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BAMF! readme

Originally found on (")

The BAMF! instructions package should contain the following files.

These are the cloth patterns themselves. They've been reduced to half-size for faster downloading; you should print them out and double them by hand using a suitable sheet of graph paper, or else use a photocopy machine that can do the work for you.
A black-and-white illustration of the finished BAMF! doll, complete with owner.
The original scanned instructions, converted to JPEG format. The text has been retyped into INSTRUCTIONS.TXT, but you may need to know how to do the different types of stitches illustrated here. Retained for completeness' sake; you can get the same information with a much smaller download in INSTRUCTIONS.TXT and STITCH_TECHNIQUES.GIF.
This is a text file giving the list of necessary materials and instructions for assembly. Read this first before starting to create your BAMF!.
You're reading it now.
Illustrations of the two types of stitches mentioned in the assembly instructions, separated from the rest of INSTRUCTIONS.JPG for your convenience.