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Have you been to a Britney Spears concert?
Do you want to review her CD/songs?
E-mail me YOUR review,
and I will post it here
for everyone to see!

+-+-+Review from Grace+-+-+

I went to her concert and it was really cool! When we got there, we were like, an hour early, so we had to hang around the lobby. The only exciting thing that happened there was that a girl had a seizure (SCARY!). Anyway, we got to our seats (pretty crappy, row R) and the girl in front of us had just happened to meet Britney! She said Britney was very nice and very shy. Anyway the concert went on, and there were a bunch of opening acts, but the only one I liked was PYT. Finally when Britney came on, she was very good, and she actually performed Material Girl and Nasty Boys that weren't her songs! And she performed ...Baby One More Time last! She also wore these really cute Tommy overalls and you could totally tell she got implants but who cares. I got some pictures taken and I'm going to find a scanner so
I can put them up on my site!

+-+-+Review from Rachel+-+-+

Hey! I went to Brit's concert recently! It was everything I expected and even more! The dancing was great and she really let the crowd get into it! They were selling glowsticks, and 95% of the people had them so when they turned off the lights everyone would wave them! Her style was a 10, performance was a 10, and of course her attitude as always is a 10!!! Keep up the good work Brit!!

Arthur Ashe Kids Day @ the US Open - August 24th, 1999

I, Melissa, went to Arthur Ashe Kids Day on August 24th, 1999, to see Britney Spears perform! Whoa, was that kewl! I think some of you saw her on T.V., because it was on T.V. the next day! (did ya see me?! lol, J/K!)
The little "mini" concert was great!! She sang "(You Drive Me) Crazy", "Sometimes", "I Will BE There", and, of course, "...Baby One More Time". It was really great, here's a pic I had from the performance, please don't take it!!

More pix from the US Open! click here!!

Back to my review! So, she sang those songs, great, wonderful, I loved it! Some of the little girls were dressed as Britney! It was soo cute! :) So, out of 5 stars, I give Britney's performance 5 stars! *****