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Britney has chatted in different chat rooms, and I'm here to give you all the transcripts! :) If you want to know where else Britney will be chatting, please click here to find out. Hope you learn even more about britney from this transcript!



TEEN: How would you define your personal style?

BRITNEY: Well, when I'm traveling, I'm so tired all the time, that usually I'm in sweats. When I go out to eat or go to parties, I usually wear bebe. I love bebe. It's, like, trendy, but sexy. You know what I mean? It's really cute. It's me. Everything fits me there, really, really well. Just like little dresses, and I love big cargo pants. My favorite store in the whole wide world is Abercrombie & Fitch. It's the best store because it's all about comfort, and it's cool and I love it.

TEEN: How has fame changed the way you dress?

BRITNEY: Really, it hasn't changed my style at all. I've always been a big sweats person, with my hair just in a pony tail.

TEEN: Do you wear expensive clothes now?

BRITNEY: Not really. I'm not a name-brand person. Rampage, bebe, Abercrombie and Club Monaco are some of my favorite stores, and they're not expensive at all. They're cute and comfy. I mean, sometimes I'll go to Bette Paige and be like, "Oooh!" you know, over her little shirts or whatever. The first year I went to Bette Paige, that was the most expensive shirt I've ever bought.

TEEN: How much was it?

BRITNEY: It was $108-for a shirt, that's a lot. And Diesel. I love Diesel. These are Diesel jeans [that I'm wearing] that are really old-looking. And I love going to thrift stores.

TEEN: Do you have the patience for thrifting?

BRITNEY: You do really have to look a lot, but I don't really mind it. Sometimes you find cool stuff.

TEEN: What's your everyday uniform?

BRITNEY: When I'm traveling, it's sweats, but when I go out, I love jeans and cute little shirts - I call them ballerina shirts. They kind of go off the shoulder just a bit. They just show your neckline, like a leotard, and come right to there [three-quarter-length sleeves]. I love those.

TEEN: What would you wear for a special occasion in your personal life?

BRITNEY: Probably just some fitted, crazy pants. They have to really fit good. I had these really great Diesel pants and I lost them. They were black and they were shiny. And then I had these other ones and they were red with like these black things going through it. Shirts that show your back, I love those, they look really nice, stuff like that.

TEEN: Is there any article of clothing you have that you can't live without?

BRITNEY: My Todd Oldham sweatpants.

TEEN: What are they like?

BRITNEY: I have a pair of gray ones and a pair of navy blue ones.

TEEN: What makes them different than a regular pair of sweats?

BRITNEY: They're fitted right through here [upper thigh] and then they flare out. They look like real pants. They're really, really cool. They're fuzzy on the inside.

What do you have more of than you need?

BRITNEY: Probably sunshades. I freak out. Wherever I go - gas stations, Sunglass Hut - I'm always buying new shades.

TEEN: Any particular style you really like?

BRITNEY: I have these [ones I'm wearing - metal frames with colored lenses] in green, black, purple, every color.

TEEN: So you like the sunglasses with colored lenses?

BRITNEY: Yeah. And then I have the regular ones that don't have colors. The reason why I buy so many is because I always lose 'em, and I just buy more and more and more. In my little backpack that I usually carry, I have, like, 50 shades in there. And shoes - I love shoes.

TEEN: How many pairs do you have?

BRITNEY: I travel with about six pairs, but I have three dozen, at least.

TEEN: What about makeup - is there anything you can't live without?

BRITNEY: Probably shimmer lipsticks. I love them. The Body Shop has the best lipsticks.

TEEN: Take us through your daily beauty routine.

BRITNEY: I wake up and I put on Feel Perfecte lotion by Loreal. Before that, I wash my face, usually use a Clinique toner, then put that [Feel Perfecte] on my face - it makes your face look flawless. And it's made from the same company as Lancome - it's just $15 cheaper. And I just use my regular eye shadow. They have really nice eyeshadows from the Body Shop.

TEEN: What's your day shade?

BRITNEY: I don't really know the name of it. It's a brown, and a white up here [browbone], and mascara. And I wear eyeliner, usually black. Nars is really nice, their blush, I've got that. And just shimmer lipsticks. Browns.

TEEN: Is there one beauty product you can't live without?

BRITNEY: The lotions from Bath & Body Works. They're really, really thick.

TEEN: What's your scent?

BRITNEY: I love vanilla.

TEEN: If there was one thing you could change about your appearance, what would it be?

BRITNEY: I wish my hair was thicker. And I wish my feet were prettier. I just don't like my feet.

TEEN: What size do you wear?

