In Honor of Mr. Lane Waldrop, Veteran of World War II of Grady County, Georgia

Mr.Robert Lane Waldrop was born July 19, 1925 in Whigham, Georgia where he also attended school. Mr. Waldrop is one of the six children of Cleom and Mattie Waldrop. All four of the Mr. Waldrop's brothers served in the military, his sister did not. Mr. Lane Waldrop married Mrs.Bonnie Brown Waldrop August 19, 1948. Mr.Waldrop is the father to one child, a son, Robert Waldrop, Jr. Mr. Waldrop has two granddaughters, Desiray and Laney Waldrop. Mr. Waldrop was not drafted, he volunteered and served in the Navy. Mr. Waldrop stated that he volunteered because he felt that since our country was at war it was his duty and responsibility to go fight for and protect his loved ones and the American people. Mr.Waldrop enlisted July 15, 1942 at Macon, Georgia. Mr. Waldrop was 17, he left for basic traininig in Macon he then went on to North Virginia then to Pensacola. Some of the vessels and stations in which Mr. Waldrop served include: NAS, Saufly, Florida
Shoemaker, California
Farson 2, NAS Hawaii
USS Manilla Bay
VF-33 NAS Cecil Field, Florida
USS Intrepid
Bronsonfield, Pensacola Florida
Treasurer Island California
Fleet Air Wing II
NAS Jacksonville, Florida
USS Midway
USS Saratoga
Mr. Waldrop served in the Navy for 22 years. While in the Navy he received numerous achievements and awards including certificates DD 216 N, DD 217 N, DD 256 N.

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