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* 70's invasion gallery PANS PEOPLE *

PANS PEOPLE were a dance troupe for the BBC british television, they were important not just as dancers but because they introduced the pop, and glitter rock songs of the day in the 70's to the european audiences, later in '76 RUBY FLIPPER a male-female dance troup took over for a few months, to be replaced by LEGS and Co. in '76, this group was responsible for introducing and dancing along to punk and new wave singles of the late 70's - early 80's

we feature 3 pictures from these BEAUTIFUL GIRLS....

shot from a live session

the original PANS PEOPLE featuring FLICK COLBY '69, she later became the choreographer for the band *

we review 2 songs from PANS PEOPLE and have their discography and some lyrics on page 25, accessible from the bottom of page 21.......the old section was on page 4....

u can also hear a sound sample from a link on that page....

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LEGS and Co, early publicity shot '76 *

be sure to visit the PANS PEOPLE site which has tons of info on PANS PEOPLE, LEGS and Co, and the GOJO's who were the original dancers for TOP of the POPS in the 60's

special thanx to the guy who made the page and sent us their discography