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Realm of Me

This Page is dedicated to How I Feel
(Occassionally coarse language may be found on this Page)
"All I ask for is Understanding,not Agreence"
All written works were done by Mark Perkins(LIAISON)

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The last update was on the 3rd Jan. 2000


Unfamiliar faces
Decorate my dreams
Speaking words of hatred
Directed - so it seems
Toward my empty thoughts
Spiralling down
I know their intentions
Strangers all around

Bound to a flame
That melts the serene
Anguish cries cut
The space that is me
With each and every word
The flame reaches high
Fuelled by the hate
That burns in their eyes

Lapping at my throat
My screams are boiled away
Drying out my tongue
To never have my say
Reaching for my eyes
To change what I can see
Blackness is forever
And forever is the key

To open up the door
And let the truth escape
How I feel about myself
Confused,inward hate
Slow recognition
Giving time to burn
To late to contemplate
The idea of self concern

Dressed in fire
As ridgid,I become
Blood begins to dry
Empty thoughts,I have none
Whisked away
On the rising mist of me
Still the strangers eyes
Hate what they see

The flame has served its purpose
Exposing whats inside
An empty twisted shell
No resembalance left behind
As I rain down
Upon these strangers heads
They begin to realize
That I'm nothing more than dead

My scattered consciousness
Evaporates in time
The twisted,blackened shell of me
Is trampled by the minds
That fuel the flame of truth
With the burning in their eyes
What is left is all that was
An empty,thoughtless mind

(Written on the 21st Dec. 1999 - by Liaison)

Conspirocy of Little Things

My life is held in a paperbag
To protect me from the things that are sad
It's not working for me
All your tears have weathered a hole
The sad things attack my soul
You just watch me bleed

All the while I've been alive
It's just a slower suicide
We all play the game
Dreaming of a no-where place
Pack our thoughts in a hidden case
Destination the same

It's the little things
Conspirocy Now

Taken from my weathered bag
Feeling free makes me glad
It doesn't last long for me
Tossed aside like human waste
The world I love is an evil place
Their idea of being free

If you care you'll help me now
To end this game I'll find somehow
And join Freedom's Place
I'll go before to let you in
The death of me is not a sin
Watch the peace on my face

Stretch your hands up to the sky
Hear me sing my lullaby
Put this gun to my head
I don't know what you've been told
All I know is what I know
And soon I'll be dead

It's the little things
Conspirocy Now

One in a million
This chance I've been given
If your trying to scare me now
It's the little things
Conspirocy Now

(Written on the 29th Aug. 1999 - by Liaison)


Clutching to my outer skin
My soul begins to slide
Rejection has happened to me again
Myself I have denied
Push away all who try
To save me from myself
Understanding right from wrong
Provision of little help
Thinking of the path to take
A beast blocks my way
Mirrored surface faces me
Advance,come what may
My soul attacks the beast that's me
Battling a copied foe
Two forces just as strong
Of my soul I won't let go
Reeling back my soul is hurt
It's love for me has gone
It pleads with me to let it pass
For with me it doesn't belong
It sits the beast and pats it's brow
Smiling as it speaks
'You will be the end of me'
'So freedom I do seek'

'I've yet to live',I sob in fear
My soul embraces my face
'It's not my doing,it's all of yours'
'I must leave you in this place'
My soul stands to take it's leave
I stand to look at myself
'If only you knew how much I tried'
'But I was little help'
The beast laughs with flowing tears
They're running down my face
'But you are me and I am you'
'You can't leave me in this place!'
My soul turns and begins it's walk
Into the shadows away from me
It's parting words,choked,yet dry
'What you need is to be free'
My soul's steps echo and fade
'But now what can I do?'
The beast screams it's dying words
'Now my soul has left me too!'
Clutching to the shiney walls
The ground begins to part
The beast is me,I drop and fade
As my soul begins to laugh

(Written on the 27th Dec. 1999 - by Liaison)

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