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* 70's invasion 3rd punk section ; SCREAMERS, UNITS, TUXEDOMOON

updated as of March 16th '06

photo of the SCREAMERS from '77...

( an original photo above credited to Jenny Lens, see below at the bottom for more info )

also info on a related Screamers project TWISTED ROOTS below........kaBoom !

the SCREAMERS from L.a., rewrote the rules of punk and experimental music from their start in '77 lasting all the way to '81, this is the band who should have opened for the SEX PISTOLS at winterland, cause they could have gave them a run for their money....:) the SCREAMERS were one of the greatest punk bands of all time, all keyboards, a drummer, NO BASS, NO GUITARS, and a lunatic named TOMATO du PLENTY for a singer they came on like a cross between the PISTOLS and SUICIDE, see pages 6 and 7....for video reviews of 3 different concerts.....allthough some of the same songs are here, they are slightly different there as this band never really did the same song the same...

thee SCREAMERS were completely radical, and revolutionary, there was nothing like this band at the time, the only well known bands at the time that used only keyboards were SUICIDE and KRAFTWERK, and perhaps a few underground for the american punk bands at the time who were the best and heaviest; RAMONES, DEAD BOYS, HEARTBREAKERS,etc. the SCREAMERS should be ranked with these bands, however they never had any OFFICIAL releases at all, BUY SOME MUSIC OF THE SCREAMERS, and u can see that they blow away all the fake punk white trash music of blink 182 and related kroq crap....

unfortunately songs came out on bootleg vinyl 45's , tapes, and videos, so everything was underground, and for they played only in california for the first year, thus they were destined for obscurity for a certain group of punk fans, however as other bands had their followers so did this band, and after they broke up people kept the spirit alive by buying, trading, and selling the music, we will review demos from 77, and '78 here...

Recently received the following on tape; late sept. '02


demos recorded by PAT GARRETT on 4 track

1 anything 'if i can't have what i want, i don't want anything' ! screams Tomato in the opener, this one sounds primitive, and has some stop and go rthymes,....


OUTTASITE !...synths ZOOOOOM all thru this fast tempo song, kinetic drum beat, and TOMMY GEAR adding good background vocals..... listen here and u can see they were on another level in punk music in '77, no one else had ever sounded like THIS till they hit the scene....completely REVOLUTIONARY !


an adventure into a harsh electronic sound, begins with PERE UBU type synth loops at the beginning, then progresses into synth niose and TOMATO screaming 'punish or be damned'....

4 magazine love

keyboard machine gun attack, the synths spray electronic rays....


the revolution would have gotten off the ground WITH MORE ENERGY had this one ever gotten released as a single......3-D synths begin going in different directions, one high pitched synth wails over the horizon, while the others paint an electronic landscape, and Tomato sings about a subject everyone is familiar with, yes this is wild !....

-------------------------*-------------------------- SCREAMERS - demos summer 78


'HISTORY HAS JUST TURNED A PAGE,ANARCHY IS THE CURRENT RAGE, HISTORY HAS JUST TURNED A PAGE, AND THE BEAT GOES ON, THE BEAT GOES ON, LA, DE, DA, DA !....yes this is the SONNY and CHER bubblegum-pop song done in a style you'll never forget......a fantastic duet with TOMATO and TOMMY....


more synth attack here from these 2, 'she frightens ' has good lyrics,....listen closely and u can hear the DEAD BOYS reflected especially when they sing the lyrics 'THRU the FLAMES'.....

3 sex boy

....DEVO like synth sounds...the DEAD BOYS and DEVO were both from OHIO, PERE UBU too, they must have gotten some influence their....

4 anything.............

....slightly different from the '77 version, like how he says 'SMASHISM' , not only did they invent new rules for music , new words too....then again maybe smashism is a word............. :) :)

5 THE GIRL in the CAR !

GREAT SONG !! ( LYRICS COMING)....abrasive electronic song about a girl with a gun in a car, ....listen closely and u can see how this band would influence the sound of CRASS, and others of that ilk....


beautiful electronic landscape of vintage punk, over and over screams Tomato "i wanna hurt' in a defiant tone, with keyboards squeazing out many notes over a repetive monolithic beat over and over and over,'I WANT LUV, I WANNA HURT' !..... A GREAT ONE TO ANNOY YOUR NEIGHBORS WITH...

