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Yr 2001 Customized Racing Pigeon Polo Tee-Shirts

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secure! SAY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WITH ONE OF OUR OUTSTANDING TEE-SHIRTS TO YOUR BUDDY MAY HE BE A BROTHER, UNCLE, FRIEND RELATIVE OR WHAT MAY HAVE YOU!!! ........................GET YOUR FIRST SHIRT FOR ONLY $2.45 WHEN YOU ORDER VIA PAYPAL USING VISA OR MASTER CARD.....Whom will be the proud recipient handler to wear the free tee-shirt sponsored by us for being the winning Handler of such a special and prestigeous race such as the GulfCoast Homing Classic Year 2001........... Congratulations to John Gallagher of unit 10, of Spring Hill, Florida for winning the Gulf Coast Classsic of year 2001.......................... Congratulations to 1999's proud and hard winning Handler Bob Greiner of Unit 10 Spring Hill, Florida. ....Welcome to our web page. We may wish you have an even greater success during the on going OLD BIRD Year 2001 racing season. Be the envie of your counterparts of our Elite Racing Pigeon Sport when you attend the next Club's meeting with your very own customized tee-shirt. For the year 2001 we will be assisting to help making awards presentations to the winners of the Champion Bird with a photo of that bird and winning birds band number as the winner of the Short Average Speed with the winning speed, the same for second and third place finishers. And, the winner of the Year 2001 Champion Loft Award with that lofts name on the shirt. We have made great strides this millenium in assisting in the Promotion of our Elite Racing Pigeon Sport and we are building an even stronger bond among other members, as well as we are recruiting new junior members, and, we are raising more public awareness of these magnificant animals. Here is how you can get in touch with us to request your very own handsome, colorful, and life-size Racing Pigeon Polo shirt of the HANES brand at any size. WHITE . Adult Heavyweights 50/50 (50% Cotton 50% Polyester) or of 100% cotton Pre-shrunk; Sweat-shirts are available. Please, do not settle for the old fashion generically drawn sketch that does not justify such a majestic bird. For only $7.45 per shirt and $1.90 for shipping and handling, ($3.80 for any overseas orders per shirt; shipping may vary on bulk orders). If the Racing Pigeon tee-shirt are not appropriate for your climate, perhaps a Sweatshirt or a less warmer under-garment can meet your demands. When ordering more than one shirt will help reduce the price of shipping. These prices include one "CLUB NAME", and one "LOFT NAME". I.e. "GulfCoast Homing Clssic 2000", and "Greiner's Loft". Racing Pigeon Polo can be prepared for Futurities, Conventions and Special Events and Fancy Show Birds at an even lower cost with: ("The name of that Special Event" included), such as Dixie Southern Racing Pigeon Association, The 15th Annual Southeastern Open", "IF Convention 2001". Shirts can be prepared for any event other than racing. ................................ For informations write to the e-mail address below: Please come back and visit again, and tell your friends about these wonderful Racing Pigeon Polo Tee-shirts or: e-mail them our URL address: Either way we wish you a successful OLD BIRD Year 2001 Racing season.________________________________________............... Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and 
secure! ....................... Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this letter cannot be considered spam as long as the sender includes contact information & a method of removal. To be removed send e-mail to: Last revision: MaY 31, 2001

Gracias: SARO