So who are the Baldwins?

The Baldwin Family ( r.) Jane, William, Beth, Carol, Daniel, Stephen, Alec. (pic from star magazine)

At least once a week I get an email asking me about the Baldwin brothers. It seems that people get them mixed up. I hope this information will help you. Thanks to Karen who supplied it all. I have included links where possible. If you see any erroneous information here, let me know and I will correct it. To see some wonderful photos, both new and old, of all the Baldwin family, click here Thanks the the Daniel Baldwin Website for hosting these pictures.

First comes Alec (pictured on the right, with brother William on the left). He is the eldest and best-known Baldwin. You may remember him from such films as THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and THE JUROR.

Full Name: Alexander Rae Baldwin, III

Born: April 3rd, 1958

Birthplace: Amityville, N.Y.

Occupation: Actor

Claim to Fame: his first romantic lead in the 1988 movie, BEETLEJUICE

Lovelife: engaged in 1983 to actress Janine Turner/wedding canceled and Actress Holly Gagnier went together in the mid 1980s

Wife: actress Kim Basinger. They met while filming THE MARRYING MAN (aka Too Hot to Handle) in 1990; married on August 19th, 1993

Daughter: Ireland Eliesse Baldwin; a.k.a. Addie; born on October 23rd, 1995, in Los Angeles, weighing 8 pounds, 3 Ozs; father Alec hit a photographer for taking a picture of her as he and Kim were trying to bring her home from the hospital.

Awards: 1986; Theater World Award, for LOOT; 1989-90; Obie Award, for Prelude to a Kiss.

Education: Alfred G. Berner High School 1972-1976, Massapequa, N.Y., George Washington University, Washington, D.C., majoring in political science; New York University, New York, New York, majoring in Drama, Bachlor of Arts Degree/ 1993/studied with Mira Rostova of the Moscow Art Theater

Agency: Creative Artists Agency

Interesting Facts:

Alec is an honorary Chairman of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Inc.

It is rumored that Alec has a Western in the making and has commissioned a screenplay based on 'The Fastest Guns in the West". It is also rumored that all the Baldwin Brothers will star in this film.

Krisch's Confectionery on Central Avenue in Massapequa's downtown shopping district is favorite spot to see Alec and wife Kim. It's one of Alec's favorite places. Alec and Kim live with their daughter Ireland in East Hampton, N.Y.

Alec and wife Kim own a total of 11 dogs, 7 cats and a wolf. Kim is heavily involved in animal rights.



The First Unofficial Alec Baldwin Homepage

An Unofficial Alec Baldwin Homepage


Alec Baldwin Online

Then comes Daniel. Click here for pic of Daniel from the official Mulholland Falls site. He's a very prolific actor. His most recent theatrical release was John Carpenter's VAMPIRES (with James Woods). He was also in the series HOMICIDE: Life on the Street.

Name: Daniel Baldwin

Born: October 5th, 1960

Birthplace: Massapequa, N.Y.

Occupation: Actor

Lovelife:He is currently engaged to Homicide: Life on the Street Co-star/actress Isabella Hofmann. They have a son. He has been married twice before

Children: Kahlea, Alexandria (name not confirmed) and Atticus.

Education: Alfred G. Berner High School 1975-1979, Massapequa, N.Y. He also studied at Ball State University for a time.

Interesting Facts: Daniel suffered from epilepsy all the way through to his early teens. He has been seizure-free since he was 14. He, Alec, and Stephen are both recovered drug addicts.

Recommended Films: TREES LOUNGE, VAMPIRES.

There is a website on Daniel Baldwin that is frequently updated and has many articles and pictures. It also has a message board and Daniel himself has been known to post messages.

William Baldwin is often referred to as Billy. You may remember him from BACKDRAFT and SLIVER.

This pic is from Mr. Showbiz

Name: William Baldwin [ Middle Name Unknown] , known as Billy to his family and close friends

Born: February 21st, 1963

Birthplace: Massapequa, New York


Wife: Singer Chynna Phillips; daughter of the famous Mamas and Papas founders, John and Michelle Phillips and half sister of actress Mackenzie Phillips; former bandmate of Wilson Phillips; married William on September 9th, 1995 at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church in South Hampton, New York

Education: Alfred G. Berner High School 1977-1981; State University of New York in Binghampton, N.Y. Majoring in political science.

Interesting Facts:

Billy is the president of The Creative Coalition and enjoys music by Van Morrison, a swing band called Count Basie, acid jazz, and alternative.

Billy worked with actor Keifer Sutherland in Flatliners, and his father, actor Donald Sutherland in the movie, Virus.

He co-owns a New York restaurant -Alaia- with brother Stephen.

He has been a model for Calvin Klein (as has Stephen)

William and Chynna live in Manhattan, N.Y. and are expecting a child.

Recommended Films: THREE OF HEARTS, BACKDRAFT, CURDLED (warning, the latter film is not for weak stomachs.)

The Wild, Wild William Baldwin Website

I'm assuming that since you came from my website that you know who Stephen Baldwin is. He is the youngest in the family.


Click here for pic


Name: Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr.

Born: sometime in 1928 and died of lung cancer at the age of 55 in 1983. He married his wife Carol in 1954, they were married for 29 years before he died (Stephen was 17).

Alexander was of Irish Catholic descent and was recalled by Alec as being ' a tough looking Irish guy,' and mentioned Alexander as being somewhat harder on Stephen and Daniel for being wilder than him and Billy.

He coached football and taught history at Massapequa High School from 1971-1983.


Carol Newcomb Martineau Baldwin was born in 1928. She is a graduate of Syracuse University. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987.

Carol formed the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc. in 1996. The fund is a sole-purpose corporation to raise money for breast cancer research at University Hospital and Medical Center at Stony Brook.

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center address is 37 Research Way, East Setauket, N.Y. 11733.


The Baldwin Family has two sisters. Beth Keuchler is head of the Stephen Baldwin Fan Club and Website was born sometime in 1955. She has six kids with landscaper husband Charles.

Their other sister Jane Baldwin Sasso, a physical therapist, was born sometime in 1965. She has a child by her husband, car-dealership manager Randy Sasso.


They have a cousin Joseph Baldwin,who is also an actor. Check him out at the official site.

Daniel's ex-wife Elizabeth Baldwin is also an actor.

Actor Adam Baldwin is NO RELATION to these Baldwins although he did co-star with Stephen in the movie BITTER HARVEST. You may also remember him from MY BODYGUARD and INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Adam Baldwin


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