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Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold- Columbine Massacre

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold: Portraits of these Columbine High School Killers


MY DISCLAIMER: This web site contains pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I'd like to display these pictures of Eric and Dylan so you can see what these killers look like. I'm obtaining a neutral stand point on this controversial issue and I am not affiliated in any way with Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold or Columbine High School. The pictures are for your personal viewing purposes only.

ABOUT THIS SITE:This website was made around June 1999 after I learned some HTML. It took me only a few hours to put it together and I do VERY low maintainance on it. I did a major update on pictures ONCE....about a year ago.

If you are asking WHY I made this site, it is because early on I had easy access to many pictures that I thought I should put up on a web site. I was really interested in the shootings right after they happened. I DO NOT support or encourage Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold for what they did. They were two mental cases. I feel sorry for anyone who likes Eric and Dylan. How could you like two killers? Do you like Hitler or Charles Manson? Of course not. Don't ask me why I made this web site with pictures of them. I'd probably do the same for Hitler or Charles Manson if I had a bunch of pictures of them. Killing is wrong and what Eric and Dylan did was wrong, and I would have very little sympathy for them... if I had any whatsoever.

UPDATES: This web site was last updated February, 10, 2001. Well I actually didn't update anything today, but I read up on the new entries to the guestbook. Interesting.

THIS IS WHAT I THINK: I just think it is ridiculous how everyone is sueing each other and blaming anyone or anything they can. I am sick of everyone blaming guns, the media, blaming the parents, blaming the police. Do you know why guns and the media are being blamed and why a whole bunch of other people are being blamed? It is because Eric Harris and Dylan Kleobld, the ones who are fully responsible for all of this are DEAD. Since they are not alive anymore, people have to go and blame everything else. That is pathetic. I am sick of people trying to get money out of this and trying to get guns banned, like they think that will solve everything??? You people who are throwing a fit over this DISGUST ME. The shooting has been way too glorified. Take for example the NRA (National Rifle Association) convention held days after the Columbine shootings. There were protestors all over and families of the victims crying and yelling how could they possibly do this after what happened. I'm glad the NRA convention continued. Those protestors were a bit too delerious. They were blaming RIFLES as the causes of death for the 15 people??? I got news for the 'tards...PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. Blame Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold! Don't take YOUR constitutional rights away from yourself and the rest of the citizens of the United States. Do you remember your 2nd Ammendment, your constitutional right to bear arms???

Look at this pitiful info that I have pulled from the Denver Post and Yahoo:

At least 18 lawsuits are in the works as a result of the April 20, 1999, with just about everyone a potential defendant - gun makers, the gunmen's parents, the school district and the sheriff's department. Sixteen notices of intent to sue the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department have also been filed - including one from killer Dylan Klebold's family. Amounts being sought range from $100,000 to $10 million, though many of the notices make no monetary demands.

Well there isn't much else to say. Enjoy looking at the killers. Have a good day ;o)

Eric Harris Pics Page 1

Eric Harris Pics Page 2 new!

Eric Harris Pics Page 3 new!

Dylan Klebold Pics

Dylan Klebold Pics Page 2 new!

Dylan Klebold Pics Page 3 new!

Eric & Dylan Pics

Miscelaneous Pics

My Memorial Dedicated To The Lost Lives

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