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A Letter From Britney!

A Letter From Britney!

Another Letter from Britney Spears, the most recent one:

Hi Folks- I just wanted to catch everyone up on my summer so far! All has been really great - a bit crazy (to say the least!!) but GREAT! I started off the summer with rehearsals 4 days a week for 3 weeks. In the middle of those 3 weeks I was scooted out to LA to shoot my third video "(You Drive Me) Crazy," so it can be edited and ready for release in mid August. I have 6 dancers for this tour and we worked hard to get our show very tight before taking off on our new tour bus. (It's oh-so beautiful and we have the same great driver!) I have three great opening acts joining me on this tour- Boyz & Girlz, Third Storee and my favorites, STEPS ( The tour (my own!!) started off in Pompano Beach, Florida on Monday, June 28. My whole family flew in for my first show and I was SO nervous! Now I have 20 or so shows under my belt and feel better and more confident as it goes on. I'm so happy with my show. My stage turned out so fierce and my new show color is PINK! My favorite thing about my shows is that I get to dance almost the entire time! I do most of my own songs, but throw in a couple of covers just for fun! I've also got a live band with me and that adds a whole new dimension to my music! I LOVE working with and singing with my band behind me! My dancers keep the energy level up at all times! (Even on the tour bus!!) They work really hard at backing me up with just the right moves and great costume changes! Their enthusiasm is really contagious! They're lots of fun to watch dance - that's for sure! About once a week I go to do a Tommy Hilfiger personal appearance at a mall in the area of the performance. The autograph signings have been incredible and Tommy has provided me with the cutest clothes EVER! For a schedule of dates check out my website at While you're there, enter the new contest to win a backpack filled with a ton of cool stuff that is autographed especially for you by me! You can also get info on some upcoming on-line events I am participating in like the "Ask Britney" contest I am doing with MTVAsia and Tower Records where I will be answering your questions. For more information check out (this should link to or (this should link to I'll be leaving for Canada on Saturday and will be there for almost 2 weeks! Then I am flying out to do some hosting for MTV!! (It's in the Bahamas!!) I can't wait! I'll be appearing all week beginning 7/26 on the Hot Zone which airs daily on MTV from 10AM - 11AM! After Canada, I go down the West Coast. I'll catch all up in a few weeks! Thanks for ALL your love, prayers and support! -Britney

A Letter from Britney Spears, 5/22/99:

Subject: Hello Everyone!

Date: 5/22/99 6:13:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time


Sorry I've been such a slacker in the e-mail dept. I've been crazy busy trying to get back on track after my knee surgery. I want to thank everyone for the cards, flowers, & well wishes.

My first trip was to Japan. I've never been to Japan before and was amazed by the beauty. Everyone was so kind and gracious. I did 2 TV shows & lots of promotion in Tokyo, then took the "Bullet Train" to Osaka for more promotion. I was still in rehabilitation for my knee so my physical therapist Elaine traveled with us. I tried to get a work-out in everyday! It sure paid off because my knee feels much better now.

After Japan I went to LA and did the Jay Leno show! He was so cool and even asked me to sit and talk (which isn't usually done with the musical guests)! I felt so proud!

I have just finished up 3 weekends at Disney World in Orlando. I did the Disney Grad Nites. It's when seniors from all over the US come to Orlando and Disney lets them have free use of the park from 11pm to 5am. I performed at 11pm and again at 1am. I got a really good response from the seniors and Disney took such good care of us. Also - the stage was at Cinderella's castle & I thought that was so cool!

In between my Grad Nites - I flew out to Monaco to do "...Baby One More Time" on the World Music Awards which airs on May 20th on ABC. Monaco was so warm & tropical & BEAUTIFUL!! I got a glimpse of Cher, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Page, Will Smith & Jada, The Corr's & many others! Everyone dressed up beautifully and I felt like such a princess!

Now I'm in NY - working with the producer of "You Drive Me Crazy" to get it ready to be the third single. Its gonna be so Fierce!! I love the tempo change & can't wait for all of you to hear it! I don't think it will be out until late summer-early fall.

Coming up in the next few weeks is the Rosie show and my first time on David Letterman. After that - more European promo & then settling down for total tour rehearsal in Orlando. Me and 6 dancers will have about 3 weeks to get this show together with choreography and lots of energy! I'm most excited about this tour! I think I'm going to do an hour plus show for about 10 weeks! Performing is my first love!

OK - I've got you caught up in my crazy schedule! Again - please forgive my slacking! I think of you often and know I'd be nothing without your love & support!

Thanks and keep listening!