BRITNEY: 6 1/2. It's just my toes. My toes are really ugly. I used to be really self-conscious about my feet, but now I just really don't care, but I don't like 'em. I wish my ears were smaller. They're really big. I have my mother's ears. And my nose could be smaller too. I could go on [laughing]!

TEEN: Have you ever thought to yourself, "Oh, I just have to fix this!" about your appearance?

BRITNEY: No, not really. My face was breaking out really bad, and I was stressing over that, but I went to the dermatologist and he's fixing it.

TEEN: How do you deal with breakouts?

BRITNEY: I just cover it up [laughing]. I went to the dermatologist and they gave me some really good stuff, they had medication and everything. I was on Acutane for a while, but it dried me out. The only thing that my dermatologist says really works for acne, to make it completely go away, is Acutane, but you've gotta take it for six months. And I was on it for three weeks and it went away like that [snapping]. I was breaking out on my back and everything and it went away. But it started drying up my voice and I couldn't sing, so I had to stop talking it.

TEEN: Ever pierce your navel?

BRITNEY: I don't want to pierce anything. I'm not much on piercing now. I think it's outdated. Belly rings and all are, like, old.

TEEN: So what's hot?

BRITNEY: I think just being pure and doing nothing to destroy your body is cool. I think that's what's in right now.

TEEN: What are your favorite foods?

BRITNEY: Well this year, with being on the road and everything, it's so weird because you tend to eat bad. You can't help it. Like when you're overseas, you don't want to eat all that weird stuff. You just want McDonald's to fill you stomach up. And I've been getting in the habit of doing that, of eating whatever I want. I mean, I still eat whatever I want, but I've been starting to eat a bit healthier. I'm starting to feel better. 'Cause for a while there, I was eating whatever I wanted, just chips and cheese, and when I go home, I tend to do that anyway, because when I'm at home, my Mom's cooking for me.

TEEN: What's your favorite home-cooked meal?

BRITNEY: Probably my Mom's baked chicken. It just tastes so good. And she makes the crust on the outside crunchy. It's just so good. And my dad, before I left, he made me some shrimp. He grilled them and they had butter all over them and they were spicy, Oh my God [groaning]. But I've started to change a little bit.

TEEN: How's that?

BRITNEY: I eat more salads and pasta. No burgers, no big sandwiches. I'm not a vegetarian. I know I'm about to be on the road, and I wanna look and feel really, really good. And you feel better about you when you do that. I have things that I want. I just don't overeat.

TEEN: What's your guilty pleasure?

BRITNEY: Cookie dough ice cream.

TEEN: Do you have any comfort foods?

BRITNEY: I like bad food, like a chicken sandwich with cheese from Burger King. It's, like, the best. I just crave that! And greasy french fries. And a Coke. That just makes me feel so much better. So bad for you, but so good.

TEEN: What else do you snack on?

BRITNEY: I'm a cereal girl. I like cereal, Apple Jacks, and macaroni and cheese at night.

TEEN: Do you cook?


TEEN: Do you clean up?

BRITNEY: Yeah, I clean up. I wash the dishes, I vacuum. I clean, make my bed. I do everything, man! Fold clothes, do laundry...

TEEN: Is your room still the same as it was when you were little?

BRITNEY: Yes. I have the girliest room in the world because I haven't really lived there for two years, so it looks the same. Like, eeeeeek!

TEEN: What pictures do you have up on the walls?

BRITNEY: I have the pictures from THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB still up everywhere, and I have dolls everywhere.


TEEN: So what's with the rumors about you and 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake?

BRITNEY: Totally not true. Overseas, everyone says it's Nick Carter [of Backstreet Boys].

TEEN: Is there anyone in your life right now?

BRITNEY: No. I just want to hang with my friends. I'm just happy being by myself.

TEEN: Are you close with your family?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah, very close. Extremely.

TEEN: Do you and your mom get along?

BRITNEY: She totally trusts me and everything I do. I don't live a completely normal life because I'm not, you know, a typical teenager who goes to school every day. You know what I mean? I have different things that I have to do. But I try to make it as normal as possible. But, like, being on the road and everything, I have like seven dancers with me and we just, you know, they're like my best friends. And we have a lot of fun. And I get to go home every six weeks to see my family and my friends, so that's pretty cool.

TEEN: When was the last time you were punished?

BRITNEY: The last time I was punished. Oh my God. I was grounded, like, probably two years ago.

TEEN: That's was it? You haven't done anything bad in two years?

BRITNEY: No. I'm a good girl. I don't do anything. When I'm on the road, I don't have time to do anything. I go out with friends, but I don't have time to get in trouble.

