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In Honor of Mr. John Tuggle

Mr.Tuggle is from Cairo, Georgia. He has lived in Cairo most of his life, except the time he spent in the war. He is a veteran of World War II in which he served in the U.S. Navy. When he enlisted into the Navy, he was in Thomasville, Georgia, not Cairo, so they sent him back because he was from Cairo, where he officially entered the Navy on . He spent most of his time fighting battles from ships in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The ships made a big impact to the war. They helped in bombing the places that air craft and the men on foot could not reach. Mr. Tuggle told a story to me as I interviewed him. The setting was on a huge ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. There were many men on the ship and food was less and less by the minute. The men ate portions of rice and bread most of the day. Mr. Tuggle was fed up with eating rice and bread and one day he decided he was going to catch a shark, skin him, cook him, and eat him. He made a hook tied to a string and fished around for the shark. He did just as he said he would do to the shark. The captain of the ship wondered what he had been eating the last few days, so he called Mr. Tuggle into his room. The captain said,"Tuggle Tuggle, What have I been eating?" Mr. Tuggle replied, "Shark meat, sir." The captain then told Mr. Tuggle he did not want to eat shark meat and did not want to hear anything about shark meat. So, Mr. Tuggle went to the cook of the ship and told him that he would continue to catch sharks and they just would not send a plate to the captain.

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