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9/14/09 added Friend Or Foe (TOS) to the Other Trek section

7/6/09 added Seven Minutes (AOS) to the Other Trek section

6/15/09 added How To Win Friends And Influence People (AOS) to the Other Trek section

6/10/09 added Forward Progress (AOS) to the Other Trek section

6/2/09 added Good Advice (AOS) to the Other Trek section

5/22/09 added Sins Of The Father (AOS) to the Other Trek section

5/17/09 added Rehabilitation (AOS) to the Other Trek section

5/8/09 added The Beat Goes On (All Trek)

1/22/09 added The Next Stage (TOS) to the Other Trek section

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Stand Alone Stories

NEW! Common Ground

Chakotay evaluates a new recruit for the Maquis (PG-13) 1/10

NEW! The Beat Goes On (All Trek)

It never ends, but goes on and on and on(G) 5/09

NEW! Burden

She doesn't mean to be a burden” (PG-13) 11/08


Janeway returns to New Earth (PG-13) 6/08


B'Elanna, Chakotay and a shuttle crash (PG-13) 1/08


Starfleet captains make the worst patients... (PG) 1/07

The Grass Is Always Greener

Mail call for the Eternal Ensign (G) 2/06

Great Expectations

Janeway and Paris are taken captive during an away mission (PG-13) 2/06


Torres contemplates her relationship with Paris, circa 6th season (PG-13) 1/06

Auld Lang Syne

J/C; the title says it all (PG-13) 1/06


A brief J/C vignette, set early in the journey (PG-13) 8/05


Tom Paris is called upon to help out an old friend, post-Voyager (PG-13) 4/05

Survival Of The Fittest

Janeway is forced to fight not only for her own survival but that of her ship (PG-13) 1/05


Chakotay learns just how hard it is to say you're sorry (PG-13) 9/04


Janeway and Seven have tea in the Captain's quarters (PG-13) 8/04

Trading Spaces

Janeway takes a quantum leap and gets to see how the other half lives (PG-13) 7/04

In Pursuit Of Justice

A look at possible repercussions of the 'Equinox Incident' (PG-13) 6/04


Tom discovers that 'happily ever after' doesn't have to mean you never have any more fun. (PG-13) 3/04


A simple trading mission gone wrong strands Janeway and Chakotay on a hostile planet (PG-13) 12/03

Q And Sympathy

Q decides Janeway needs some consolation (PG-13) 10/03

Ships In The Night

Sometimes things don't work out the way you expect (PG-13) 8/03

Tom's Big Day

Tom Paris is having one of those days... (PG-13) 1/03

An Elegant Solution

Now that Voyager has returned, the Admirals must decide Janeway's fate (PG-13) 12/02

Rank Has Its Privileges

Tuvok's disaster training scenario leads to some interesting complications (PG-13) 10/02


decisions, decisions... (PG-13) 8/02

Perfection Is As Perfection Does

the 'real' reason why C/7 would never last... (PG-13) 8/02

Ties That Bind ASC award winner

Janeway and Tuvok on an away mission gone awry (PG-13) 1/02

Thirty Two

a slightly unconventional PWP (R/NC17) 12/01

Memories of Cookies

Neelix commemorates an anniversary (PG-13) 5/01

Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

an interlude by the shore (PG-13) 4/01

Prime Directive

Starfleet's most cherished tenet, which every captain is sworn to obey... (PG-13)  8/00

Harry Kim And The Goblet Of Coffee

what if J.K. Rowling wrote for Voyager? (G) 7/00


Janeway and Chakotay have "the Talk", mid sixth season (PG-13) 7/00

Siren Song

Voyager encounters an advanced alien race (PG-13)  4/00

Stranger Than Fiction

Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan find themselves on board the real Voyager (PG-13) 9/99

Keep The Home Fires Burning

 Mark's story after Voyager was lost (PG-13) 9/99 

Where The Stars Are Scattered Thinly, And The Cold Of Space Seeps In

the changes in Janeway and Chakotay's relationship in the year between "Unforgettable" and "Counterpoint" (PG-13) 8/99


"Love Slave" Series 10/03
1. Job Description (PG-13)