TEEN: In the interview you did with Rolling Stone, you mentioned that you've had a fake ID before and that you've been out drinking with your brother and that you've had drinks with your mom. Do you think it's a good idea for parents to teach their kids how to drink responsibly?

BRITNEY: I don't think it's good for the parents to say, "Yeah, you should drink." My parents didn't do that. But if you're going to drink no matter what and if your parents tell you, "You shouldn't do that!" that's going to make you want to go out and do it even more. I've had friends whose parents told them not to do that, and they go out and they make fools of themselves. Why not just go ahead and know how to drink before making an ass out of yourself? So that's what my mom taught me. I would rather have a glass of champagne with my mom and watch a movie than go out and get hammered. I don't believe in that at all.

TEEN: So you've never actually been wasted?

BRITNEY: No. It's a pleasure [to drink] when you socialize. It's fun, if you're with your friends, and totally relaxed.

TEEN: We hear your brother's getting married. Are you going to be in the wedding?

BRITNEY: Of course.

TEEN: When is he gettin' hitched?

BRITNEY: They're going to have a big party for New Year's, and then they're going to get married next year sometime. They want to have a chance to graduate from college and everything.

TEEN: Are you going to be a bridesmaid? We hope the dress is cool

BRITNEY: Yeah. Oh, it will be, I'll make sure.

TEEN: Do you have any pets?

BRITNEY: I have a dog. He's a Rotweiler. His name is Cane.

TEEN: Where did he get his name?

BRITNEY: I don't know. My brother named him.

TEEN: How old is he?

BRITNEY: I'm not really sure. He's little.

TEEN: Are you a religious person?

BRITNEY: Oh, very. I'm Baptist

TEEN: Do you go to church when you're on the road?

BRITNEY: When I can go to church, I try to go. But I have a prayer book that I write in every night. Because when you're on the road, you get so tired, and I used to find myself falling asleep when I'd say my prayers at night. So now I write my prayers down every night before I go to bed.

TEEN: Do you miss home?

BRITNEY: I do, I do miss home. I miss my family. I never thought I'd say this, but I was there for six weeks recuperating from my knee injury, and I was ready to go. I love traveling. I'm ready to be back on the road.

TEEN: Who's your mentor?

BRITNEY: Probably Larry Rudolph. He's my lawyer.

TEEN: And your family?

BRITNEY: My family, they don't get involved with [the business] at all. But I like it that way because when I go home, I can just be at home and not talk about the business. And that's good. That's good for me and that keeps everybody sane. I need to go back and to be completely normal.

TEEN: What do you do when you get time alone?

BRITNEY: I love to just get in my car and ride. And listen to music. I'm in my own world, and it's the best experience. And I like to totally chill out with my friends, go riding. Go fishing. Get a tan, lay out with my friends and go to the movies.

TEEN: What's been your biggest splurge?

BRITNEY: A brand-new white convertible Mercedes SL 500. My grandmother could get picked up in this car, it's so beautiful.

TEEN: What else do you spend money on?

BRITNEY: I got my mom a gift the other day. It was a diamond bracelet, and it was really, really pretty. And she had no idea. She was like, "Ohhh!" She was so excited. It made me feel so good. She started crying when I gave it to her. I gave her that, and I took my little sister shopping the other day when I was home. I got her capri pants from the Limited and she's 8, and she just thinks she's miss Diva, she's so cute.

TEEN: Does she want to be like you?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah. She goes in my room and she plays my music and she's so cute. She's so sweet. And she is so outspoken. She's totally different from what I was when I was little. I was really, really quiet.

TEEN: But you did the talent show thing.

BRITNEY: Yeah, I did, I did. I would love to perform and everything, but I was just real quiet. And Jamie Lynn is just, like, she doesn't care. She'll get on the phone and sing to anybody. She is Miss Spitfire.

TEEN: Do you buy a lot of presents for your family and friends?

BRITNEY: Yeah, it makes me feel good. I love giving to people. It's the best feeling in the world. And they're just like so happy, especially when they don't know about it. They have no clue.

TEEN: Do you buy gifts for yourself?

BRITNEY: Well, with my per diem, I go shopping. But I really don't buy that much.

TEEN: Are you saving?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah.

TEEN: Last time we talked, you said college is something you eventually want to do. Is that still true?

BRITNEY: It is definitely something I want to do if I have time, but I figured out, to have that education and that knowledge behind you is wonderful, but really, what I want to do with my life is to sing. So why go to college to be, say, a lawyer when I'm happy doing what I'm doing now?

