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"Angelica" (CD09061) was recorded on June-July 1989, release in 1989 under Intense Records, a division of Frontline Music Group.   Produced by Dennis Cameron.  Vocal production by Ken Tamplin.   Recorded at The Mixing Lab A.  Engineered by Dave Jahnsen and Eric Kibby.   Mixed by Dave Jahnsen.  Mastered by John Matousek.
Here are the personal thoughts of Dennis Cameron about "Angelica":

"Angelica started as a vision that I had for an ideal band full of believer musicians.  The experience making the first album was to be the "Awakening" for me both as a musician and as a professional.  Here's a lesson that I hope any readers can learn from.

The first Angelica album was recorded in Costa Mesa, California with the starting line-up of:  Andy Lyon, Scott Ernest, Bob Pallen and myself.  The finishing line-up for the album was a little different . . .  While in the pre-production stage of making the first album, Andy Lyon, the vocalist (more likely from a lack of experience on all our parts) chose to view the the opportunity to prepare for recording with less enthusiasm than the rest of the band.  The result being that after a couple of days of having Ken Tamplin push him in his performance (as Ken was hired to produce the vocals on the album) that the singer "burned out".

At this point, (as humbling as it is to say) we were in need of a singer to salvage the (what was now being refered to as the Dennis Cameron) project. We now needed to find someone to finish out the album. Ken had suggested two replacements, Bob Carlisle or Rob Rock.  Having once been a proud owner and fan of the Driver album (Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge, Tony MacAlpine and Rob Rock) Rob was the easy pick of the two to best suite the music style.  At the time of recording, Rob was in the process of regrouping a new version of Driver and was rehearsing and recording with them as well as doing the session work for Angelica.  What a trooper he was! I can remember Rob coming to the sessions with this big red swollen throat saying that he had just come from Driver rehearsals and that he was pumped and ready.  Not withholding, Rob would assume his best Iron Maiden pose in the vocal booth and trek on with our sessions. 

Rob's voice was in a higher range than Andy's, which meant that some of the vocal melodies had to be reworked to fit his voice. For example, the original version of "Shine On Me" melody started on a major 3rd, but was transposed to the 5th for Rob.  We finished the album a couple of weeks late due to all the mayhem and I returned home (Ontario, Canada) wondering how I was going to continue with this band under these circumstances." 

Source: Dennis Cameron's interview in Christian Metal Resource and The Official Dennis Cameron website

Track Listing:

 1.      There's Only One Hero (Cameron/Lyon)
 2.      Are You Satisfied (Cameron/Lyon)
 3.      I Believe (Cameron/Lyon)
 4.      Danger Zone (Cameron/Lyon)
 5.      Shine On Me (Cameron/Lyon)
 6.      Only A Man (Cameron/Lyon)
 7.      One Step at a Time (Cameron)
 8.      Will I Ever Learn (Cameron)
 9.      Take Me (Cameron/Lyon)
10.     Ahh! (Cameron)
11.     S.O.S (Cameron/Lyon)
12.     Face to Face (Cameron)*

All Songs © 1989 Broken Songs (ASCAP)




Angelica  [1989] is :

Rob Rock - All Lead Vocals
Ken Tamplin - Vocals * & Backing Vocals
Dennis Cameron- Guitars
Scott Ernest - Drums
Robert Pallen - Bass
Mrac Hugenberger - Keyboards

In 1993, Intense Records released the album "Angelica Greatest Hits" (FLD9453) , a twelve-song collection of Cameron's greatest musical moments over the last four years.  Much of the material selected charted in the top 5 rock and metal formats, while other songs were chosen for their artistic value.  This is the first time ever that the talents of Angelica's several vocalists are contained on one recording like Jerome Mazza, Andy Lyon, Drew Baca and Rob Rock.
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