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70s invasion ; 70s girls/ glam fringe :)

FANNY early 70s :)


see our review of the SADISTIC MIKA BAND on the gallery # 29.......

the following info on AYSHEA is from Nick at Glam Rock Bear,the picture of ASYHEA is from his site too.........see his EXCELLENT site on our links page


the album I have is mostly country/pop style, except for her cover of 'Tennessee Waltz' which is pretty glam and 'Another without you day' which is good pop and was a UK hit for Miki Anthony in 73. She used to present the UK pop TV show also called 'Lift Off with Ayshea' which most glam groups appeared on. track listing for 'Lift Off With Ayshea' (mostly cover versions)

Tennessee waltz / Rose garden / Day dreamer / The best years of my life / Our last song together / Another without you day / Will you still love me tomorrow / Take me home country roads / Moonbeam / Yesterday once more


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