TEEN: You've gone to schools, but you've mostly done the one-the-road tutor thing. Ever feel like you've missed out?

BRITNEY: Not at all, because I went to high school, I experienced that. I went for ninth and half of my 10th grade year, and I know what that's like. It's cool and everything, and of course you're going to miss your friends, but you're always going to make sacrifices for things that you really want to do. I wouldn't change my life for anything right now. I love what I'm doing. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. I've got my dancers with me on the road, and I've got my best friends with me, and we're like the same age, so it's like I've got my friends with me.

TEEN: Did you go to your prom?

BRITNEY: My ex-boyfriend was a senior, so I went to his. So I've experienced that. The best part is getting ready. You go to the dance for 15 minutes and leave, and all you do is get trashed. But I don't do that. It's the same thing as going to an awards show. It's even better than going to an awards show.


TEEN: You started out touring malls. What was that like?

BRITNEY: Well, they had like a little fashion show before I performed at all the mall performances. And it was before the single ["Baby One More Time"] was out, so no one really knew who I was. But it was cool, though, because I had two dancers with me and we just put on a cute little show and you could totally tell. Everyone was really into it and that made me fee

TEEN: Are you ever self-conscious about performing?

BRITNEY: No, not really. I just get out there and have a good time. I love to perform. That's one of my major loves.

TEEN: What was the biggest venue, biggest crowd?

BRITNEY: The biggest crowd? I'm not really sure. I haven't gone on tour by myself yet. I opened up for 'N Sync for a while.

TEEN: Was that strange? Did you ever think, "They're here to see them, not me."?

BRITNEY: It was really sticky at first because the song, it wasn't that popular at first. It was before it even really hit radio. And they're like, "Who is she, opening up for them?"

TEEN: Did you get heckled? Was there booing?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah. But I was like "What can I do?" When I start performing, they would warm up to me, totally. Because they were entertained and they had fun because I gave it all I had.

TEEN: How do you keep up with your crazy schedule?

BRITNEY: With me being so busy all the time and all these wonderful things happening to me, I finally had to sit down and rest and realize God has blessed me so much, you know? I'm so thankful.

TEEN: So what's next besides singing? Producing? Acting?

BRITNEY: I don't know. I would love to do that. Totally. And writing songs. I'm already doing that. But as far as acting goes, when I get time I would love to act.

TEEN: Do you have some offers?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah, I have some offers to be in some movies and some of 'em are kind of, you know, so-so. There've been some scripts that are really, really good. And I'm like, "I want to do that." It's just finding the time to fit it in the schedule.

TEEN: We hear they're developing a show just for you.

BRITNEY: That's definitely going to be in the future. I'm concentrating and focused on my music right now. But it's something I definitely want to do in the future. But I'm going to do the DAWSON'S CREEK thing. It's going to be next season sometime and it's going to be three episodes. I have no idea what the character is going to be or anything, but I'm really excited.

TEEN: Do you watch that show? Have you met any of the cast members?

BRITNEY: I actually saw Katie Holmes at MTV, on TOTAL REQUEST LIVE. We saw each other, but we didn't get a chance to say hello or anything because we were so busy. I don't know any of them. I met James Van Der Beek in Vegas one time when I was opening up for 'N Sync. They came to Vegas, him and his girlfriend. We've met before. But we're not really friends or anything.

TEEN: How weird is it going to be to see yourself on screen with him?

BRITNEY: Oh, yeah! It's going to be weird. I mean, I watch the show all the time, to actually be in that.

TEEN: Do you have a favorite character?

BRITNEY: Katie Holmes. I love her.

TEEN: What TV shows do you watch?


TEEN: What music are you listening to right now?

BRITNEY: I like Brandy's album [NEVER SAY NEVER], Lauryn Hill's album I love, Whitney Houston's new album, I'm in love with. TLC's new album [FANMAIL] is the bomb, I love it, it's so good. I like old music, too. Like Rick Springfield, John Mellencamp, stuff like that.

TEEN: Do you think of yourself as a role model for other girls?

BRITNEY: I think it's inevitable with being on TV all the time and being in magazines - you can't help but be one.

TEEN: Is that something you're willing to take on?

BRITNEY: Yeah, definitely. I mean, it's really flattering that so many kids listen to your music and put it on and it puts them in a good mood. I think it's really cool.


TEEN: What's something most people might not know about you?

BRITNEY: I have a picture of Brad Pitt on my refrigerator, and I kiss him every morning!

TEEN: Who's made the biggest impression upon you? Professionally or personally.

