The Young Riders was a television series created by Ed Spielman.
An Ogiens/Kane Production in asociation with MGM/UA television.

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Although it is no longer being made, The Young Riders has proven to be very popular on the web, and fan fiction about the show is in abundance (okay, there are probably more stories out there from Star Trek but there are more stories than I can count!!!)

Set in 1860, The Young Riders brought alive the world of the Pony Express, and the riders who made that venture possible. The episodes were filled with romance and adventure (sometimes at the same time) and while not entirely historically accurate, they still kept us enthralled.

U.S. TYR fans you are in luck! Odyssey Network will be screening The Young Riders starting from the 1st October 1999. You can check out their website @:

This came as a total shock. Christopher Pettiet, who played Jesse James in the 3rd season of The Young Riders died at the age of 24.

To find out more, visit Christopher Pettiet Memorial Page

If anyone has any The Young Riders fan fiction, then please, feel free to submit.
E-mail me
Below are some stories written by fans of the show:



What happens when The Kid needs Jimmy's help and they are no longer on speaking terms?

Winner of the 2nd Great Sweetwater Writing Contest!

A Slice of Humble Pie

Melanie has written a story about a hitherto unknown sister of the Kid.

Broken Promises of Yesterday

Lou finds her mother's diary in the attic of the new house that she and Kid have bought. What secrets does it hold?
Meanwhile, Buck finds his way to Lone Tree chased by men who want his blood

Chapters 1 - 3
Chapters 4 - 5

A (not so) little story written for the Valentine's Day competition at the Buck Stop
Warning, it can get a little soppy.

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Emily Metcalfe arrives in Lone Tree Valley about to have a baby she claims is Ike's. But that is just the beginning...

Chapters 1 - 2
Chapter 3

A short Christmas story from a song-title writing contest at the Saddlin' Station

Read White Christmas

This 'book cover' was designed by Kristen!
The story of Ike's first love, before the Pony Express

Parts 1 & 2
Parts 3 & 4

Kid faces an important decision when an old friend of his arrives from Virginia.

Meanwhile, a serious illness has Jesse facing old ghosts.

Chapters 1 - 2    Chapter 3

The Locket

by Allison K. East

What happens when Lydia comes to Nebraska looking for Ike, but finds Kid and Buck instead?

Chapters 1 to 4  Chapters 5 to 8
Chapter 9

When Cody arrives in Lone Tree Valley, he is instantly smitten by the local school mistress, Lydia Mitchell. But where does her heart belong?

Better Off Just Friends

Just how did Buck get the name 'Cross'?

Prologue   Story   Epilogue

A Season of Peace

by Allison K. East

Lou's jealousy and paranoia come to a head at Christmas when a woman from Kid's past comes looking for him

But are her fears unfounded?

Part 1   Part 2
Part 3  Epilogue



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