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Marsh Lake
Local Advisory Council

Welcome to the Home Page
of the Local Advisory Council for Marsh Lake, Yukon.

Next meeting of the Council will be Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

Advisory Council members for Marsh Lake are:
Ward 1: Judas Creek.
Blair Corley.
Ward 2: New Constabulary.
Erik Pinkerton.
Ward 3: Old Constabulary to M'Clintock Place to Grayling Place.
Walter Latour.
Ward 4: Army Beach/South M'Clintock.
Judy Prevost.
Ward 5: M'Clintock Valley, North M'Clintock to Yukon River Bridge.
Joanne Jackson Johnson

All ward Councillors are by acclaimation.
For more information visit:

Map of Council Boundaries
For more information on the Marsh Lake Local Area Plan please visit Plan Marsh Lake.
Agenda for next meeting.
Meeting Minutes
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