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The stories posted on this site are mainly a mixture of horror and the paranormal (hauntings, etc.), but I do not exclude any type of story; it must only be of a dark nature. If you find you do not like a story, you may want to read some of the others as they are all very different.

"In The Family"
A little different from the usual stories in the Archive, the three short stories here were sent in by one author and describe the psychic abilities of three women of three generations of her family.

"Railroad Crossings"
Paranormal and Horror/Non-fiction
A young girl is tipped off on her own murder by an unexpected visitor.

"East Texas Whistle"
An old woman's encounter with a strange green fog leads to an even stranger disappearance.....

"Shoe Kills"
Sometimes accessorizing can lead to a more gruesome look; unfortunately, Shannet Kratt never realized that.

"The Black Dog"
Paranormal (Urban Legend)/Non-fiction
Rachel has an encounter with a pooka and faces the loss of a loved one.

"The Midnight Watch"
Come aboard a haunted aircraft carrier. A pleasant change from the haunted house scenario.

"The Third Floor"
Experiences in a haunted hotel.

Find out what happens when Laura seeks out her true love.

"Three Suitors"
Horror/Fiction A Valentine's tale of love gone wrong. After reading this story, men will surely treat their women a little more nicely.....

"Lulu's Big Day"
Weddings are always nightmares.

"Sleepless Nights"
A tale of love that was never meant to be, just for you for Valentine's day.

"The Procession"
Ever heard it's bad manners to interrupt a funeral procession? That was the case for Tyler Jacob Binderman. See how far millions can get you, but bad manners can put you six feet under in this twisted tale of entombment.

"Winter of 1994"
Note: This is a continuation to the story "Summer of 1994" which is located directly below. I suggest you read that story first.
Paranormal Horror/Non-Fiction
Paco finally tells us more about his dealings with the dark side......

"Summer of 1994"
Paranormal and Horror/Non-fiction
Paco played with the dark side for fun until a series of strange occurences led up to a meeting with the Dark One himself.

"Where's Bijou?"
Sometimes the best works of art are the ones you put all of your senses into......

"The Clairvoyant Detective"
A detective receives help on a case by the murder victim himself.

"Mr. Death"
You never know exactly who Death is coming for.....

"Remorse for a Killer"
Rating: 4 1/2
Susan's dream world comes crashing down around her as she comes face-to-face with a serial murderer.

"Andre's War"
Set in France in the 1620's, this is the story of a brutal, cruel man during a brutal war and the consequences he faces for his actions on his judgement day.

"Bump in the Light"
Janet and her friends take a trip to a haunted house and bring back something they never imagined.

"The Hill"
Paranormal (Funny)/Fiction
Rating: 5
Story of a normal guy having a not-so-normal day.

"In Dreams"
April takes us along on a ride into her recurring nightmares.

"The Journal"
Time in prison leads to strange behavior. Follow the journal of a man gone mad.
This story depicts violence and/or gore and somewhat obscene language.

"The Alpha Omega Headlines"
Follow the tales of a cursed sorority house.

"The Old House"
One family's encounter with a haunted house.

A strange newborn brings both joy and sadness for a new mother.

Tim's sister comes back from the grave to finally repay him for looking out for her for so many years.

"Sister's Sorrow"
A trucker drives late-night alongside his buddies for hours.....before realizing they'd been dead since morning.

"The House"
Find out what happens when your parents move into the local haunted house.

"Taken By Evil"
Follow Ms. Fernandez into her terrifying night spent with a ghost in a cheap hotel room.

"Respect the Dead"
Pablo finds out the hard way why we should always respect the dead.

"La Llorona"
Paranormal (Urban Legend)/Non-fiction
Urban legend which keeps children up on rainy nights.

"The Beast"
Hear the true story of a disappearance in a New Mexican forest involving none other than the devil himself.