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Thank you for visiting. Right now this site is undergoing its construction, so my apologies. The art section is not up yet, but hopefully will be soon. Thank you for your patience.

7-13-02:I just added another image gallery, that has 7 new pictures on it. I am also updating the links section, and adding descriptions to the links. However I will not be updating for the next week because I am going on vacation.

7-07-02: Now everything except for the art page is up. Once we are able to use a scanner good enough to show the quality of my works, they will be posted. But for now take a look at the updated links section, and please send me an email if you find any broken links. Thank you.

7-06-02: The Image Gallery is finally functional. Lots of pictures of my husband and me, and hopefully more to come!

7-05-02: The auf mir page is fully functional, and the Image Gallery is on its way. However there are NO pictures in it for the time being.

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