affiliates have been gathering evidence gleaned from early Viking photographs. Things that NASA has missed. Anomalies that we shall not fully disclose at this time. UFORC is preparing a press release, to expose NASA's secretive past, and reveal that they have known that there is life on Mars since they began sending probes to the surface of Mars and its moon. When they began making their Viking Images available to the public, the public began discovering evidence, data which strongly suggests that there is life on Mars and its activities continue to the present. Evidence of NASA tampering is blatant and extensive. We can further show, that The removal of evidence suggests that someone, somewhere deep within our secret government has advanced directives to debunk and discredit any attempt to bring the truth to light. If anyone reading this article discovers something that they believe may be evidence of intelligent life on Mars, forward your information to A UFO RESOURCE CENTER. Judging from reports I have read and conversations that I have had with people that are involved in the hunt for said evidence, reporting their discovery to parties affiliated with the cover-up is counter productive. In other words, once the anomaly is reported, it may not be there the next time you try to access the anomalous image.


Their favorite "tactic, is to "debunk," or discredit you. You may hear questions like "Have you taken your medication today?" OR "You can look at any pile of rocks on the surface of Mars and imagine that it is...(fill in the blanks). They take advantage of you. Like a good citizen, you send them an e-mail with the coordinates and perhaps a file image of the anomaly. They go in and doctor it up (they have access to their web-shell) so that the next time you go to access the image (s), [i.e. to show your friend/teacher/family member] it probably won't be there. Our researchers have gotten to the point of realization, that specifics such as latitude and longitude of the anomaly are not given out. As a rule, we withhold specific information from ANYONE we don't know really well (REFERENCE #? ) These types of controls MUST be implemented if we are to scientifically PROVE that the anomaly is there. Otherwise, you are probably going to say something to this affect: "Well...I went to those coordinates that you gave us and there is nothing there." I would speculate that by this time, you've decided you're going to see for yourself...besides...YOU know what you saw, and besides... you have the anomaly stored in your computer. OK? So, you return to the NASA Arm Chair Astronaut just to prove that they are blowing smoke, when suddenly you realize...OH MY GOD...It's GONE??? It may take a lot of detective work and some extensive image enhancement to prove that the image on your floppy data disk fits the image that you NOW find on the Internet! While NASA plays games with your psyche, your Government is keeping a lid on it so that THEY can keep to themselves. Well, my friends, there is enough of this pie for all of us, and UFO Resource Center and affiliates have learned the hard way. Researchers today are a little smarter and a little wiser. What's the old adage..."once burned, twice shy!" We now have sophisticated computer programs that do all of the imaging techniques...skilled analysts to perform the enhancements and PhDs that can verify and approve the pictures as genuine artifacts. We are networking with other agencies around the globe and our numbers are growing. We are tired of being lied to and we have pretty much decided that science must go on, with or without the governments help. And so it does. UFORC continues to document, research and chronicle the discoveries of our sister affiliates and Internet partners. We have smartened up...and toughened we don't tell NASA where those images are. If they want to remove them, let them find them on their own...We keep the coordinates to ourselves and make a controlled release of information. And so we have. The evidence that we are preparing for the scientific community, suggests a level of sophistication and intelligence beyond our comprehension...on a grand scale. And science is beginning to listen...again.

Credit: Don Ecker UFO Magazine

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