7 '122 hrs. of FEAR'

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pow - ! ONE HELL of a SONG....begins with slow almost eerie synth droning, into improvisation, then the band kicks into one of their VERY BEST ! harsh punk , love the pause mid way thru, then Tomato screams 'U BET SHUT UP AND LISTEN ' !!..... no band today can match this sound as this one packs in a sinister punk sound UNEQUALED.....

lyrics to

122 Hours Of Fear (Taken from a headline in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.)

"Be quiet or be killed!" he said. In front of you and in front of me. He made the pilot get on his knees. Made him crawl, made him whimper, Made him cry out for his mother.

Wow! What a show! 122 Hours Of Fear. Wow! What a show! 122 Hours Of Fear. 122 Hours Of Fear. (x2) 122. (x4)

"YOU BETTER SHUT UP and LISTEN!" he said. Danger, danger, danger, Mr. Schumann We are in a hurry, Mr. Schumann What are the odds, dear Jorgen? Am I disturbing You?

Wow! What a show! 122 Hours Of Fear. Wow! What a show! 122 Hours Of Fear. 122 Hours Of Fear. (x2) 122. (x4)



....different beginning than thee '77 version, with some strong drumming patterns which give way to synth, then vocal patterns....listening to the synth pulses one imagines flashing cubes of color.....'cruel and unusual, but justice none the less, JUSTICE' ! ...a vocal showcase for Tomato.........:)

9 don't pay the whore of their most unusual numbers, this one very slow, synth begins and Tomato says 'YOUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE GOVERNMENT is OVER' !...then the attack begins and ends quickly....a short one.........


differnt , and not as good as the '77 version, but a good one nonetheless, 3-d synths sound like the fuel for remote control electronic cars....:)


'IN A BETTER WORLD, EVERYBODY MUST BE MADE TO FEEL IMPORTANT'....EXCELLENT lyrics here on a song meant not just for americans but the world, GREAT SONG !


this version speeds by so fast, you'll feel like your running even if your standing still, check out the links page for a video download of this song...

13 magazine love

keyboard thrash, fast, loud and direct, one of their oldest tunes, done in a similiar version to the '77 original

14 violent world

keyboard pulses over screams of 'blood' in a violent world, short and not too sweet :), good tune...


perhaps their epic tune, comparable to SUICIDE's live version of 'ROCKET U.S.A' from '78, available from the 2nd MAX's KANSAS CITY comp.,perhaps comparable in structure to the of the SEX PISTOLS 'NO FUN'... this song is a monster, begins with a repetive riff, over and over, a futuristic trip through the past....the sound gets more and more intense, perhaps close to 8 or 9 minutes, close to the end ancient tv signals can be heard, and it ends with Tomato screaming 'EVA BRAUN, WITH THE RED DRESS ON' ! while the syths play for another 2 minutes and come to a close.....


lyrics to 'Eva Braun'

Eva Braun She's a blonde What a blonde With the man With the little moustache

With the man With the little moustache

She's the girl With the red glove on

She's the girl With the red glove on

(Repeat 3X)

Note: there was a band called - SCREEMER - ( note the spelling difference)who were a SWEET-type glam band who had at least one single 'INTERPLANETARY TWIST/BILLY'....'74.....the first is along the lines of ROCKY HORROR meets SWEET, the 2nd is very different, concentrating on vocal harmonies similiar to the ones of GODSPELL........the SCREAMERS could have done great versions of either of these, see page 15 for more info....


the UNITS this band were from San Fransisco, and they played some shows with the SCREAMERS, and the Screamers influence is strong :), these songs are in a synth-punk mode and are live from '80, they formed in '79, originally as a 7 piece band, then only 2 guys were left, variuos people came and went, this was the lineup more or less from '80-'81

Scott Ryser: Synthesizer, vocals

Lx Rudis: Synthezer

Richard Driskill: Drums, backing vocals

Rachel Webber: Projections, backing vocals

NOTE: various bands have played under the name the UNITS, eccentric no waver JANDEK even recorded 1 lp under this alias( see page 6 for more info on him)

1 postcard 2 town by the river ( inst) 3 CANNIBALS ! 4 GO ! 5 HIGH PRESSURE DAYS !


3-d electronic landscape, great musicianship, over and over the singer says 'I LUV LININ' IN THE CITY' ! on some other lyrics he says 'ALL U WINOS ON 3rd and HOWARD' !

2 'down by the river'

....instrumental, synths explore different sounds, with solid drumming....


