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Junix Rosenthorn

Hi! My name is Nate Tompkins and this is my page.
Online I often go by Junix so you may know me by that.

The reconstruction of this page has begun.
There will changes almost everyday until I decided to stop.
The frist change was a consolidation.
You might have noticed that all of the links are in one place now.
Theres more to consolidation than that but I'm sure you aren't really interested.
Just check it out and E-Mail me if you find something that doesn't work.

What you might be interested is my Tiny Tour of Reed College.

I made a little bit of a music section.
I found one song that I really like so I'll share it with you.
Weezer - Good Life
Alternate Site - Possibly Faster
(Right click to download)

This page is now.
And always shall be.
Under construstion.

Thank you for coming to this page and enjoy your day.
It is currently

Last updated 9-10-01
© 2001 Nate Tompkins
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