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Updated 5/31/01.

Dedicated to giving our circulation of 25 readers 100% REAL Rock-n-roll!!!!

Welcome to the REALRocknroll Fanzine webpage! REALRocknroll is a paper fanzine that comes out annually. Issue #2 Is OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jam-packed with lots of sloppily photocopied pictures, columns, and interviews with: Russel Quan from the Dukes Of Hamburg! The Hot Pockets! Sonny Vincent! Tina Lucchesi from The Bobbyteens! Dick Dale! Billy Childish! The Mullens! And The Reactors! and a lot of other cool shit, too. To get yourself a copy send $2.50 (or the equivalent in stamps) to:

REALRocknroll Headquarters/209 North Park Street/ Merrill, Wisconsin 54452

Also, people that I owe free zines to (or people who want to set up a trade) can remind me by e-mailing me their address HERE!

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