BRITNEY: Really, my mom. But I would love to meet Oprah and sit down and talk to her, or somebody like Whitney [Houston], but I haven't had the opportunity to do that. But really my mom, because she is so positive towards life. She's not negative, she always looks on the bright side of everything. I really admire that.

TEEN: Who do you really want to meet?

BRITNEY: I'd love to meet Lauren Hill or Oprah. I think that would be cool.

TEEN: What do you think of Marilyn Manson?

BRITNEY: I don't really like him. I mean, he's what makes the world go round, you know, good and bad, and you've just got to love him for what he does. But I don't prefer him.

TEEN: Do you have any special rituals before you perform?

BRITNEY: I always say a prayer every time. And I drink a lot of water.

TEEN: So what's in your tour bus?

BRITNEY: Just junk food and movies and a cute bus driver. We have like these little cubby holes that we sleep in.

TEEN: Do you have the same sleeping quarters as everyone else?

BRITNEY: No. Mine are a little bit bigger.

TEEN: Do you have privacy in the bus?

BRITNEY: No, not really. But it's fun, though, 'cause I'm a people person.

TEEN: What do you and your dancers watch on the bus?

BRITNEY: We watch movies like JERRY MAGUIRE, old movies and TITANIC.

TEEN: How many times can you watch TITANIC?

BRITNEY: I love TITANIC. I cry every single time. I swear to God, that was the movie I cried the hardest in my life.

TEEN: What's your fave movie?


TEEN: You like movies that make you cry?

BRITNEY: Yeah, those are sad movies, but they're good, warming movies and they make you feel good.

TEEN: When you go home, do your old friends ever say, "You've changed."?

BRITNEY: No. Not at all. We're completely the same. We never feel weird. We're like sisters. If they kissed my butt, I would kick their butts.

TEEN: Who are your friends?

BRITNEY: I'm friends with my dancers, and my cousins from home. I've been friends with them my whole life. My mom's sister's daughter, Laura Lynne, we're so, so close. She's my same age. Our mannerisms are exactly alike.

TEEN: If you go out to the mall, can you just shop or do you get recognized?

BRITNEY: Yeah, it's weird when I go to really big malls, because people will notice me. I've been to a couple of malls and sometimes it'll be a little bit overwhelming. But my mall, my hometown mall? It's the coolest. No one says anything.

TEEN: Your hometown's tiny, right?

BRITNEY: Yeah, 1,200 people. But the mall is, like, 30 minutes away, and it's a bigger city. And it's really cool, though, because where I'm from, you'd think more people would know you, and they do, but they totally respect that you're trying to be normal.

TEEN: What did you dream about last night?

BRITNEY: I dreamt my friend was driving my car and somebody was chasing us. I mean, we were scared. But we got away.

TEEN: Have you ever been to a psychic?

BRITNEY: No, but I want to go though. I think it would be cool.

TEEN: Do you believe in it?

BRITNEY: Not really.

TEEN: So then why do you want to go?

BRITNEY: To see if what they say is true.

TEEN: Do you read your horoscope?

BRITNEY: Oh yeah, all the time.

TEEN: What are you?

BRITNEY: A Sagittarius.

TEEN: What does that say about you? BRITNEY: I travel a lot, which is true, and it's a fire sign, so I have a lot of energy. TEEN: Growing up, ever wish your name was something else?

BRITNEY: Madison. I love Madison.

TEEN: Do you believe in aliens?


TEEN: Finish this sentence: One day I see myself...
BRITNEY: Eventually there'll come a time when I want to settle down and have kids and be completely normal. But that's a long way away, so...!

AOL CHAT FROM March 8, 1999.

AOL's # 1 chat Britney Spears March 8, 1999

Superstar Britney Spears was injured during rehearsal for her latest video, and joined us for a telephone interview while home recuperating to let her fans know she's alright. So many of you came to wish Britney a speedy recovery, that this chat had the most participants in AOL Live history! Way to go, Britney fans!

Question: How is your knee? What happened? I love you Britney!

Britney Spears: Well, my knee is a lot better. I had surgery on it like four days ago and it's a lot better. It's probably going to take four weeks for me to be able to dance again. But I just have to listen to the doctors and do what they tell me to do so I won't injure it even more.

Question: Britney, how old were you when you first started singing?

Britney Spears: I was probably eight years old when I really started singing.

Question: How do you manage to stay in such good shape and make videos, attend concerts and record CDs?

Britney Spears: Well, really, with being on the road it's really hard to stay in shape. But, I guess just walking in all of the airports and doing the shows every night probably keep me in shape.

Question: Hey, Britney, you're my idol. What's it like to be up there on stage and looking at all your fans? Question: Hey, Britney, you're my idol. What's it like to be up there on stage and looking at all your fans?