...very GOOD hazy PYSCH-PUNK w m/f vocals

4 'GO' !

fast punk attack, combines the bst of DEVO and the REZILLOS loony punk sounds, this was '79 at the time so i'm sure the UNITS were influenced by those 2 bands amongst others....


one of their best songs,this one has synth progression into different levels, ...the kinda new wave music to listen to late late at night when u get home and u stare out the window at the neon landscape...

lyrics to the UNITS -


Saw Johnny tonight, but we didn't say hello to eachother Were all moving pretty fast these days bumping around like bumper cars

Slippery kelp in the tide It's awful hard to hang on to eachother Flying around hot H2O molecules Balls that come in contact often alter their direction

High pressure days, high pressure high pressure days, high pressure!

Our paths still cross in these high pressure days, Acrowd pattern will emerge Exchange phone numbers, wither away

High pressure days, finding that our motions High pressure nights, fit into a pattern


this band has released many lps and singles over the yrs, and have developed a large following of synth punk fans, they even opened some shows for DEVO in '78 ! afterwards releasing a single called 'Pinheads on the move' :) eventually they would sign to the RESIDENTS label- RALPH records

.....these 2 songs taken from a performance at the Deaf Club '79..........


the 1st is the STONES cover, sounds nothing like the original of course, sung in german, great new wave-punk sound !....

'IN HEAVEN'.....this slow tune plays out on a synth landscape while the singer croons in a FALL-like style...'in heaven everything is fine, in HEAVEN everything is fine u got yours babe, i got mine'....GOOD vocals on both of these tunes from TUXEDO MOON :)

excert from the VEGETARIAN SOCIETY site

At various times throughout the history of humankind, people have registered their opposition to the cruel way in which animals are oppressed, and many have turned to a vegetarian way of life. For both ethical and economic reasons, countless millions of people throughout the world live on a vegetarian diet.

A number of religions and beliefs have lent support to vegetarianism. Brahminism, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism all advocated an abstention from flesh foods. More recently, the Seventh Day Adventists and The Order of the Cross have advocated a vegetarian diet and many Hindus and some Roman Catholic groups adhere to a vegetarian diet.

Early ideas Some early writers express their opposition to meat eating in no uncertain terms. Plutarch stated: "I am astonished to think what appetite first induced man to taste of a dead carcass or what motive could suggest the notion of nourishing himself with the flesh of animals which he saw, just before, bleating, bellowing, walking, and looking about them." Ovid, in the fifteenth book of his "Metamorphoses", puts into the mouth of Medea a forcible disquisition upon the Golden Age: "Blest is the produce of the trees and in the herbs which the earth brings forth, and the human mouth was not polluted with blood."

Seneca, the greatest of the Stoics wrote: "To abstain from the flesh of animals is to foster and to encourage innocence." In a later statement he claimed: "I resolved to abstain from flesh meat, and at the end of a year the habit of abstinence was not only easy but delightful." Pythagoras enjoined the abstention from the flesh of animals and his followers formed a vegetarian community.

Other famous early vegetarians were Diogenes, Plato, Plotinus and Socrates. Vegetarianism was not uncommon among early Christians, and some monastic orders follow a vegetarian diet to this day. Famous writers such as Voltaire, Paley, Pope, Shelley, Bentham and Lamartine urged the desirability of a humane diet. Alexander Pope expressed the opinion that: "Nothing can be more shocking and horrid than one of our kitchens sprinkled with blood and abounding with the cries of expiring victims or with the limbs of dead animals scattered or hung up here and there."

Sir Richard Phillips, who died in 1842 and was High Sheriff of the county of Middlesex, was an ardent vegetarian from the age of twelve when he visited a slaughterhouse. The philanthropist and prison reformer, John Howard, was a practising vegetarian whose influence and concern affected many aspects of life in his own time and since. He claimed that his diet gave him immunity against "gaol fever" which was prevalent in the many filthy prisons he visited.


Slash Magazine #2, June 1977

(photos by Steve Samiof and Melanie Nissen)

Interview with The Screamers: Tomata du Plenty (vocals), Gear (synthesizer), K.K. (drums), and David Braun (piano).

Due to the unusual nature of this group, this definitely was not your average run of the mill interview. For the sake of clarity, all giggles, shouts, insults and esoteric puns have been deleted. What remains is most of the important nonsense and the occasional profound remark here and there!

Slash: Describe your music in five simple words...(no reaction) word?

Tomata: In one word: anxiety! Slash: Describe the response to your music so far. Tomata: Religious! K.K.: Devout!

