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see our page on BONNIE ST. CLAIRE and UNIT GLORIA, one of thee most underrated bands of the 70's, they played glam rock, and pop, and sang some songs in their native dutch

a photo from '76, BEAUTIFUL !

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By Dr. George Malkmus

Would you believe it--THERE IS NONE! Fiber is found only in plant life: in fruits and vegetables, grasses and vegetation--but there is zero fiber in anything that comes from an animal source. Because there is no fiber in animal products, it causes a myriad of physical problems. This week, let's take a look at the problems connected with eating these fiber-less substances.

When a person consumes a raw fruit or vegetable, the food digests in thirty to sixty minutes, and because it contains fiber it is propelled rapidly through the intestinal tract. In fact, it is usually out of the body in sixteen to twenty hours. When a person removes the fiber from vegetables and drinks only the juice, digestion is unnecessary, and so the nutrients are able to go directly to cellular level.

Slow Transit Time = Putrefaction

But when a person consumes an animal product--beef, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, or you name it--because there is no fiber it moves very sluggishly through the intestinal tract, taking up to three to four days to exit the body. Body odor is caused by flesh putrefying in the intestinal tract for three to four days at temperatures of almost 100 degrees. Most people who stop consuming animal products are able to eliminate all deodorants shortly after removing the animal products from their diet.

So, if animal products contain no fiber, what do they contain? Meat is the decaying, rotting, decomposing, putrefying flesh of a dead animal. The more rotten it becomes, the more tender it becomes. That is why meat is allowed to age.

Hormones, Steroids, Antibiotics, Toxins & Excessive Protein Dead animals contain all of the poisons that were in the animal at the time it was slaughtered, including adrenaline (steroidal hormones). But animal flesh today not only contains all the poisons produced as a consequence of dying, but also all of the injected and force-fed chemicals, drugs, and poisons introduced for rapid growth and an attempt at disease prevention. Every animal commercially produced today is already loaded with toxins when slaughtered!

It is a popular misconception that animal protein is essential to good health, and many dieticians and medical doctors emphasize this misconception continually. When a person follows their teachings, an enormous excess of protein in the diet is the result. If protein levels are too high, the body cannot cope, and toxins such as uric acid and ammonia remain in the bloodstream, while calcium is lost.

These toxins, along with the fats and cholesterol contained within dead flesh and dairy products, seriously increase the risk of a large number of physical problems: gout, arthritis, kidney and liver damage, clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer, along with a host of other maladies. When a person eliminates animal products from their diet and adopts a basically raw vegetarian diet, they will usually see all of these physical problems simply disappear.

Gout, Kidney and Thyroid Disease, Ateriosclerosis, Cancer, Constipation, Diabetes Dr. Arnold Lorand of Austria, in his book "Old Age Deferred," published in 1910 and now out of print, devoted an entire chapter to the "Dangers of an Abundant Meat Diet:" He included the following points, and remember, this was written almost 100 years ago:

Meat produces high levels of toxins in the system, which impose strain on the vital organs. The thyroid gland, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and other ductless glands become altered and finally damaged on a diet with large amounts of meat. A diet high in meat causes gout and arteriosclerosis. A diet high in meat often results in cancer. Diabetes sometimes results from a diet high in meat, and if it is already present will be exacerbated. The viscosity of the blood is increased and circulation reduced.

Meat produces acids in the system. Meat does not stimulate peristaltic movements of the intestine and the intestinal transit is slow, with resulting putrefaction and constipation. Re-absorption of toxins from the constipated bowel inflicts further strain on the kidneys.

photo from the 80's or 90's.....