Britney Spears: I have to say that's the best feeling in the world to see all of my fans singing the words to my songs and it's just like so overwhelming. It's really cool.

Question: Britney, are you planning on going to college?

Britney Spears: If things slow down for me, I will probably go to college. But if things tend to stay really busy I'll probably do this for the rest of my life. Because this is so much fun. I love what I'm doing now and it's just like I found my job at an earlier age and this is what I'm supposed to do.

Question: Britney, are you touring with 'N SYNC in Virginia next month? They have only announced a guest, but rumor has it that it's going to be you.

Britney Spears: No, I'm not with 'N SYNCanymore. Tatyana Aliand B*Witchedare opening for them.

Question: What do you do in your spare time and where do you hope to be years from now?

Britney Spears: In my spare time, well usually I talk on the phone with my friends. And I'm usually doing my studies from school. And just talking on the phone with my mom. And like going to the movies. I love going to the show. So going to the movies. And a couple of years from now I would probably like to continue to do what I'm doing now and just hopefully be more of a well-known artist and someone like Madonna or Janet would be really cool. And just hopefully be a success around the world.

Question: Hi Britney! I love "Baby One More Time" and I hope your knee heals soon. I just wanted to know which member of 'N SYNC did you click with the most?

Britney Spears: Really, I didn't have that much time to spend with them, you know, to really get to know them because they were so busy doing their thing, I was so busy doing my thing. And the only time we really saw each other was at lunch or dinner before the show. But, probably Lance because he's from Mississippi and that's where I'm from. Well, I'm like 30 minutes away from Mississippi.

Question: Hi Britney! Do you plan to be in any TV shows or anything like that in the near future?

Britney Spears: Well, there's talk of me being on Dawson's Creek, like three episodes of that for next season. So, I'm really happy about that because I love the show.

Question: Can I sign your cast? Do you have one? You rock!

Britney Spears: I don't have a cast on my leg. I have like actually nothing on it. I have butterfly stitches on it because they just went in with a scope. They didn't have to really cut me. Because they had to clean up all the chips of bones that were in my knee. So I don't have a cast. But if I did and I saw him I would let him sign my cast.

Question: Britney, I wanted to know, on your new album, are you going to work on it yourself or with a lot of other people? Question: Britney, I wanted to know, on your new album, are you going to work on it yourself or with a lot of other people?

Britney Spears: Probably both. You know, I'll have a lot of influence on it as well as a lot of other people.

Question: Britney, what is the best present you ever got?

Britney Spears: The best present I ever got, probably my collector doll that I got this year. She was so pretty. She like looked like an older woman and she had a hat on and I loved her and it just reminded me of my grandmother. And, probably, the ring I got this Christmas as well. It was really pretty because my little sister got one, my brother got one, and I got one. And it's just really, really pretty.

Question: When are you planning to do your next video?

Britney Spears: When my leg gets better which will probably be in three or four more weeks. I'm not really sure. When I'm able to, you know, dance on my leg again I'm going to do the second video and it's going to be awesome.

Question: What is the second video/single going to be?

Britney Spears: "Sometimes." And there's going to be a lot of dancing in it. Even more dancing than "Baby One More Time" because, even though it's a mid-tempo song, I'm able to dance a lot in it though still. The choreographer is brilliant and he's like, you know, working away to where the dancing is just really out there and crazy. So I'm so excited and that's why my leg HAS to be better.

Question: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Britney Spears: Yes. I have a little sister and she's 7 and her name's Jamie Lynn and I have an older brother, he's 21 and his name is Brian.

Question: What do you like better, dancing or singing or acting?

Britney Spears: Probably singing.

Question: Have you ever thought about your next album? This one rocks!

Britney Spears: Yeah, I have thought about my next album. But, I probably want to grow as an artist and have songs that I can probably relate to more because I'm getting older and I'll have older songs, per se, you know.

Question: What is the best part about chatting on AOL?

Britney Spears: You know, it's really cool because you have, my friend's at home and like when I need to talk to them we stay on the computer forever and she's talking to me and I'm talking and you can just, you know, catch up on all the old stuff. Because I'm never home and I never really get to experience talking on the phone with my friends that much because of the phone bill and everything. So AOL is awesome.

Question: Would you ever do a country song?

Britney Spears: No, I love country music, but I really don't sing country music because I sing pop music. But, I mean, like, oh, of course, in the car I sing all kinds of music.

Question: Who do you think will win the Oscars?

