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I do not claim these pictures as real or fake unless I know for sure (in which case the photographer told me it was fake); I believe there are certainly some of both, and it is up to you to decide for yourself. If you have a question or comment, however, feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

The ghost of the little girl Jane Churn, who supposedly started a fire that burned down her entire town in the 1600s.

This was sent in anonymously. Note the priest sitting up front.
The little boy in the picture supposedly died before the amusement park was ever built, and unexplained things are said to occur at the park regularly.
Can you see the man's face in the tree?

The Faces of Blmez occured in the home of Maria Gmez Pereira in 1971. Supposedly, apparitions appeared and disappeared on a daily basis on her kitchen floor. Scientists were never able to find an explaination, and they claimed the "paintings" had no other chemicals than what was used in the concrete of the floor. Maria Gmez Pereira's house was later discovered to have been built on top of a cemetary, just 9 feet above several corpses.
He says the "shadowy figures" weren't there when the picture was taken, just him and his friend.

Niki Harless:
The above picture has been being sent as an e-mail chainletter with some crap about how if you won't send it you'll end up like the guy sleeping in the picture (dead). I did a little research, and I found the site this pic was originally made for:
The name and e-mail address are for the person who made the fake photo (Note: this person was not the one sending the chain letters). So if you get this, just throw it away. The picture isn't real and neither is the threat.

This is another popular one. Look at it sideways and you can see what is supposedly Jesus. Anyone know if it's real?

This is another popular one on the internet. I've heard varying stories, but the main one is that they were doing a ghost hunt in a haunted Toys R Us Or Target (I've heard both), and these are the employees. The guy leaning against the locker supposedly wasn't there when the photo was taken with infrared film, and there are pictures taken at the same time with normal film in which he did not show up.

Some people say they see a demon in the fire of this photo. I can't say I really see it, but it's interesting anyway.
This was submitted by:

Dreamryder sent me this one and asked what I saw. That's all the stuff circled up ahead. The most obvious looks like a child crouched on the bottom of the picture, and up above that the top half of the woman. The rest kind of look like faces, I think.
If you'd like to see a non-scribbled-on version of this pic, click on the pic to go to Dreamryder Manner!

This is another one from
Look closely and you'll see a figure in the center.
If you'd like more info on this photo, or for more ghost photos, just click on the picture to go to DreamRyder Manner.
Thank you, DreamRyder!

This was taken at the photographer's cousin's wedding. If you look close enough, you can see the face.

"I was looking through old pictures that my mom had gotten through my grandparents, when I came across this one. It made me suspicious, because I had visited sites with pictures like these on them, so I decided to send them in. This picture was taken in the summer of 1946."---Tysha

Iskandar Zainalludin
This picture was taken in Malaysia. Reflection in the glass, you say? Well, possibly, but Iskandar's pretty sure he would have noticed the clan member standing next to his car.

This picture was taken by, one of a series of pics that held visible orbs.
Look closely and you can see a figure and face "coming out" of the boiler in this photo.
If you'd like to see the rest of the series of pictures this was taken from, or some really interesting paranormal photos, go to:
Thank you, Dream Ryder!

This picture is the Tulip Staircase in Queens house, Greenwich, London. Note the ghostly figure holding onto the staircase.

Though an interesting picture, this one's probably a fake. This is a picture of Edgar Allen Poe's headstone, and if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I read that people love to fake photos at his gravesite. I've had this pic. on my computer since before I even started this site, so if anyone knows who it belongs to, please let me know so I can give credit.

This photo was shot by Rev. Kenneth Lord at Newby Church in Yorkshire, England in 1963. On the right side of the organ you will notice a ghostly apparition, possibly a monk? Supposedly this picture has never been tampered with, but below another version of the same picture. One or both may be valid, but I'm not sure..... Any ideas?

What can I say? I know next to nothing about photography.....
See anything funny in this picture? It's a headstone in an old cemetary, and notice the feet at the very top of the picture? What's so strange about that, you ask? Well, from what I've been told, the photographer was a woman alone in the cemetary, and she never aimed the camera at her own body, just at the headstones. She was also wearing shorts and sneakers at the time, and right before she snapped this picture felt an "evil" presence approaching and got the heck outta there. What do you think?

This is a really famous photo taken of "The Brown Lady," who is well known to be the most reliably photographed ghost.

How did this get in here?
Well, I have a friend who argues that THIS is definitely the most reliably photographed ghost in history......

This is also a fairly famous photo, supposedly taken after a car crash by a police photographer. It has been dubbed "The Angel" due to the fact that no one in the car died in the wreck that demolished their vehicle.