2. Position Wanted (PG-13)

3. Experience Required   (PG-13)

4. Performance Review (R)

5. Time Management

Stand Alones

Terminal Envy

Someone's got a bad case of envy... (R) 7/03


A companion piece to "Desperate" (PG-13) 4/03


A tale of need (PG-13) 4/03

A Moving Experience

Serving under Kathryn Janeway isn't always easy... (R) 3/03


an answer to the "smut drabble" challenge on JetC11 (don't get your hopes up, folks!) (PG-13) 8/02

The Lieutenant Series

A period from Janeway's pre-Voyager past

Past Lives

the relationship between Ensign Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Justin Tighe (R) 10/99

Before The Ice Age

the Icarus mission is over and Janeway has a major decision to make (R) 11/99

Best Destiny ASC 2001 award winner

a 'companion piece' to "Before The Ice Age", focusing on Justin Tighe (NC-17) 8/01

Aftermath Part I Part II

a look at Janeway in Command School as she struggles to rebuild her life (PG-13) 1/00
(This story has appeared elsewhere under the title "Command Performance")   

Glory Days Universe

A series of stories which take a look at our favorite characters in the post-Voyager era, approximately 4-5 years after Voyager's return. Written together with Seema, and arranged in chronological order.

1. Do The Walls Come Down   by Seema 

Janeway meets Tom Paris for a cup of coffee (PG-13) 2/02

2. Fire and Rain   by Rocky

B'Elanna Torres pays a visit to Tuvok (PG-13) 6/02

3. Latitude   by Seema

Tom Paris runs into Chakotay at Utopia Planetia (PG-13) 7/02

4. Glory Days by Rocky

Harry Kim and Tom Paris have a chance meeting at a Starbase (PG-13) 2/02

Click here for the 'Director's DVD' commentary on the story that gave rise to a series.

5. Life In The Fast Lane by Rocky 

Seven has an appointment with the Doctor (PG-13) 10/02

6. Hero by Rocky

Janeway and Harry Kim cross paths on a diplomatic mission (PG-13) 8/02

7. The Sweetest Days by Seema

A conversation in the Paris-Torres household (PG-13) 8/02

8. Act Of War by Seema

Harry and B'Elanna battle to save their ship (PG-13) 10/02

 9. Empty Sky by Rocky and Seema

Tom and the Doctor come to terms with recent events in the Neutral Zone (PG-13) 11/02

10. Stand By Me by Rocky

Tuvok travels from Vulcan to Earth (PG-13) 11/02

11. Rocketman by Seema

Tom writes a letter to an old friend (PG-13) 1/03

12. A Thousand Miles by Rocky

Chakotay returns to Earth after a 6 month absence (PG-13) 1/03

13. The Heart of the Matter by Seema

Chakotay and Seven are reunited (PG-13) 1/03

14. So Many Things by Rocky

Seven pays a long over-due visit to a friend (PG-13) 2/03

15. Home by Rocky and Seema

A long-awaited meeting (PG-13) 3/03

16. Right In Front Of You by Seema

A Glory Days Epilogue (PG-13) 3/03

17. Coming Around Again by Seema

A Bonus Glory Days Epilogue
(PG-13) 2/05

Click here for the GD-Extra: timeline, alternate bookcovers, notes and much more!

Filling in the Blanks: Episode Additions


Possible scene in Season 5 "Counterpoint" (R) 6/03

Season 7

Janeway's reaction to the events of "Repression" (PG-13) 10/00


Chakotay's adventure in "Shattered" causes him to reflect on the past (PG-13) 1/01

Doubling Up

during "Prophecy", all Chakotay wants is a good night's sleep. Really. (PG-13) 2/01

In His Image

written in response to a spoiler/rumor for the episode "Human Error" (PG-13) 1/01

Blue Skies  ASC 2001 award winner

based on spoilers for the premise of "Natural Law" (PG-13) 2/01

The Last Word

another "Natural Law" scenario. Very short. (PG-13) 2/01


Chakotay and Jaffen have a conversation at the end of "Workforce" (PG-13) 5/01

The Way We WereASC award winner

'rebuttal fic', er, coda for "Endgame" (PG-13) 6/01

Change of Heart ASC award winner

drabble 'what if' regarding certain romantic relationships (PG-13) 6/01

Season 6
The Human Capacity For Love

 based on spoilers for the episode "Fair Haven" (PG-13) 12/99

Down Time

what was going through Janeway's mind on the Delta Flyer during "Tsunkatse"? (PG-13) 3/00