Britney Spears: Who are the choices? I haven't seen Shakespeare In Love. I don't know. I don't really get the chance to see any movies. But I'll just say Shakespeare In Love. I haven't even really seen it, but I hear it's really, really good. I haven't seen any movies out lately. I'm really embarrassed. [Editor's note: Britney was right!!!]

Question: I love your outfits, Britney. Where do you shop?

Britney Spears: Well, I shop usually at BB, it's a really, really cool store. And Abercrombie & Fitch is like the store to go to because when I'm on the road, that's all I wear is comfy clothes. But, like, when I go out to eat or go out somewhere, I usually dress up in stuff like BB.

Question: What do you think of Tatyana Ali? Have you heard her new record?

Britney Spears: Actually, I don't have her new record, but I've seen her perform before and she's really, really wonderful.

Question: I love your accent. Where are you from?

Britney Spears: I'm from Louisiana. Kentwood, Louisiana.

Question: Hey there! I think Adam Sandleris hot. What do you find hot in a guy?

Britney Spears: A guy that has a wonderful personality and that can make me laugh and has a lot of confidence, I find very sexy.

Question: Do you have a boyfriend? If not, will you go out with me?

Britney Spears: No, I don't have a boyfriend. But I have to see you before I go out with you!

Question: Are you looking forward to the new Star Warsmovie?

Britney Spears: You know, really I'm not that much of a Stars Warsperson. I'm not a big fan of that, but I hear that it's going to be really awesome so I would probably go check it out.

Question: Are you looking forward to being nominated for a Grammy next year?

Britney Spears: That would be nice! I mean if that happened that would be really wonderful, but I would never get my hopes up for something like that. That would just be out of this world.

Question: Do you write your own songs?

Britney Spears: I'm starting to write right now. Yeah, I've been writing recently a lot. So, yeah.

Question: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Britney Spears: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. Otis Redding was really cool. Those are probably the main three.

Question: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

Britney Spears: All my life I've always known I wanted to be a singer because I've always been singing. But after the Mickey Mouse Club, that's when I realized that I wanted to make a career out of singing.

Question: Do you practice your dancing every day?

Britney Spears: No, I need to because when I don't it makes me out of shape so when I do start dancing again I hurt myself, like I did. So I really need to, but no, I don't. I hadn't danced in, like, I don't know how long and I go and like a goob, fall on myself and twist my knee!

Question: You look so cute on the album cover. Who are your favorite designers?

Britney Spears: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, BB again, Tommy Hilfiger. Those are probably the main ones.

Question: What advice would you give to fellow teenage girls?

Britney Spears: If they wanted to pursue a career, if you have a love for singing and dancing or whatever it is, I say go for it because God's given you a talent and I think you should express it and use it if he's given you wonderful talent like that. But if you mean in everyday life what advice do you give teenagers? You know, just go for your dreams and go for what you believe in and stay confident with yourself and stay happy with yourself.

Question: Are you ever going to try producing records, Britney?

Britney Spears: Right now, I think that takes a lot of experience before you're able to start producing your own records, because that's a lot of involvement. But, yeah, I mean, probably two or three years from now I'd love to do that.

Question: What is the weirdest thing that a fan ever did for you?

Britney Spears: I don't know, probably calling me all the time and getting on my nerves and following me. That's probably the weirdest thing.

Question: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Britney Spears: Probably Jamaica. No, no, no, actually Hawaii. Anywhere in Hawaii.

Question: What are you going to do for New Year's 2000, the millennium?

Britney Spears: I'm definitely going to be at home because all these computers, I hear, are supposed to shut down and I'm going to be sad. So my mom's like, "Britney, you're home." So I'm probably just going to party with my friends.

Question: What three CDs would you want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

Britney Spears: Lauryn Hill, Natalie Imbruglia and Whitney Houston.

Question: You seem to be the type of person who has lots of friends. What qualities do you look for in friendship?

Britney Spears: Someone you can really trust. Someone who is really honest with you and tell you the truth about anything, even if you don't want to hear it. And someone who is like you and is a lot of fun and you can laugh together.

Question: What is your favorite film about music? Fame is my favorite.

Britney Spears: Probably Wizard Of Oz. That's a really good one. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. That's like my favorite song and I have Dorothy stuff all over my room!

Question: Who have you met that's really made an impression on you? Like you couldn't even speak you were so awe struck?

Britney Spears: Really, when I meet famous people I get so star struck I can't say anything to them. So, there was one time when I saw Ashley Judd and that was really cool because I'd just seen Kiss The Girls and she is a phenomenal actress and the person who travels with me just started jabbering away talking to her. But I stood there like a complete idiot and didn't say anything. But she was really, really nice. And I really like that because you always worry how people are going to act when you meet them, someone you totally look up to. And you're always scared to really get to know them because you're scared you'll be disappointed. But I wasn't disappointed.

