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In case you will want visit one of this FTP which are listed below. I advise you do it using FTP-client. As far as I know browsers can't resume broken downloads but FTP clients do can. Also I think this way is faster and more convenient.

I'll give descriptions for several programs from I should say that there is a lot of japanese related freeware and shareware:
Mirrors:USA (California), UK, USA, (Texas), USA (Washington),USA (Utah), Japan, Finland, Germany.
        Your PC japanization.
First you'll need to install japanese fonts. Now I use two fonts: Ms Gothic(2) и Ms Mincho(1). The file ie3lpkja.exe - (2,456,779) consists MS Gothic, and JpnSupp.exe (3,355,459) - Ms Mincho. (These fonts are TrueType and you'll be able to import your japanese texts to WinWord!)
Of course this process will take you some time (both files size is about 5,5 Mb), but in my opinion these fonts will be useful then.
      Word Processors.

Now we can think about creating our own texts in japanese. There are three well-deserved word processors: NJStar 4.31, JWP, and also JWP-clone - JWPCe. I prefer NJStar 4.31 because of some unique functions that I didn't find in any other text processors.For example, Last version of JWP, I worked with, couldn't create html files and also couldn't import kanji to WinWord (the main reason I prefer another word processor). Also these processors have

 different input-methods.In NJStar you type in romaji and get several variants of the word in kanji and kana to select. You typed a word and selected its view (kanji or kana). And in JWP you type in hiragana and then have to select the word and press F2 to convert it to kanji. I think it takes to much time. Unfortunately I didn't work with JWPce but I know that it is also very good word processor and you won't deplore downloading it. 
NJstar 4.31 - 2,966,876 bytes.
               JWP - setup
Setup readme file - 1,901
Setup file 1 (required) - 1,419,459
Setup file 2 (required) - 1,451,897
Setup file 3 (required) - 1,097,223
General dictionary file (required) - 2,221,804
Proper names dictionary (optional) - 2,474,592
      Next two useful programs (I think you should get it): NJStar Communicator and Babylon Translator - 5,60. First one helps us see kanji in programs that don't use MS Gothic MS Mincho fonts.Second one is the English-Japanese translator (just click right button of your mouse on the english word and small window with different japanese equivalent appears).In fact, the program is oriented to japanese users. It gives a result in output as several words (mostly in kanji) without transcription. Anyway it seems like this program will be very interesting for japanese fanats. But to use it you need NJStar Communicator. It will show japanese characters in Babylon result-window. After you started the Communicator, the program manager small rectangle (5,995,750) - appears in   upper-left corner of the screen. Program supports 13 modes of codes (including English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese), also NJStar command promt kanji input possibility. Unfortunately, command promt don't let us input japanese characters to WinWord directly but of course we can use NJStar Word Processor to do it..

Excellent japanese textbook A.F.Prasol, Chan Su Bu.

Only russian version.


On-line English - Japanese dictionary.

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC


As far as I know he is the founder of the author of famous edict - dictionary.

Jim Breen's Japanese Page

Japanese software related page. News, links.

Marshall's Japanese Web Page

If you've got comments or found mistakes or have interesting suggestions, please mail me: ( 

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