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The Occupy movement has been under siege from various parties since it began. This page features a list of known physical assaults, bombings, and arsons against Occupy protesters. And these are just the civilian attacks. This list doesn't even include police riots - though you can argue that it should. (There's just too many police riots to count.) This list also doesn't include the steady stream of lies put out by The Media in an attempt to destroy Occupy. On that note, hardly any of these politically motivated assaults received anything more than regional coverage in The Media, and some got no coverage at all. I'm an eyewitness to most of the attacks against Occupy Cincinnati as well as the Occupy the Super Bowl incident in Indianapolis, so I don't want to hear a single solitary peep about them being "made up."

What is the purpose of this page? I've compiled this list primarily to encourage the police and The Media to act. Police have lowered the boom against the attackers in a few of these instances - but most of these attacks have gone completely unpunished. More often, the victims are the ones who end up in cuffs. This list also underscores the need for Occupy peeps to be on guard.

This is what we're up against. But if the thuggery of one's enemies is a measure of one's own value, the Occupy coalition must be mighty splendid indeed.

(This page is not officially endorsed by any Occupy folks except me. I just calls 'em as I sees 'em.)

DES MOINES, IA (10/16/11) - A group of 4 or 5 men attacked the Occupy Des Moines camp. Two Occupiers were assaulted and injured.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (10/21/11) - A man with a knife lunged at a group of Occupy protesters.

PORTLAND, ME (10/23/11) - The Occupy Maine encampment was hit by a bomb made out of a Gatorade bottle. This bomb exploded under a table and lifted it a foot in the air. Witnesses believed the bomb was thrown from a car containing some loudmouths who kept yelling right-wing slogans.

SALEM, OR (10/25/11) - An Occupy Salem protest was hit by a bomb thrown from a car - echoing the earlier incident in Maine.

ASHEVILLE, NC (10/28/11) - A man assaulted Occupy Asheville participants by spraying soda at them. He also sexually harassed numerous women and stole a bike from the camp.

DEFIANCE, OH (10/28/11) - Somebody threw a beer bottle from a car with Texas plates at an Occupy Defiance event.

NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND (10/30/11) - America isn't the only place where the Establishment violently menaces the Occupy coalition. It's a worldwide problem. Occupy Newcastle was targeted early in the morning by a group of about 25 racists who threw bricks and punched and kicked Occupiers. The previous day, a racist demonstration against Occupy and other folks had broken out.

VANCOUVER, BC (10/30/11) - Extremists assaulted Occupy Vancouver supporters who gathered outside a cathedral for a protest against genocide. An assailant even pushed a man down a set of steps.

DENVER, CO (10/30/11) - As a TV crew was filming, a couple attacked 2 members of Occupy Denver's security team and tried taking their phone. The couple disappeared along with the reporter, raising speculation that this was a bungled attempt by the TV crew to start an altercation to paint Occupy as violent.

BALTIMORE, MD (10/31/11) - A reporter and a cameraman for a right-wing TV station assaulted Occupy Baltimore participants who tried to block them from breaking into a private tent to film a misleading, negative story on the movement. At least 3 victims were violently shoved. As the TV crew left in a van, members of the crew displayed their middle fingers.

OAKLAND, CA (11/2/11) - The driver of a Mercedes deliberately plowed into 2 participants in an Occupy Oakland march. Both victims were hospitalized. Inexplicably, police let the driver go.

WASHINGTON, DC (11/4/11) - A Lexus or Mercedes ran down Occupy DC protesters just outside the convention center - injuring 3. Another protester was arrested just for yelling at the motorist after the attack.

PROVIDENCE, RI (11/5/11) - Occupy Providence was stormed by a local college student who ruined tents and attacked food donation personnel.

OTTAWA, ON (11/8/11) - Somebody dumped about 400 new and used syringes around the perimeter of Occupy Ottawa's protest site. An Occupy spokesperson said it was "a deliberate attack against the Occupation."

CINCINNATI, OH (11/12/11) - A huge Occupy Cincinnati march about the ravages of student debt went awry when a small horde of young men began smacking marchers' signs. Then the men began yelling at folks in the rear of the march. One of them took off his shirt and began stampeding towards the marchers with his fists doubled up. His accomplices also charged towards the march with their fists clenched. A full-scale brawl was only narrowly avoided.

ST. JOHN, NB (11/13/11) - An arson destroyed 2 tents at the Occupy St. John site.