Question: Who is the most famous person you'd say you ever met?

Britney Spears: Oh my goodness, I don't know. I've really met a lot of people, but I just can't really think. Like, Toni Braxton I've met before. And I've seen Whitney Houston but I didn't really shake her hand. Boys 2 Men, I don't know. Oh my goodness, I can't really think. And, like, I saw Shania Twain before and I've seen Lauryn Hill, but I just don't really say anything to them because I'm a goob. Because, I mean, what do you say? 'Hi?' You know?

Question: Have you ever sung the Star Spangled Banner in a stadium? I heard it's hard to do.

Britney Spears: Yes, I have at an Olmuth-Auburn game.

Question: We saw you in a Tommy Hilfiger ad, was that fun?

Britney Spears: That was a lot of fun.

Question: Do you play any instruments?

Britney Spears: No, I do not. I want to learn how to play the guitar, but I don't have time to learn. So, one day I'll have to make time and set it aside.

Question: Are you writing your own songs?

Britney Spears: Yes.

Question: Who would you most like to write a song with?

Britney Spears: Probably Diane Warren because she is such a phenomenal song writer.

Question: Do you have a car? Or what kind of car would you like to get when you get your driver's license?

Britney Spears: Actually, I'm looking at cars right now and I'm probably going to get the 300 Mercedes. I was thinking about the 500 but the only difference in them are the engines and they look exactly the same. So I'm probably going to get the Mercedes, the SL. They're so pretty. It's got to be a convertible.

Question: I saw the Entertainment Weekly article you did. Was that fun to do? Was there a lot of horsing around on the set with 'N SYNC?

Britney Spears: Oh, it was a lot of fun to do. Yeah, yeah, we goofed off the whole time.

Question: What are you most looking forward to in your European tour?

Britney Spears: Probably just like the different clothes and the different cultures and everything I'm going to find really interesting. And I love trying new foods and stuff like that. That's going to be great.

Question: What country are you most looking forward to visiting and playing?

Britney Spears: Let me see, I'm really looking forward to going to London again because the people there were awesome and everything was so nice. I just really love London. I can't wait to go back there again.

Question: I really love you. Is there any way to get a calendar or a poster of you?

Britney Spears: I have a fan club, but I don't know if there's a way you could get a calendar or poster. I don't know. Probably just by in those teeny-bop magazines.

Question: I like ice cream. Do you like ice cream Britney?

Britney Spears: Yes, I LOVE ice cream.

Question: What is your favorite food?

Britney Spears: My favorite food is pasta and hot dogs.

Question: How did you get into the Mickey Mouse Club? And how old were you?

Britney Spears: I auditioned for it in New York. The first time I auditioned for it, which was in Atlanta, I was eight. But the second time, which was in New York, I was eleven.

Question: Any plans to get into the movies? Has anybody asked you to be in a movie yet?

Britney Spears: There's been talk of some movies, but none that I'm really interested in.

Question: What are you going to do for Mothers' Day?

Britney Spears: For Mother's Day I'll probably, hopefully if I'm home, just spend time with my mom and probably do girl stuff and go shopping and go out to eat or something.

Question: What are your career goals, long term?

Britney Spears: My career goals are basically just to continue to do what I'm doing right now and just get better and hopefully grow as an artist and hopefully be a legend like Madonna or Janet. That would be really cool.

Question: Do you ever wish it would all slow down for you and you could just spend a day being a typical teenager?

Britney Spears: No (laughs). Probably because, right now I'm doing that. I'm totally slowing down with my leg. And it's really good though because I needed the time off where I can just totally make my mind get sane again because things do get crazy. But I'm about to go insane right now because I'm so used to being so busy. And once you're like that for a year you don't know how to act when things slow down. But I usually get to go home every six weeks and see my friends. So I get to be pretty normal a lot.

Question: What was your favorite subject, or what did you do best in, in school?

Britney Spears: English, because I love to read and history.

Question: Is it harder to do your schooling now that you have a tutor on the road rather than being in school?

Britney Spears: Yeah, it's a lot harder.

Question: What's your favorite book?

Britney Spears: My favorite book is The Horse Whisperer.

Question: Are you reading some books and magazines while you're recuperating?

Britney Spears: No, actually I just started getting to the point where I have nothing really to do in between sessions. But I need to go out and get a book and start reading something. But usually I just do my studies.

Question: Do you have any final messages for your fans?

Britney Spears: Just be positive and go for your dreams. Thank you!