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Custom Effects Pedals

Fine American Products
From the Twisted Mind of

Red Tele/Bones Malone
Founder and Sole Proprietor


Welcome to the wild world of fine RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Custom Effects! We here at RedTelectronix/MaloneTone pride ourselves in producing the most desirable and hard to find effects on the planet. As Red Tele and Bones Malone are one and the same person (namely, me), we have decided to consolidate to become Redtelectronix/MaloneTone, after hours rather exhaustive studies and fruitless meetings in our Top Secret cardboard fort.

Redtelectronix/Malonetone Custom Effects was conjured up one sunny Florida afternoon in 1985 while standing in front of Mancini's Music in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, with my dear friend and co-conspirator, Bill Klector. We knew back then we were on to something special and unique to the boutique pedal market. Thanks Bill!

Please take a few moments to browse our ever growing product line, and feel free to leave suggestions or comments. RedTelectronix/Malonetone Custom Effects are built by the people, for the people! Beware of cheap imposters!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Talent Boost

Just got a call for a last minute session, fill-in or jam call? Afraid your chops are not up to snuff?? Let RedTelectronix/MaloneTone take your worries away with the incredible Talent Boost! Many users chain multiple Talent Boosts for unlimited talent.

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Trem Tuna

Ever had one of those gigs where you are right in the middle of that dramatic solo and you break a string on your floating trem equipped guitar? Sure, we've all been there one time or another! The rest of the song is completely out of tune and YOU look like the moron.

Well ladies and gentlemen, thanks to RedTelectronix/MaloneTone, and the latest in pitch shifting technology, you no longer have to endure the heartbreak of mid solo broken string syndrome. The amazing Trem Tuna instantaneously senses an abrupt change in pitch and raises or lowers the the pitch of the remaining strings to perfect tune. Go ahead, break one, break two strings! We don't care! And neither will you with the RedTelectronix Trem Tuna in your effects chain!

Many consider the Trem Tuna to be the "Depends" undergarment equivalent for today's modern guitar player. You'll never have to wonder again.

Order now and we'll throw in a free set of Ginsu knives!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Tone Suck

Getting tired of the sterile, pure and pristine sound of your snobbish "true-bypass" effects? Don't you long for the days of sustain enhancing line noise and buffering? RedTelectronix/MaloneTone to the rescue!!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Stevie Ray Vaughannabe

Dontcha get tired of reading all those "How do I get the SRV tone" posts on the discussion boards? The Stevie Ray Vaughannabe should put an end to it all! No matter what you put in to it, SRV comes out the other end. Many users have sworn they felt Stevies presence in the room while using this pedal. A must for any pseudo blues player. Black hat and cowboy boots optional. A special thanks goes out to Phatrick, Rudeboy and Tele-Bob of the FDP for ideas and suggestions on this one!

(No disrespect intended, we love ya Stevie!)

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Corn Biscuit Plus

I've had several requests for a heavy distortion type pedal and here it is! That's right folks, the Corn Biscuit Plus allows you to acquire those near subsonic heavily garbled "Going to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks" tones. Thanks to our patented SupraUltraMegaStortion circuitry, you can sound just like your favorite backwards ball cap wearing 7 string down tuned rock idol, regardless of guitar or amp. Of course, you must provide your own ball cap, gigantic shorts, bad haircut, profanity and stern looks. A special thanks goes out to SPAZZ of Fender Discussion Page fame for inspiration on the Corn Biscuit Plus!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone SpillMaster
(As suggested by Hank Hill (Steve) of the FDP)

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone 60 Cycle Hum Boost

Want to stand out in in today's world of sterilized tone, noise gates, "noise-free" pickups and "cymbal drop" tested guitar cables? Then the 60 Cycle Hum Boost is for you! Now with internal 50 Cycle Hum Boost DIP switch for our European brothers and sisters!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Intermittent Shorter

Only through the cutting edge technology made available by RedTelectronix can you relive those days of those crackling coiled 20 foot cords, 60 cycle hum and shorted out tubes and caps at the tap of your foot!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Sustain Drain

A special thanks goes out to "Al" (you know who you are, and so does the FBI) for suggesting this gem of an idea. Did you ever notice how that pesky sustain seems to get in the way of everything? Especially those all-important lead breaks? Kiss those days goodbye forever with the RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Sustain Drain!!