Night Visitor

Chakotay reflects after the events of "Collective" (PG-13) 2/00

If You Really Knew Me

after "Spirit Folk", Chakotay reminds us of an unshakable truth about the Captain... (R) 3/00

Devil With A Blue Dress On

Janeway's outfit in "Ashes to Ashes"...How the heck do you ruin a replicated meal? (R) 4/00

Playing God

a more or less serious sequel to "Devil With A Blue Dress On" (PG-13) 6/00

Lost And Found

do you really think Janeway was lost on Deck 15 in "Good Shepherd"? There's a much better explanation... (PG-13) 4/00

One True Thing

for everyone who loved Kes and was dismayed by "Fury" (G) 5/00 

Homeward Bound Series

The proverbial "Voyager returns home" story, told in a series of interconnected tales

1. Official Channels   (PG-13) 5/00 
2. Triumph (PG-13) 8/00

3. Uniform (PG-13) 9/00

4. Semper Fi (PG-13) 10/00

5. The Best Years of My Life (PG-13) 12/00 

6. Homeward Bound (PG-13) 1/01

Payments Series

Further speculation on what befalls our intrepid crew after their return home

Payment Due (G) 3/01

Services Rendered (PG-13) 3/01

Cash On Delivery (G) 3/01

No Deposit, No Return (G) 4/01

Void Where Prohibited (PG-13) 4/01

Your Mileage May Vary (PG-13) 4/01  



Imitation  "imitation" (PG-13) 5/06

Sweet Surrender "surrender" (G) 3/05

Dear Kathryn  and Dear Chakotay  "letter" (PG-13) 11/03

Curse Of The Spider Woman  "costume" (PG-13) 11/03

Food For Thought  and  Acclimation "food replicators" (PG-13) 10/03

Paragon "paragon" (PG-13) 10/03

Remedy "letter" (PG-13) 9/03

Water of Life "water" (PG-13) 9/03


Launching Point DS9/VOY another response to the ficlet challenge (PG-13) 12/05

Playing Field another response to the ficlet challenge (PG-13) 12/05

First, Do No Harm TNG/DS9/VOY response to the ficlet challenge (PG-13) 12/05

Back Up Another response to Seema's "it's not always about you" challenge (PG-13) 12/04

Attention Deficit A response to Seema's "it's not always about you" challenge (PG-13) 12/04

 If You Can't Beat 'Em An answer to Djinn's Bulwer-Lytton (purple prose) challenge (PG-13) 8/04

 In Luck Time An answer to Alara's Series Shift challenge (PG-13) 5/04

Guinea Pigs An answer to the ASC uniform challenge (PG-13) 12/03

Life Support An answer to Seema's "saying it without words" challenge (PG-13) 8/03

The Light Of The Setting Sun Another answer to Lori's Evil Challenge, J/C (PG-13) 5/03

The Long Goodbye An answer to Lori's Evil Challenge , J/Mark (PG-13) 5/03

Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink  An answer to Seema's OPI Nail Polish challenge (PG-13) 3/03

Quit An answer to Jungle Kitty's "holiday ghost story" challenge (PG-13) 1/03

Vulcan Fried Fanfic an answer to monkee's "Chicken Fried Fanfic" challenge (PG-13) 11/01

Zero Of Nine

revisiting "Scorpion" for another answer to the "Die, Seven, Die!" challenge (PG-13) 5/01

Brain Drain ASC 2001 award winner

an answer to the "Die, Seven, Die!" challenge (PG-13) 4/01

Poetic License

Homeward Filk    aka "S & G Filk I" (PG-13) 1/01 

The Boxer Filk aka "S & G Filk II" (PG-13) 1/01 

Yo Seven aka "You're So Vain" (PG-13) 2/01  ASC 2001 award winner



Written with Seema. A terrorist threat jeopardizes a Cardassian-Federation conference on DS9. (PG) 1/05

Lovers and Other Strangers

Written with Seema. Everyone remembers their first lover, but it's the last one that matters. P/T.
(NC-17) 12/03

Burning Desire  ASC 2001 award winner

The 1001 group takes on the premise of "Natural Law" in a round robin (PG-13) 5/01

Other Trek Stories

Alternate Original Series

NEW! Seven Minutes

What was going through Pike's mind as he piloted the shuttle to Nero's ship. (PG) 7/09