Slash: True you have no guitars? Tomata: We do have one. I use a guitar. Gear: We don't use them as guitars, we use them as percussion instruments or as pianos, but not in the traditional sense.

Slash: Is this some kind of breakthrough? K.K.: The guitar element just wasn't there... Gear: I think there are alternatives to the guitar sound, to its symbolism.

Slash: But can you be sexy on stage without guitars? K.K.: We're sexy off-stage without them! Slash: Your musical influences? K.K.: All kinds...every one of us has his favorite. We're somewhat influenced, but not really directly. Tomata: I like a lot of bubble-gum, the Bay City Rollers... Gear: I'm Nico's biggest fan! David: I think James Brown is God!

Slash: The Monkees? Tomata: Love them! Slash: The Archies? Tomata: I have all their albums. I like the Sadistic Mika Band too. Slash: The Troggs? Tomata: Definitely! "I can't control myself", fabulous song...

Slash: Are you a punk band? (Long silence) Tomata: Wouldn't say so. Slash: Afraid to be a punk band? Tomata: It's really a press thing ... I would just say we make sounds. Gear: I like to think of ourselves as Nouveau Vague.

Slash: What are your opinions about the new wave English singles? Tomata: I like the Clash. "White Riot" is brilliant! Gear: It's great, all these singles coming out. The goods are more accessible to people. Slash: Short songs too, most of them. K.K.: It's like the sound barrier, everybody's trying to break it down!

Slash: What of the local groups? Tomata: We saw the Zeroes in San Diego last week. They're fantastic, like the Mexican Ramones! ...I like The Weirdos, they are sort of like the Seeds. Slash: Sky Saxon is making a comeback... Tomata: He used to be one of my idols.

Slash: Love? K.K.: Love Love! Slash: What will happen to Johnny Rotten? Gear: When he makes some money he'll probably get his teeth fixed! Slash: The Screamers are very mysterious about their music, aren't they? Tomata: Yes they are!

Slash: Where and when can we catch them? Gear: When we feel ready, in the right place, at the right time ... lots of people who might get turned on to us might be under 18... Slash: Do you take your music seriously? Tomata: Very! Gear: We do, but it doesn't mean we don't have a sense of humor. Humor is necessary in order to survive.

Slash: Are you a "musical" band? Gear: I personally don't like music per se. Tomata: It's more essential ... sensational... Gear: I told you we're Nouveau Vague!

Slash: How long you been together? Tomata: Six months. Slash: Do you have many songs? Gear: Quite a number but we're confining ourselves, we want a set that won't be too long, so that no one gets turned off ...when you go on and on it's not as effective as whe you are very strong and quick and hard.

Slash: Any solos? Tomata: Definitely not! Slash: Give us some titles. Tomata: "Eva Braun" is a love song, "Going Steady with Twiggy", "You don't love me you love magazine"... Gear: A song called "Punish or be damned", a song called "Peer Pressure", another originally performed by Billie Holliday: "Gloomy Sunday;"... David: A song about the Blessed Virgin Mary called "Mater Dolores", Mother of Sorrow. Tomata: It's one of our big dance songs! K.K.: The watusi will be reborn ...!

Slash: Who were the Tupperwares? Tomata: Gear and I were the Tupperwares, but we had some struggles with the name, had to change it. Slash: Do you take drugs?

Tomata: Don't have the time! Gear: Not any more. I can't afford it. David: I have a whole medicine cabinet at home full of things l don't have time to take. K.K.: Eyedrops? Tomata: Ever heard Martin Denny? He's one of our main influences.

Slash: I remember dancing to it! K.K.: Dancing to Martin Denny?! Quite an imagination! Slash: Do you have a manager? Gear: We manage ourselves. K.K.: We manage to manage ourselves!

Slash: How long will you manage to manage yourselves? Gear: If the right person comes along... somebody who is one of us... but not just some guy. Slash: Are you in this for money or pleasure? Tomata: No, we're very serious.

Slash: About what? Tomata: All those screaming teenagers! K.K.: We want to see our faces on lunch- boxes! Slash: Which piece of equipment do you need right now? Tomata: I need a bullhorn. K.K.: An electric toothbrush!

Slash: Do you work hard on stage? Tomata: Our stage act is like a controlled nervous breakdown! K.K.: We're choreographed by the confines of the stage, or beyond the confines of the stage! Gear: It will be inspired by our audience's reaction.