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Ego Compresser

Here's another "must have", courtesy of Eldon from the TDPRI. You know those situations where you find yourself with a player of profound ego but laughable talent? You know, the one who is three times louder than the rest of the band? Now you can wash your troubles down the drain with RedTelectronix Ego Compressor!

RedTelectronix Jaco-B-Gone

A pedal of the greatest magnitude!! I've seen all the grousing on the various discussion boards about "busy" bass players in blues bands and the grief they can cause. Give 'em a break guys and girls, it's not their fault! It's the dreaded Jaco Syndrome (no disrespect intended!). Simply insert the Jaco-B-Gone in your bass players signal chain and he or she will never know what hit them! No matter how hard they try, all that comes out is a deep, grooving, solid bass line.

(No disrespect intended, we love ya Jaco!)

RedTelectronix Bass-B-Havior

Preserve the mental health of your band and audience with the new and innovative RedTelectronix Bass-B-Havior! This pedal, which is actually a compressor/limiter of sorts, is designed to insure your longevity in that great gig or band.

We all get a little excited at the gigs, even too excited at times. Quite often the result of this enthusiasm is translated into a proportional increase in volume and "out of the box" chops, much to the chagrin of your audience and bandmates.

When volume levels greater than the overall mix of the band, or non-contributing show-off licks are sensed, the Bass-B-Havior instantly and dramatically decreases your signal, encouraging you to lower your volume, get back in the groove, and play "with the band."

Your bandmates and audience will love you for it!!

RedTelectronix Fret-B-Gone

Another first for bass players of the world from RedTelectronix!! No longer will you be restricted to the precise noting of those pesky frets. The amazing Fret-B-Gone provides all those soothing in-between, warbling and slightly off-key notes to any fretted bass! Save those precious coins you were saving for that costly fretless bass. NOTE: Using the Jaco-B-Gone in conjunction with the Fret-B-Gone will negate the effect of the Fret-B-Gone.

A special RedTelectronix/MaloneTone thanks goes out to RickC of the TDPRI for inspiration on the Fret-B-Gone. Thanks Rick!

Dave & Randy's Amazing Shredder Oil

RedTelectronix/MaloneTone is proud to announce its new distribution partnership with geniuses Dave & Randy, providers of the mind boggling Shredder Oil!

Following is the note I received from my new partners;

We were cleaning out an old file cabinet and we happened upon a can of Shredder Oil. Well, of course we took some home, applied it to the necks of our Les Paul and PRS guitars, and son-of-a-gun, we now play like EVH and every other "Shredder" we've ever heard of. Now we could have kept this our little secret weapon, but since we're cool guys, we opted to share this gem with the world. Given that you supply all the "totally cool" guitar effects that anyone would ever need, we hoped you could be the Shredder Oil messiah and get the word out. Hell, you could throw in a bottle with every box you sell. Such a deal!"
Dave & Randy

Kinman Snake Oil

Chris Kinman of Kinman Pickups submitted this product idea for the dark and mysterious ways of the often rumored, but seldom seen, "Snake Oil".

Previously, Snake Oil has only been available to the most wealthy and elite of boutique pedal builders, amp builders, pickup gurus, NAMM representatives, and Guitar Center sales personnel.

Throughout history, Snake Oil has been an effective tool for door-to-door salesmen of years gone by, used car dealers, lawyers and Government Officials.

As musicians, we are all aware of it's otherworldly powers. Through the genius of Chris Kinman, and in partnership with RedTelectronix/MaloneTone Custom Effects, this highly sought after product can be yours for the bargain price of $2,959.05, shipping included. One bottle lasts a lifetime!

Just imagine, no more rusted and broken strings, shorted cords, blown fuses and amp blowouts (when applied properly). I have even heard reports of people dabbing a bit of the oil on their 1/4" input plugs converting inexpensive stompers and transistor amps that now rival all the major boutique makers.

You may have heard of Chris's fine line of pickups already, NOW you know how they sound sooo good. It's truly amazing! You can't afford to miss this offer!


Thank you Chris!!!!


If you would to be a RedTelectronix/MaloneTone endorser, just send me a pic and some comments on your favorite RedTelectronix/MaloneTone pedal(s)!! Remember, the more creative the image or review, the greater chance you have of becoming an Official RedTelectronix/Malonetone Endorser!!

Be the first on your block!! Impress your friends!! This is a sure fire opportunity to impress your bandmates or win the heart of that girl or guy you've been lusting after since the 7th grade!!

Congratulations to our first endorser, Lee the V!!

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