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It is very important that you read this
opening statement.

It took me many hours to build these
name gifs and the page they are on.
It saddened me that in December 2001
Angelfire began the policy or not
allowing remote linking to our e-mail
pages. This made the making of the names
and even sending them to you, about
useless. Therefore, as of 12/15/01 I quit
taking requests for names.

In April of 2002 Angelfire and Tripod
dropped the amount of free web space
from 50 mb to 20 mb. Therefore I deleted
pages of framed names and globes etc.

The other pages of names remain here for
for your use. You MUST transload these
to your own server or to your msntv scrapbook.
If you do not they will not work on your
e-mail page!!

I did not delete nor did angelfire delete
any of these names. If they do not work
it is because you are trying to link
them to this url. Please do not do this !

Please feel free to roam the site and try
and find your name if you would like.


Thanks Bruce this makes all the work seem worthwhile.

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Updated 7/19/02