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Welcome to Tyrsk Nirrh!

The Laws of Tyrsk Nirrh

You must read these before proceeding!

So you know how few rules there are . . .

1. First, and most importantly, cheaters will be kicked out. I have made this site, as far as I know, cheater-proof, but any cheaters who find a way to cheat will be kicked out.

2. You may sign up as up to three characters, but remember, try to keep them all updated, and I will know if you sign up more than three times.

3. Any assassination attempts on the lives of royalty will be investigated and all involved with the attempt will be kicked out.

4. Mild profanity is not illegal on the dance board, battlefield or elsewhere.

5. One more thing; all battles between citizens or other clubs is valid, and no one will get in trouble for it.

Now become a citizen of Tyrsk Nirrh!

Tyrsk Nirrh
Jet Hellthunder, Your King