Slash: How old is your ideal audience? Gear: I went to Iggy, there was a woman in the lobby, about 85 years old, I couldn't believe it, so I said, "how did you like the show?", and she said, "I thought it was great!". That's the kind of audience I would like, in addition to people who share our sensibilities. Slash: If you were not accepted, would you change your music? Gear: Our music has come out of our lives, so if our experience changes our music will, but the basic quality won't. Tomata: I feel confident we have a very good commercial appeal.

Slash: Will they play your single on KHJ? K.K.: What's KHJ? Slash: What's more important to you, albums or singles? Gear: At this point, singles. Slash: In Jamaica, they shoot DJs who play the wrong tunes on the air! K.K.: Watch out, Rodney! Gear: Rodney is a good force... K.K.: A necessary magnet...

Slash: Are you prepared to compromise? Tomata: You mean like prostitution?! (laughter) Slash: Would you do "Louie, Louie"? Tomata: We don't know the words! Slash: Let's talk about your looks. Gear: Have I given you strange looks?

Slash: What about the London'anti-fashion? Tomata: Exciting! Gear: I think couture is anti-fashion! Tomata: I like the way the girls look... the fashions we like are not frozen... Slash: How about the nazi paraphernalia? Gear: I'll never be seen carrying a bayonet! ... Americans are really underprivileged as far as uniforms are concerned.

Slash: Would you wear it on stage? Tomata: Only at private affairs! K.K.: To a wedding! Tomata: You were talking about people's reactions: we were walking from the Whiskey one night, these cars were driving by, started circling and throwing rocks at us!

Slash: Do you think what's happened to rock 'n' roll is pure science fiction? Gear: Science fiction? It's science fact! Slash: How do you get your hair to stand up like this? Gear: We use vaseline. When you put it in, it doesn't really wash out, and the vaseline will collect the dust from the air, it gives your hair a very interesting texture. After a while the grease is gone, but your hair is like a mold... like a sculpture.

Slash: Just like the rastas? Tomata: They're great! K.K.: I'd like to-see the Pistols do reggae! Gear: You wanted us to ask ourselves the question we always wanted to be asked... Well, Tomata will pose the question now. K.K.: I want to see Tomata POSE the ques- tion! Tomata: How do you feel when you see a young girl face down in the street? In the gutter? David: Total complicity! Tomata: I want to beat the shit outta her! Gear: I feel sexual attraction! K.K.: I want to turn her over... Tomata: To see if she's done on the other side? Gear: Another question: If you could do a benefit concert for a religion, which one would it be? Tomata: Jehovah's witnesses!

Slash: Any plans, for the next two months? K.K.: Japan, Pago-Pago, Madagascar ... Tomata: Seriously, an EP and a tour. Gear: And a lot more publicity. K.K.: We want to meet all of our audience. Slash: Do you think the Pistols are overdoing it in their anarchy stance? K.K.: They're more into musical anarchy than social anarchy. Gear: To make a point you have to be extreme... Tomata: Anarchy relates there more than in California. Gear: I think America will produce something distinctively American, but equivalent to what's happening there.

Slash: Thank you. What do you think SLASH is? K.K.: The best magazine. We were so relieved the title wasn't STASH!

be sure to visit our download page for a video of the SCREAMERS 'VERTIGO'

"POPULATION: 1" by Renee Daalder.

It is about 75 minutes long & stars Tomata Du Plenty & Shelia Edwards with some music & unreleased videos by the Screamers. This is a truly amazing & excellent film!

Pop: 1 while superficially the story of the last living survivor of the great nuclear whatever, who's trapped in a underground bunker, it is actually a multilayered history of art, video, music & America's long lasting love affair with destruction. For more info on how this film came to be you can read a piece, penned by Hubert Mensch for the LA premier back in the early 80's, about the Screamers, Renee Daalder & Population:1.

**** The Screamers' cathartic blend of stark Brechtian psychodrama, Egon Schele attire, minimal melodies and grinding, relentless beat earned them popularity among the range of counter-culture communities - from rich Fiorucci clones to the poorest punks. They were the first "punk" band to play the Roxy, to sell out 10 shows at the Whisky & to abolish guitars. But in 1979, at the absolute peak of the alternative music scene, they abruptly stopped performing. The center of operations shifted to an abandoned Vag-o-Matic warehouse on the wrong end of Melrose, refurbished into a state-of-the-art video studio, where Dutch cult-film director Rene Daalder (whose films include Massacre at Central High) planned a videodisc revolution with the Screamers as its biggest stars.

