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In honor of The Veterans of Grady County Georgia Who Served in World War II

  The students of Cairo High School in Cairo, Georgia, honor the veterans of World War II, who have been identified as "America's Greatest Generation" by Tom Brokaw. This page honors those who gave their lives for their country and those who returned to tell their stories. Of a population of men in Grady County during the 1940's, much of the male population left their homes and families to fight in foreign countries to preserve the American way of life. They left without fanfare and returned without fanfare, and to this day remain productive citizens in their community. Grady County is the home of the most decorated veteran in the state of Georgia, Mr. Joe Ferrell, who, like many other men from Grady County, served in more than one war and felt his purpose in life after the war was to continue to serve his community. We honor these men and their contributions that have helped keep America a free nation. We ask the question posed by Steven Speilberg in Saving Private Ryan--Have we lived a good life for these men who gave so much so that we can be free?

Read the personal stories of these men and encourage students in your community to initiate and participate in a similar project honoring these courageous and unselfish men.

Men Killed in Action
Men Who Served in the Army
Men Who Served in the Navy
Men Who Served in the Army Air Corp
Men Who Served in the Marines
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