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Happy Halloween
from Tigger & Pooh!!!
days 'til Halloween!


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Halloween Safety Tips

  1. Have Mom or Dad check your treats BEFORE you eat them to make sure it is okay.
  2. Wear light colored costumes, or add glow-in-the-dark tape to the front and back.
  3. Make sure your costume isn't too long or too heavy so you can walk without tripping.
  4. Carry a flashlight or glow stick.
  5. Make knives, guns, swords and other props from cardboard so you won't get hurt.
  6. Make sure that wigs & beards don't cover your eyes or mouth.
  7. Don't buy a costume unless it's labelled "flame retardant" which means the material won't burn.
  8. Always go out in a supervised group, never go alone.
  9. If going out without a parent or supervisor (not recommended),
    make sure your parents know where you'll be trick-or-treating at!
  10. And have fun!!!

Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

  • A Rain Cloud-With some body and hair glitter, and some pillow stuffing and cotton balls, you can be a rain cloud! You can even use Christmas Tree tinsel, tape various strings onto you to make it look like rain. Wear all white or gray!

  • Crayola Crayon-Wear ALL of one color, like red or blue. Have Mom or Dad help you fold a piece of construction paper (matching color you have on) into a cone shape and secure with tape. Poke 1 hole on either side of big end, and affix string through holes and tie around your chin. Write "Crayola" in black on the hat and you are a crayon!

  • A Jogger/Olympic Track Runner-Wear a sweatsuit and sneakers, (if you're a girl, pull your hair back in a pony tail), grab some headphones and a headband and you are a jogger or Olympic Track Runner in Training!

  • Sports Fan/Professional Athlete-If you have clothing that has your favorite sports team logo on it, wear it and make a sign that says "#1 Fan!!!", and you can be your favorite sports team's number one fan! Or wear your sports logo clothing and go as your favorite professional athlete!

  • Baby-Wear some pajamas, carry a stuffed animal, (if you're a girl, wear your hair in pigtails), have Mom or Dad put makeup on you and make 1 round red circle (filled in with color red) on each of your cheeks, and you're a baby! If you have slippers with good soles, wear those! Also a small blanket is a good accessory!

  • Doctor-If Dad or Mom have an old white button down shirt, wear that, put some pens/pencils in your pocket, wear a toy stethoscope, make a name tag that says "Dr.(your name here)", carry a small black or brown bag and you're a doctor!

  • Professor/Teacher-Wear a pair of glasses, (if you're a girl, wear your hair in a bun), carry some books and a ruler, and dress up nicely to be a Professor or Teacher!

If you use any of the above ideas, have Mom or Dad take a picture of you, and email it to Tigger & Pooh, and we'll put it on our website for all to see! Good Luck, Have Fun & Happy Halloween!

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