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It's All Britney Fan of The Month!

Hello! Welcome to The It's All Britney Fan Of The Month Headquarters! :) I was bored one day, so I decided to make up a new thing! Here are some FAQ about this site, and everything else you wanted to know about The It's All Britney Fan Of The Month:

What the heck is the It's All Britney Fan Of The Month?!?

Well, It's All Britney is the name of my Britney Spears site, to get that out of the way! Fan Of The Month is just something I made up one day. It's obviously a fan of Britney Spears which I will select every month. Read on...

So, What if I get selected?

If you are selected I will e-mail you a website to go to so you can get the HTML code for a banner you must put on your site. If you do win, and I send you the URL, do me a favor and DO NOT TELL ANYONE THE URL I E-MAIL YOU WHO HAS NOT RECIEVED THIS AWARD! It wouldn't be fair. :)

How do you sign up??

SIMPLE! All you have to do is fill out the form below!

Become Fan Of The Month ...

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