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Updated: 15 January Y2K


'I was Born to make you happy' Will Be released here in the UK on 17th of January, if any one has any questions about the CD: then i'll get back to you.

I will be scanning the CD: cover and i will be reviewing it and Keep every one posted on how it's doing over here in England!



>>Britney Spears has been speaking about her new album, her future career and God's apparent decision to allow her to become an internationl superstar.

Britney, talking on UK music programme CD:UK, said despite being just 18 and having missed out on much of the formative stage of education, she had no regrets.

'I don't think I'm missing out. I've been to High School and I think this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I think God has a plan for everyone and I think this is what he wanted me to do.'

She also attempted to remove the glamorous façade that supposedly exists around a career in the music business. 'There are times when it's glamorous. But like when you do a show, you sometimes have 30 minutes to get ready, you soundcheck for two hours and you've already done a day of press.

'People don't see all the behind the scenes stuff. It's not all glamour, trust me. It seems like I'm complaining, but I'm not, I love my job' said Britney.

She also explained how the follow-up to debut album 'Baby, One More Time' would be a much more confident effort. 'The next album will be a little more mature, because I've grown as a person. I feel I am expressing myself better.

'With the last album, I'd just turned 16 and I wasn't as confident and strong,' she stated.

14 January Y2K


>>> Well, maybe most of you know that Britney's next album is due out in stores this spring. Here is the tentative tracklist of the album: 1. Asking For Trouble 2. Walk On By 3. Cell Phone (Interlude) 4. What You See Is What You Get 5. Shock Your Mind 6. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 7. Do You Want It? 8. The End Of Us (Featuring J.C. Chasez) 9. Under This Spell 10. I'll Never Fall In Love Again 11. Mirror, Mirror 12. A Long Time Past 13. You Don't Own Me 14. How Can This Be in no particular order. One of the songs is duet with JC from 'N Sync. The album is called "Sunflower". This info has been taken from different Brit sites


Britney set for major TV appearances in support of her 8X platinum debut album "...Baby One More Time"

Britney Spears debut album ...Baby One More Time is 8X platinum and has remained top 10 on the Billboard Album 200 chart since it was released. "(You Drive Me) Crazy," the third single off the album is currently #3 on Billboard Airplay chart and the video is currently on MTV, The Box and the Disney Channel. In support of this continued success, Britney will make several TV appearances beginning with "Christmas In Rockefeller Center" on NBC December 1. Britney will also perform on the 1999 Billboard Music Awards on December 8 live from Las Vegas and Nickelodeon's Big Holiday Help-A-Thon 99 on December 11.

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What better way to tell a friend or loved one that you care then by giving them their very own Britney Spears doll? Well now you can win your very own Britney Doll at Between now and December 1st we will be giving away 10 Britney dolls to winners who sign up for the contest. The dolls are modeled after Britney and feature different outfits from her videos as well as her live show. The dolls also include a microphone, a platinum album and an extra outfit. Whether you keep it for yourself or make it a special stocking stuffer for a friend, the Britney doll is the gift of the season so enter now. Look out Barbie here comes Britney!!

To get the latest news on Britney .com check the News section at: To enter the Britney Spears doll contest go to:


"Time Out With Britney Spears"Home Video/DVD to be released November 23rd.

On November 23, 1999 Britney will release her debut home video "Time Out With Britney Spears" on VHS. The video includes over an hour of music, interviews and exclusive "behind the scenes" footage of Britney making her music and videos. From live performances to all three of her music video clips, this is the ultimate video for Britney Spears fans. The VHS will be followed later this year with the release of the DVD version of "Time Out With Britney Spears"which includes Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, a photo gallery a web link to a special area on and more! The VHS version comes with a special free bonus cassette featuring an answering machine message from Britney herself plus songs from some other cool artists!

For more info on Britney's latest releases check the Media section of at:


Check out Britney's touring mates Step's chatting on on November 15th!

If you saw Britney's tour earlier this year or picked up the "Drive Me Crazy" soundtrack you probably know of the group Steps. If not, you can learn more about them on Monday, November 15th when they do a live chat on at 4PM (PST). Their US debut album "Step One" will be released on February 8, 2000. The first single "Tragedy" will be released to radio January 4.

The group has sold over 4 million albums worldwide (this includes 1.5 million albums in the UK alone). Their first US single, "One For Sorrow," was featured along with Britney on the Jive soundtrack "Drive Me Crazy".
The video is currently on The Box and Disney Channel.
You can read about the group in upcoming features on the in Teen People, Teen, Smash Hits, 16, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Disney Adventures.

Britney denies Breast Implants!

On recent news that I saw, there was a little news piece about Britney... It said that britney did NOT get breast implants, but that she went through a... "growth spurt". Well, what do YOU think?! Post you thought in our message boards!

Britney chatting!

She will be chatting @ Just ype her name in the search box if nothing about her appears on the screen, but it should!!

Britney on Sabrina!

Britney will be on Sabrina on September 24th, so be sure to watch for that!

'Crazy' on MTV's TRL!!

Britney's 'Crazy' video debuted at #4 on TRL, August 24th! Keep voting, and make her #1! Click on the pic below to vote!

Click here to vote for 'Crazy' On TRL!

Crazy on the radio!

Yay!! They are playing 'Crazy' on the radio... well, in New York, at least! Request it at your local radio station!! Support Brit! :)


Britney is nominated for three awards(best female, best cheorography, and best new artist) at the MTV Video Music Awards!!

Justin and Britney-broke up?

Rumour has it that Britney and Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync broker up! I don't know if it's tru or not... it's just a rumour!

*Exclusive!* 10 super secret facts from Twist’s Britney Spears cover shoot.

1.  Talk about lucky—Britney was signed by Jive Records the same day she auditioned! 2.  Britney’s fave part of being on tour? Getting to sleep in!

3.  Guess she’s been bitten by the road bug—Britney admitted to us that she was "going crazy in a big way," after being home for just a week.

4.  Luckily, she doesn’t have to miss home when she’s on the road—her mom is a teacher, so she’s got the summer off to join Britney on tour.

5.  Is there any part of being famous that annoys her? "I never really get annoyed unless I’m out of energy," she says. "You’re gonna have bad days, but for the most part, I love it all."

6.  Okay, final word on the Justin Timberlake issue—they are friends from the Mickey Mouse Club days, and that’s it!

7.  And the Ben—Gwyneth thing? Britney’s got it from the horse’s mouth that he ended it.

8.  Get your VCRs ready—Britney will be appearing in three episodes of Dawson’s Creek!

9.  What’s Britney’s most mortifying moment? Getting stuck in a Velcro flight suit at the beginning of one of her shows. "I’m on stage fumbling around, trying to pull it off. It was really embarrassing—it ruined the show."

10.  Britney said if she could have one special power, she’d love to be able to read people’s minds—but only if she could turn it on and off. Wouldn’t we all!

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