PENSACOLA, FL (11/19/11) - An Occupy Pensacola gathering outside City Hall was confronted by a drunken young man. He threatened Occupiers and broke a reporter's glasses. In contrast to most of the episodes mentioned here, the assailant was arrested and charged with battery.

HOUSTON, TX (11/21/11) - A gunman opened fire on the Occupy Houston camp. He fired 15 rounds from a rifle into the air and some fountains before aiming the gun at an Occupier. Police subdued him. Two other suspicious men dressed just like the gunman were seen in the vicinity.

WINNIPEG, MB (11/25/11) - An arson destroyed a tent belonging to Occupy Winnipeg.

ALBANY, NY (12/7/11) - A man dragged a female Occupy Albany supporter from her tent and pinned her down.

BOSTON, MA (12/10/11) - A hostile man wearing a suit was caught on video slugging a member of Occupy Boston's media team in the face and stealing her phone. This after he called all the females on the site "prostitutes." When the man was arrested, he declared, "I'm a federal agent!" This elicited chuckles from cops. It later turned out that the crazed man was indeed employed as a federal air marshal.

EAST LANSING, MI (12/10/11) - A woman attacked an Occupy Lansing supporter during a protest against the state-appointed manager of the Detroit school system. The assailant pounced on the victim's shoulder from behind. The attacker then tried using her own children as human shields - though the victim did not respond with force.

EXETER, ENGLAND (12/17/11) - Somebody repeatedly shot fireworks at the Occupy Exeter camp in an attempt to burn it down.

ALBANY, NY (12/18/11) - A man assaulted a male Occupy Albany backer while he was asleep in his tent. The victim was hospitalized with facial injuries.

NEW HAVEN, CT (12/30/11) - The Occupy New Haven encampment was attacked by a group of gun-toting men who kicked tents as protesters were sleeping. One of the attackers pointed his gun at an Occupier. The assailants fled. One of them was quickly arrested, and police found that he had illegally altered the serial number on his gun.

MANCHESTER, NH (1/8/12) - A Newt Gingrich campaign thug violently manhandled and shoved an Occupy activist at a restaurant and tore a sign she was holding. A PBS reporter confirmed the victim's version of the story.

OWERRI, NIGERIA (1/12/12) - Occupy Nigeria protesters were attacked by a mob of over 50 assailants, who beat up protesters, destroyed cars, and tore up signs - not unlike what's been happening in the U.S. of A.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (2/5/12) - Things came to blows during the massive Occupy the Super Bowl march on Super Bowl Sunday. A man started a fistfight, destroyed a sign, and tried breaking a cell phone. The slugfest had to be broken up by a staffer for the Super Bowl festivities.

LONDON, ENGLAND (2/11/12) - The Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was the victim of an arson that destroyed their library tent and countless books. The arson was believed to be related to an assault against an Occupier that took place around the same time. Gee, where have we heard of book burnings before?

OAKLAND, CA (2/17/12) - A Tea Party front group held a rally against Occupy Oakland that drew hardly any participants. Occupy activists who tried conversing with them were promptly assaulted.

CINCINNATI, OH (2/20/12) - A bizarre scene unfolded as a small group of Occupy Cincinnati folks was heading away from a protest against Mitt Romney. A strange man with an Elmo-like voice started a lengthy argument in which he kept telling the all-ages crowd that they were "liberal dumbasses." He escalated into violence by stomping towards an Occupier and shredding a sign he was carrying. For the next 20 minutes or so, the attacker kept threatening to beat up the Occupiers if they didn't go away by 6 PM. But when 6:00 rolled around, he simply left.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (2/23/12) - A guest lecture at the University of New Mexico about the Mideast crisis was the scene of a mob attack against people from (un)Occupy Albuquerque (an Occupy group despite its name). When Occupy mic-checked the speaker, some other audience members turned violent. They grabbed and shoved the protesters, forcing them out of the auditorium.

SANTA CRUZ, CA (3/1/12) - During an Occupy protest at UC Santa Cruz consisting of hundreds of students and others, a car sped up and plowed into several students, injuring at least one. A newspaper reporter and a university official witnessed the incident. Police refused to file charges. A few minutes later, a man started a fistfight with Occupy folks.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (3/4/12) - When Occupy Oklahoma protested a Rick Santorum campaign appearance at the State Capitol, a Santorum follower assaulted an Occupier by placing his hand over his face and slamming him to the concrete. As has become par for the course at events like this, Santorum cultists also grabbed signs from dissenters' hands and shredded them.

