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Tigger & Pooh
Screensavers and Themes!

"Christopher Robin Song"

Below are some Tigger & Pooh and Friends screensavers and
themes for you to download. You will need Windows 95/98.
Just save on your hard drive, then unzip using Winzip. Have fun! Enjoy!


Tigger Bounce---Tigger bounces all over the screen!

Pooh & Piglet Hearts---Pooh and Piglet with hearts, very cute!

Heffalumps---Heffalumps and Woozles!

Pooh & Friends Balloons.---The gang with balloons

The Whole Gang---The whole gang floats on your screen.

Pooh Saver---A cute Pooh screensaver

Eeyore Tail---Eeyore loses his tail!

Easter Pooh---A Pooh Easter screensaver

Dr. Seuss---A great saver and wallpaper.


100 Acre Wood Theme---A very nice colorful theme for you desktop

Pooh Theme---Bright Pooh theme!

Christopher Robin & Pooh Theme---Simple theme, very happy!

The Grinch Theme---A theme of the new movie The Grinch!!!


Little Mermaid---Bright blue and yellow!

Eeyore Thanksgiving---Seasonal stationery of Eeyore.

Mickey & Minnie---Thanksgiving themed.

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