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Fingerplays and Mother Goose nursery rhymes are frequently among young children's first contact with poetry. They have withstood the test of time and been kept alive for generations because they capture the fancy of infants and children. Experts agree their sustained appeal is due to the combination of hand movements with simple chants or songs. An animated face, creative delivery and amusing gestures are simply too compelling to ignore!

Caregivers will find fingerplays are easy, fun and educational activities to do with our children. They don't cost anything except for time and perhaps a few props. Their delightful appeal to infants and children make them a ready source of entertainment. They work equally well with a group of children or with the individual child. Fingerplays can be used effectively with the child who is ill as a sitting down or bed activity. They can be used to soothe and calm a child or to stimulate their intellect and imagination.

In addition to their entertainment value, fingerplays provide opportunities for children to develop their cognitive skills. As they observe, listen, follow and repeat fingerplays children improve their language skills by associating words with meaning. Many of the rhymes reflect a child's world. They are about mealtime, bedtime, and families. They are about rain, flowers, animals. Fingerplays give children an opportunity to learn about right and left, up and down, and their bodies from head to toe. The actions of the rhymes are perfect forms of creative expression for children who love to participate. Participation helps children to increase their hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills by manipulating their hands and fingers to wiggle, stretch, pound, point, and dance while they animate the rhymes. Fingerplays improve their listening and memory skills as the musical language of the rhymes makes them easy to say and remember. Fingerplays strengthen children's memories as they learn to memorize the sequence of words and actions. Children learn how to amuse and entertain themselves. They experience pride in their accomplishments when they perform for others. Best of all, they have fun and create cherished memories with their loved ones. So the next time you find yourself around a small child or a group of children, amuse them by repeating, singing, or acting-out a fingerplay. They really are fun and you will find yourself the center of their attention.

My Favorite Fingerplays

Click on these icons or titles to visit my favorite chants and fingerplays.
A Baby Alligator
An Apple Surprise
Another 5 Little Ghosts
Another 5 Litle Pumpkins
An Unexpected Sight
A Penny For Your Pumpkin
A Shining Star
At The Beach
Ball For Baby
Bear Hunt
Blast Off
Busy Squirrel
Call Rudolph
Christmas Candy
Christmas Presents
Christmas Time
Chubby Little Snowman
Color Game
Crunchy Food
Dance Thumbkin Dance
Down Through The Chimney
5 Brave Fire Fighters
5 Funny Circus Clowns
5 Huge Dinosaurs
5 In The Bed
5 Little Bells
5 Little Busy Bees
5 Little Elves
5 Little Goblins
5 Little Monkeys
5 Little Pumpkins
5 Little Reindeer
5 Little Snowmen
5 Merry Mice
5 Spring Flowers
Holiday Parade
How Many Valentines?
I Am A Little Turkey
I Feel
If You're Happy
I've Got A Skeleton
Jack In The Box
Jelly Beans
Jumping Jelly Bean
Kwanzaa Candles
Leaves Are Falling All Around
Made With Love
Mr Squirrel
My Bicycle
Myrtle Was A Turtle
9 Little Reindeer
Oh No A Fire
Pennsylvania Pete
Rainbow Rhyme
See The Snowflakes
Six Silly Spiders
Snowing All Around
Spring Has Sprung
Stop and Go
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Ten Little Fingers
10 Little Fire Fighters
That's About The Size Of It
The Bee Hive
The Chimney
The Eensie Weensie Spider
The Engineer
The Love Bug
The Turkey
This Little Piggy
3 Little Christmas Trees
Thumbs Up
Under My Umbrella
Way Up High In The Apple Tree
We're Going On A Bug Hunt
What's The Weather?
When Santa Comes
Where Is Thumbkin?

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