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The Palace of the Monitor King

You stride through town, following the bespectacled Monitor, until you reach a huge, marble palace, turrets and battlements sprouting out on all sides. You estimate the heoght of the walls to be at least thirty times your own height. Two massive, oak doors hang open in the front of the castle, across a moat wide enought to be a river and behind a massive portcullis, which is currently up. You go in the doors, and find yourself in a huge room filled with noise and beasts of all kinds, ranging from ermine, white coats standing out across the hall, and golden eagles, perched on the rafters high above your head. In front of everything, a huge Komodo dragon sits high above the crowd in a massive carved throne. He wears a flowing crimson cape and a shining crown, and a massive starmetal greatsword, magnificently decorated and created. To his left and right sit his queen, princess, and prince. You have entered

The Court of the Monitor King

Visit our allies Sampetra: Empire of Ublaz, Camp Silver Minnow, or Hare Mountain

Visit Tyrsk Nirrh's vermin fighting subsidiary, Darktooth's Forest (DTF)

Last Updated: Updated frequently (one less thing to update . . .)

Today's announcements: New quests are up! There are now 10 different quests to choose from! --- Visit the Dragon's Claw Inn now! It's gotten a face lift! --- Check out the calendar of Tyrsk Nirrh here. --- There is a links page up, the crossroads. --- All royalty positions have been filled. --- Visit the Masquerade Ball now!

Several hallways branch off in all directions, and many sights attract your eyes around the room. Where would you like to go?

The Dance Portal  Links to dance boards on all sorts of clubs, including the Masquerade Ball.

The Dragon's Claw Inn  The local popular tavern. Chat rapidly at any time.

Scaleblood Battleground  Show all the enemy clubs what yer made of!

City Census  Check the latest city census.

Black Sector  Participate in illicit activities for your King.

Official Survey of the Populace  Complete the survey and let your opinion be known by the world!

  Citizenship Test  Quiz your knowledge of (Redwall) history--and earn deeds, too.

Autobiographies  Tell others of your interesting origins.

New Species  Think you've found an unlisted species in a Redwall book? Submit it here.

Crossroads  The crossroads outside of Tyrsk Nirrh (links to other Redwall sites).

Webrings  Check out the webrings that Tyrsk Nirrh is in!

Calendar  Tyrsk Nirrh's calendar; it's just kind of interesting.

Tyrsk Nirrh
Jet Hellthunder, Your King