NEW! How To Win Friends And Influence People

McCoy counsels Kirk on making friends. (PG) 6/09

NEW! Forward Progress

Pike/Number One. (PG-13) 6/09

NEW! Good Advice

Pike has to mentor a troubled cadet. But will Kirk actually listen? (PG-13) 6/09

NEW! Sins Of The Father

A conversation between father and son, revised to fit AOS canon (PG) 5/09

NEW! Rehabilitation

Pike has a surprising visitor, post-events of the movie. (PG) 5/09

The Original Series

NEW! Friend Or Foe

In the year 2250, the formation of the Federation Council—the legislature of the United Federation of Planets—is taking place. (PG) 9/09

NEW! The Next Stage

Lord Khan is dead” (PG) 1/09

From The Desk Of Christine Chapel: Things I Have Learned In Starfleet

Life's valuable lessons (G) 12/08

School Daze

Young Scotty is in trouble (G) 3/08


Winona Kirk makes a disturbing discovery (PG-13) 1/08

The Final Straw

A missing scene from the end of "Charlie X" (PG-13) 3/05

Fall From Grace

Kirk's got himself into a bit of a situation... (PG-13) 3/05

Monkey Business

A new crew member presents some interesting challenges (PG-13) 5/04

"Captain Of The Enterprise" Trilogy

1.  A Ship's Captain (G) 5/03 

2.  Sacrifice And Need (PG-13) 6/03 

3.  Leader Of Men (PG-13) 8/03


Where No Man Has Gone Before

Response to a drabble challenge "those who have gone before" (G) 5/06


Responses to Rob Morris' "Great Lines" challenge via TWOK (G) 6/04

Mistaken Identity

An answer to the Trek100 "Vulcans" challenge (PG-13) 10/03


An answer to the Trek100 "Joy after betrayal" challenge (PG-13) 9/03

Waste Not, Want Not

An answer to Rob Morris' "Empty Shell" challenge (G) 5/03 

Intimations Of Mortality

Some things are just out of a doctor's hands... (G) 1/03

Haiku Page  (G) 4/04

The Next Generation


Pre-"Nemesis" vignette (PG-13) 1/04
and its prequel
Kindred Spirits (PG-13) 1/04


Sequel to "Kindred Spirits" and "Interlude" (PG-13) 1/05


Sequel to "Ephemeral", takes place post-"Nemesis" (PG-13) 7/05

What I Did On My Risian Vacation

Missing scene from "Captain's Holiday", season 3 (PG-13) 1/03

Deep Space 9

NEW!Last Man Out

Baseball's final season (PG) 5/07

Birth Of A Notion

Michael Eddington backstory (PG-13) 1/06

Five Things That Never Happened To Kira Nerys

Five AU's involving the title character (PG-13) 1/05

Duty Calls

Episode coda to season 4 "For The Cause" (PG-13) 10/04


Missing scene from season 7 "When It Rains..." (PG-13) 12/03

Vessel Of The Gods and Gift Of The Prophets

Responses to the Trek100 "Paragon" challenge (PG-13) 10/03

The Foolish And The Brave 

Episode coda to season 6 "The Valiant" (PG-13) 7/02 


The Trouble With Diplomacy

Hoshi helps Archer prepare for an important meeting" (G) 1/06

Any Porthos In A Storm

An answer to Stephen's Bad Title Challenge (G) 6/05

Letting Go

Episode coda to "Home", season 4 (PG-13) 1/05

It's Not Easy Being Green

Based on spoilers/rumors for an upcoming episode (PG-13) 11/03 

That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Episode coda to "Regeneration", season 2 (drabble) (G) 5/03 

An Everyday Occurrence

Episode coda to "Shockwave II", season 2 (drabble) (G) 9/02


Paying Dues  A 'lower deck' vignette set during the Dominion War (PG-13) 1/06


Beyond The Legend Of The Ancient Warrior

My J/C essay for the LJ community ship_manifesto (1/05)

"Help! I'm In Love With A Fictional Character!" 