ROCHESTER, NY (3/20/12) - A tent at the Occupy Rochester camp was the target of an arson. Its occupant was severely burned. Other tents were also found to be doused with flammable chemicals.

DULUTH, MN (4/6/12) - An arsonist set fire to an apartment building that housed Occupy Duluth's supplies.

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND (4/8/12) - A man punched out an Occupy Nottingham participant and destroyed a barricade.

MADISON, WI (4/14/12) - At a Tea Party rally - where Tea Party supporters were outnumbered by opponents - Occupy folks were assaulted.

SALEM, OH (4/15/12) - While Occupy activists launched a successful direct action that shut down an energy industry meeting (preventing hundreds of acres of land from being leased for fracking), staffers for the event assaulted Occupiers. Guess who got arrested? Not the assailants.

BOSTON, MA (4/15/12) - When Occupy Boston and other organizations held a counterprotest against a Tea Party rally, not only did a police officer try to choke one of the counterprotesters and grab a phone from another, but Tea Party ralliers also went ballistic against Occupy folks. Tea Party participants started at least 2 separate physical altercations with opponents.

CINCINNATI, OH (4/18/12) - An unknown anti-Occupy thug shoved a roofing tack into a bike tire.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (4/19/12) - A horde of dozens of thugs laid hulk to a student-led Occupy Dataran encampment. During the siege, tents were ripped down.

NORMAL, IL (4/22/12) - Arsonists burned down Occupy BloNo's tent early in the morning, destroying all their supplies.

OAKLAND, CA (5/1/12) - A woman marching in Occupy Oakland's May Day march was hit in the head by a bottle thrown through the air.

GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS (5/7/12) - An arson destroyed half of Occupy Groningen's camp.

CHICAGO, IL (5/15/12) - An Occupy Chicago march featuring hundreds of participants was confronted by thugs - at least 2 of whom slugged marchers. Police escorted the assailants away but inexplicably refused to file charges.

CHICAGO, IL (5/17/12) - During Occupy-led protests against the NATO summit, a right-wing mob beat Occupy activists senseless on Clark Street.

CHICAGO, IL (5/19/12) - The stories from the NATO protests in Chicago never end, do they? After all, it was likely the biggest Occupy event to date except the May Day event in New York a few weeks earlier. On May 19 in Chicago, marchers near Wrigley Field were assaulted by neo-Nazis who turned hoses on them and threw eggs at them. Then a Chicago cop bragged about the incident on a blog. Some of the assailants commented on the blog and threatened to shoot the marchers and throw dog-doo at them. In a separate incident that same day, a gang of about 5 people assaulted protesters by dumping beverages on them. This happened in front of police, who refused to do anything to the attackers.

CINCINNATI, OH (5/24/12) - The pattern of violence long associated with Republican campaigns continued when Occupy Cincinnati dared to protest outside the grand opening of Mitt Romney's local campaign office. Near the end of the event, one of Romney's thugs exiting the building tried starting a fight and charged towards the rally.

KIEL, GERMANY (5/26/12) - Yet another camp was destroyed by an arsonist.

MOUNT CARMEL, OH (6/5/12) - When a conservative publishing house sponsored a conference by a well-known Holocaust denier, Occupy Cincinnati protested the event. One of the attendees assaulted an Occupier by ripping a sign out of his hands. (I wasn't in the room when it happened, but I saw the ruined sign.)

NEW YORK, NY (7/17/12) - At the flagship Occupy Wall Street site in Zuccotti Park, a private guard violently grabbed a camera out of a protester's hand and smashed it on the ground.

NEW YORK, NY (7/31/12) - Somebody threw a bottle at a poet at a concert because he praised Occupy.

NEW YORK, NY (9/20/12) - When Occupy crashed an anti-Occupy rally conducted by the far-right Americans for Prosperity, more violence ensued. A man claiming to be a lawyer for a right-wing broadcaster tried grabbing a phone from a photographer. This photographer was also shoved by another man.

CINCINNATI, OH (10/6/12) - A guy driving a car with Michigan plates tried running into marchers in Occupy Cincinnati's 1-year anniversary march.

BROOKLYN, NY (12/23/12) - A historic church used as the headquarters of the Occupy Sandy hurricane relief effort was the target of a gasoline-fueled arson. Miraculously, holiday gifts that were collected by Occupy folks for hurricane survivors were not damaged.

ATLANTA, GA (2/5/13) - During a protest outside the courthouse against rogue foreclosures, an Occupy Atlanta participant was knocked to the ground - in full view of police.