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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS So far, most of the mail I have receved has been over one of the following topics:

1)Can you send me a copy of the terminal program for the TI-82?

No. the program i wrote realy sucked, it locked up your calc alot (causing you to lose ALL your programs) and i found a better one. you can download it at

2)I feel so sorry for the loss of your friend, i'm glad you have the courage..."

While I apprecate your concern, the letters are getting rather irritating. Yes, my best friend died, yes, I partly blame myself, but I need to deal with it in my own way. So i thank you for your condolence, but please stop.

3)"What kind of articles do you accept?"

I will accept any ORIGINAL article that i think is good. It doesn't have to be hacking/phreaking related, just cater to the same audence. And don't insult the reader, no "If you had half a brain, you would figure it out on your own." the whole point of this zine is to inform (and entertain), not to tell people they suck.