Rocky's foray into zendom (6/02)

Fanfic Impact Survey

An 'auto interview' by both Rocky and Seema on their own and each other's writing (9/02)



Three significant sunrises in the life and times of Dr. Elizabeth Weir, mission commander, Atlantis (PG) 9/09

Happily Ever After

Vignette/missing scene early in season 9 (PG-13) 5/06

Follow The Leader

SGA/VOY crossover (sort of) response to the ficlet challenge (G) 12/05


coda to SG-1 season 3 "A Hundred Days" fic (G) 6/04

In Spirit

coda to SG-1 season 6 "Abyss" (PG-13) 9/04


Sara's story. Coda to SG-1 season 1 "Cold Lazarus" (PG-13) 11/04

Voyager Virtual Season 7.5 --The adventure continues!

    1. Wrongs Not Forgotten by Penny (7/9/01)
    2. Out Of The Box  by Rocky (7/15/01)
    3. Passages by Cybermum (7/23-30/01)
    4. Chaos by Christina, Sara et al (8/6 /01)
    5. Letters by the VVS7.5 staff (8/13 /01)
    6. Legacies by Jamelia & Julie ( 8/20-27/01 )
    short: Out of Action by Rocky (9/3 /01)
    7. Escalation by Sara (9/10/01)
    short: Pressure  by Rocky ( 9/24/01 )
    8. Ethical Considerations by Jamelia (10/1-8 /01)
    9. What Price Freedom? by Christina (10/15 /01)
    10. Colonization 101 by Julie (10/22/01)
11. Ragnarok by Rocky (10/29-11/5/01)
    12. Ghosts & Shadows   by Andra Marie & Christina (11/12/01)
13. Mok'tah  by Penny (11/19/01)
 14. Links: Letters II by the VVS7.5 staff (11/26/01)
    15. Countdown by Christina & Sara (12/3/01)
16. New Hope by Penny & Andra Marie (12/10/01)
    17. Lotos Days by Penny (12/17/01)
    short: A Reason For The Season by Andra Marie (12/24/01) 
short: Midnight Chat by Penny (12/31/01)
18a. Maternal Interlude , prologue to "Age of Consent" by Jamelia (1/7/02)
short: Insurance by Christina (1/14/02)
18. Age of Consent by Jamelia (1/21-28/02)

    YEAR 2

    19. Celebrations: The Prixin Logs by Cybermum & the VVS7.5 staff (2/4/02)
    20. Into The Night by Christina (2/18/02)
21. Sinners & Saints by Rocky (3/4/02)
22. Retribution by Christina & Sara (3/19/02)
23. Olympian Efforts by Penny & Cybermum (4/1/02)
24. A Hero For The Times by Julie (4/15/02)
short: Fill The Loving Cup by Penny (4/29/02)
short: Repeat by Rocky (5/6/02)
25. Ripples In Time by Jamelia & Rocky (5/13/02)
26a. Little Feat (prelude to "In The Trenches") by Jamelia & Christina (5/27/02)
    26. In The Trenches by the VVS7.5 staff (6/10/02)
27. Rendezvous At Sector 21503 by Christina & Rocky (6/24/02)
28a. The Last Nacelle (prelude to "In Arms Of Family") by Monkee  (7/8/02)
28. In The Arms Of Family by Jamelia, Christina & the rest of the VVS7.5 staff  (7/15/02)
short: Earthrise by Penny (7/22/02)
29. In The Course Of Justice by Penny (7/29/02) season finale

    YEAR 3

    30. The Blooper Reel by Monkee & the VVS7.5 staff (10/14/02) season premiere
    31. Purple Prose From Cellblock 74 by Christina & the VVS7.5 staff  (10/28/02)
32. Truth and ConseQuences by Rocky & Christina (11/25/02)
    short: Wigglewort by Christina (12/9/02)
    33. Reconstruction Blues by Rocky & the VVS7.5 staff (12/16/02)
    short: Traditions by Julie (12/23/02)
    34a. Sanctuary (prelude to "Altruistic Motives") by Jamelia (1/27/03)
    short: Something To Remember by Penny (2/3/03)
    34. Altruistic Motives by Jamelia, Christina & Rocky (2/24/03)
    35. Best Laid Plans by Rocky, Cybermum & the VVS7.5 staff (4/21/03)
    36. Cyclops by Penny (7/28/03)
    37. Helping Hands by Rocky (8/18/03)
    38. Disciples of Altruism by Christina & Penny (11/3/03)
    39. Planetfall by Julie (2/9/04)
40. Vissi d'Arte by Christina (6/14/04)




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