With his concept of the constantly moving camera, of videos that could happily be watched hundreds of times, records would be superseded by a complete media experience. Over the next couple of years, half the hipsters in LA passed through the studio's green doors to lay down tracks on the 24-track tape machine, or to add atmosphere to ongoing filmings. Screamers drummer K.K. Barrett built sets, composer/synthesist Tommy Gear wrote music, and singer Tomata du Plenty was the star.

Unfortunately, Duran Duran and happy-talk VJs beat Daalder to the punch and the only product to issue from his collaboration with the Screamers was a disastrous multimedia Whisky show with Tomata and K.K. Now there's another. After a prolonged journey back to his drawing board, Daalder conceived Population: One, a postapocalyptic nightmare taken from the above-mentioned film sessions. Several years in the editing, the long-overdue Population

below is some info on 2 reunion shows featuring 2 former members ;
The Carnival DuPlenty, Nov. 5, 2000, Fais Do Do, LA.

Paul Roessler(keyboards/electronics/vocals) and KK Barrett (drums, vocals) performed some Screamers songs. They played, though not in this order, Punish or Be Damned, Sex Boy, Gloomy Sunday and The Beat Goes On.

"Class of '77 Reunion / Flipside Benefit", Dec. 9, 2001 at El Rey Theater, LA.

Barrett and Roessler performed Punish or Be Damned, Sex Boy and Eva Braun in their entirety, along with pieces of 122 Hours of Fear and The Beat Goes On. Blank Magazine (Feburary 2002) said "The Screamers... turned in an impressive set (sans Tommy Gear and sadly Tomata Du Plenty who died earlier this year) for a band that probably hasn't rehearsed for 20 years." There is also a review and picture or this event at


1 HELIN KILLER and TRUDIE were 2 punk gals who married 2 members of the SCREAMERS, u may remember them from the famous SEX PISTOLS video of dallas, on jan 10th '78, they were the 2 blond punk girls dancing in front of SID all nite, see this link for more info -


JENNY was a friend of the band and knew people in the scene like HELIN KILLER and many people from L.a. N.y. and London who were the folks who created the first punk shows, she has an extensive archive of photos

( the one above is hers as are the ones on our Screamers gallery on our gateway 1 or 2 of where ever it is ) see her site for great photos of the band and many more like the GERMS, WIERDOS, etc, here is her link to her page on the band, click on the red link :)

Screamers, ?Jenny Lens.


this band featured PAUL ROESSLER of the Screamers, and PAT SMEAR of the GERMS playing a different brand of music than their 2 bands did at the time, this was after the death of DARBY CRASH, and featured 3 ffriends of theirs one was a young person, the band was short lived, here is a link on them -

4 and another -'screamers%20twisted%20roots'

5 SCREAMERS videos at, watch them right now ! Vertigo and 112 hrs of Fear ( complete songs )also they have GERMS videos too :)

6 DEBRIS - K.K. BARRETT was a part of DEBRIS in ' 76 prior to jioning the Screamers, and the 2nd band were a pre-DEBRIS band


from what we've heard the past few days used synths on their '75 - '76 recordings and came up with a 2 lp batch of original songs, they are a mix of sounds, drawing on influences as different as CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, JOHN CALE, STOOGES, etc. some of the songs allthough stylistically very different from the DOCTORS of MADNESS, well musically are kinda along these lines, allthough the DOCTORS were a better band alltogether ( see homepage ), DEBRIS did manage to release the experimental lp in ' to come.....


this rare single was the pre-Debris band, see page 23 for reviews.... see this site to get these great releases -

lyrics to the SCREAMERS -

'In A Better World'

In a better world everybody must be made to feel important

I shoved and I shoved and I shoved And I dug and I dug and I dug and I dug And I hacked away!

In a better world, Everybody must be Made to feel important.

What's wrong with us? Are we mad? Why are we so stupid? So stupid! So stupid!

Cheated children, They go berserk, They steal and kill and destroy!

I'm trying To be like Jesus.

In a better world, don't let them laugh. In a better world, kiss their wounds In a better world, don't let them laugh. In a better world

They slash out and bang things around They think they'll come out on top!

I shoved and I shoved and I shoved And I dug and I dug and I dug and I dug And I hacked away!

A better world, a better world begins with me. A better world, a better world begins with you. A better world, a better world begins with me. A better world, a better world begins with you. A better world, a better world begins with me. A better world, a better world begins with you!


2 70s invasion SCREAMERS gallery
3 JENNY LENS SCREAMERS Photos, and 70s Punk archive, kaboom !